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EL RENO is the banner town of its class in Oklahoma, is situated on the main line of the C.R. I. P. R'y and is the present terminus of the C.C. & R'y Co.'s line, splendid society for a new town, having good schools, fine churches of nearly every denomination to be found in the south, and nearly all the secret societies are well represented. Express companies are Wells, Fargo & Co. and United States; telegraph, Western Union. Has good banks, some wholesale houses and plenty of good hotels of which the Caddo is the leading one at present.

ACKERMAN, W., hardware, Rock Island Ave cor Mason
ACUFF Bros. (B. F. and H.C. ACUFF), mer-chandise, Rock Island Ave
ADAMS, J. H. B., druggist, Choctaw Ave
ALDRICH, G. A., wagon yard, N Choctaw Ave
ALEXANDER, F. M., agricultural implements, Rock Island ave
ALLEN & DEMOND (C. W. ALLEN, W. W. DEMOND), barbers, Woodston
ANDERS, L. N., meat market, Bickford ave
ARNOLD, C. D., physician, N. Bickford ave
AUSTIN & RANKIN (A. AUSTIN, W. M. RANKIN), fruits, confectioneries, Woodson

BAILEY Bros. ( J.E. and W. W. BAILEY), grocers, Rock Island ave
BAKER & THOMPSON (G. N. BAKER, J. THOMPSON), saloon and billiards, Bickford ave
BALLARD, N. R., flour and feed, W Wade
BARD, T. W., propr Bard's Hotel Restaurant; rates $1.00 per day; Choctaw ave nr Woodson
BARD'S Hotel Restaurant, T. W. BARD, propr, Choctaw ave nr Woodson
BANNABY, M., groceries, Bickford ave
BARLING, Frank, saloon, Bickford ave
BARRETT, M., groceries, Bickford ave
BAXTER & SEVERY ( W. L. BAXTER, C. L. SEVERY), lawyers, Central bldg
BENNETT, J. D., fruits and vegetables, S Bickford ave
BICKFORD, C. B., dairyman
BISHOP, H. A., general merchandise, Rock Island
BLAIR, R. S., propr Oklahoma Stock Journal, Russell
BLAKE, C. O., lawyer, N. Bickford ave
BRIGGS, J. O., restaurant, Bickford ave
BROWN & DeLANA ( T. H. BROWN, J. C. DeLANA), loans and real est, 18 Central bldg
BUCKLES, C. M., groceries, Bickford ave

Caddo Hotel, Mrs. Dora MORSE, propr, Rock Island ave cor Wade
CAGWIN, A. S., saloon, wines, liquors and cigars, N Bickford ave bet Woodward and Hayes
CAMERON, Wm. & Co., F. G. SUTTON, mgr, lumber, Choctaw ave
Canadian County Bank, J. J. ROURK, president; F. H. WRIGHT, cashier; cor Woodson and Bickford ave
Canadian County Courier (weekly), G. W. McCLINTOCK, editor, Rock Island ave
CARMICHAEL, J. S., fruits and confectionery, Rock Island ave
CARTER, E. D., fruits and confectioneries, Rock Island ave
CASWELL, C. H., lawyer, Rock Island ave
Citizens State Bank, H. T. SMITH, president; Otto A. SHUTTEE, cashier; cor Rock Island and Woodson
CLARK, Chas. A., mgr Western Union Telegraph Co., 11 Central block
CLARK, W. J., county clerk
COBB & FLEENOR (F. M. COBB, F. A. FLEENOR), nurserymen, Woodson
COOK & SHRIVER (E. J. COOK, J. C. SHRIVER), dry goods, N Bickford ave
COLE, A., clothing, N Bickford ave
CONNELLY, John D., notary public, room 4 Engle block
COOPER, A. E., agt C R I & P
CORETTE, M. J. & Co. (M. J. CORETTE, H. L. BICKFORD) proprs El Reno feed mills
CROWE, Geo. M., dry goods, N Bickford ave
CUNNINGHAM, P. R., confectioneries, Bickford ave
CURTISS & RICKEY (W. CURTISS, F. E. RICKEY), proprs The Racket Store

DANFORD, R., lawyer, Rock Island ave
DAVIDSON & CASE, J. G. TOMPKINS, mgr, lumber, Chocktaw ave
DAVIS, A. A., physician and surgeon,  9 Central block
DEAN, J. F., watchmaker and jeweler, S Bickford ave
DILLE, John I. & SCHMOOK, John, jr., lawyers, 6, 7 and 8 Central Bldg
DONNELLY, Frank, boots and shoes, Rock Island ave
DOWELL, T. E., blacksmith, W. Wade
DUNN, E. L., lawyer, N  Bickford ave
DUNSMOOR, Irving A., real est, Central block

EGGLESTON, J. N., contractor, Russell
El Reno Democrat The, HENSLEY & BARTLEY, editors and proprs, Bickford ave
El Reno Eagle, William H. DIVEN, editor, Rock Island ave
El Reno Mill & Elevator Co., Stuart HARE, president; E. D. HUMPHREY, secy and treas; Choctaw ave, nr Rock Island depot
El Reno Minstrel, L. N HORNBECK, propr and editor, Rock Island ave
El Reno Real Estate & Investment Co. The, J. A. CALDWELL, mgr, S Bickford ave
ENGLISH, E. R. Mrs., milliner, Rock Island ave
ENGLISH, W. W., restaurant, Bickford ave
ESSER, Jos., notions, W. Wade

FAIRBANKS, James, saloon, Rock Island ave
FERGUSON, Price, blacksmith, Choctaw ave
First National Bank, capital $50,000; J., T. ALLISON, president; A. F. MASTERSON, vice president; B. F. STILL, cashier; Bickford ave cor Woodson
FISHER, B., notary public and justice of the peace, Rock Island ave
FOHART, D., fruits and confectionery, Bickford ave
FOREMAN, Maj. J. A., land owner and real est dlr (original owner), Rock Island ave
FRANKLIN, H.A., justice of the peace, Russell
FREAD, S., barber shop and saloon, Woodson
FRYBERGER & SCHWEIZER ( W. E. FRYBERGER, Jacob SCHWEIZER), whsle grocers, Rock Island ave

GALL, W., architect, 20 Central bldg
GARRER, F. N., baker, Rock Island ave
GECK, Chas., baker, Woodson
GILLETT & BROWN (F. E. GILLETT, W. R. BROWN), attorneys at law 1 Central bldg
GILPIN & FRICK (C. F. GILPIN, A. L. FRICK), hardware, S Bickford ave
GOENSWEIN, Jacob, boot and shoe maker, Woodson
GOULD, J. A., cigar mfr, Bickford ave
GOULD, M. E., superintendent public schools
GRESHAM, M. Miss, millinery, Choctaw ave
GUNN, L. J., lawyer, room 6 Engle bldg

HAHN, Frank, hotel, cor Woodson and Barker
HAINES Geo. W., groceries, Choctaw ave
HAINES, G. W., Mrs. restaurant, Choctaw ave
HALL & ROGERS (Jas. HALL, Geo. D. ROGERS, blacksmiths, Choctaw ave
HAMILL, R. M., saloon, Bickford ave
HANSEL, J. N., chop house, Woodson
HATCHETT, J. A., physician, N Bickford ave
HETATZELMAN, W. M., furniture, N Bickford ave
HENSLEY & BARTLEY (T. F. HENSLEY, C. P. BARTLEY), proprs and editors The El Reno Democrat
Herald The, H. W. Sawyer, editor and propr, Choctaw ave
HICKOX, R. R., postmaster
HIGHTOWER & GRANT (Wm. HIGHTOWER, W. J. GRANT), groceries, N Bickford ave
HILL Bros. (J. T. and T. J. HILL), saloon, N Bickford ave
HOBART, C. H., flour and feed, cor Woodson and Bickford ave
HOCKADAY, Ed, hardware, N Bickford ave
HOOPER & MAGILL (W. F. HOOPER, Kate MAGILL), druggist, Bickford ave
HORNBECK, L. N., propr and editor El Reno Minstrel
HOSSICK, H. M. & Co., Wm. MORELAND, mgr, hides and wool, W. Main
HUGHES, H. S., propr Popular dining hall
HUGHES, J. W., hardware, Bickford ave
HUMPHREY, E. D., scy and treasurer El Reno Mill and Elevator Co., El Reno
HUMPHREY & CRILEY (Jas. E. HUMPHREY, Will H. CRILEY), lawyers, Rock Island ave

INGRAM & DIXON (A. INGRAM, N. D. DIXON), general merchandise, Bickford ave

JACKSON, T. R., county sheriff
JACKSON Bros. (J. H. and O. S. JACKSON), barbers, Bickford ave
JENNINGS, A. J., county attorney
JENNINGS & JENNINGS (Edgar E. and A. J. JENNINGS), lawyers, A. J. JENNINGS, county attorney Canadian county, Rock Island ave
JENSON, Thos. & Co. ( H. LASSON), real est and notary public, Russell
JONES, G. W., flour and feed, N Bickford ave

KELLER, G. W., second hand store, N. Rock Island ave
KELLEY & PARKS ( I. F. KELLEY, G. N. PARKS), real est, Rock Island ave
KELSO, James E., dry goods, N Bickford ave
KELSO, M. A., physician, Russell
KERN Bros. (John P. and Fred KERN), mcht tailors, Rock Island ave
KERFOOT Bros. ( G. H. and J. S. jr., C. D. KERFOOT), whsle and retail dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats, caps, carpets, gents' furnishing goods, etc., Bickford ave
KERFOOT Hotel, R. C. MORROW & Co., proprs, Bickford ave
KIRKPATRICK, W. R., lawyer, Rock Island ave

LADD, C., seeds, Woodson
LADUKE, M., restaurant, N Bickford ave
LANDRUS Bros. (A. F. and L. M. LANDRUS) fruit and confectionery, Rock Island ave
LEBRETON, Henry, saloon, Rock Island ave
LEIGHTON, Wm, livery, Choctaw ave
LEONARD Bros., (O. J., Harry and Lewis LEONARD), groceries, Rock Island ave
LILLY, E. A., ins. Central block

MCCLINTICK, G. W., editor and propr Cana-dian County Courier and job printer, Rock Island ave
MCELRATH, C. F., physician and mayor, Rock Island ave
MCHUE, Wm., clk
MCHUGH, KEENAN & THAYER (Wm. McHUGH, Jos KEENAN, Ed. THAYER), plumbers, Russell
MCOSKER, M. C. Mrs., milliner, Bickford ave
MASTERMAN, A.F., druggist and dlr in drugs, chemicals, fancy and toilet articles, stationery, cigars, etc. Bickford ave, cor Woodson
MAURER, Will A., notary public
MITCHELL, E. F., Indian trader, El Reno
MIZONY & DULIN (R. F. MIZONY, R. P. DULIN), meat market, Woodson
MONTRIEF, W. J., transfer line, heavy freights a specialty, and alderman Fourth ward
MOORE, T. H., barber, Rock Island ave
MORROW, R. C. & Co., proprs Kerfoot Hotel, Bickford ave
MORSE, Dora Mrs., propr Caddo Hotel
MURPHY, CARROLL & BROUGH ( John MURPHY, A. CARROLL, J. P. BROUGH), groceries, N Bickford ave

NACE, Wm., livery stable, Choctaw ave
NEWELL, A. F., hardware, stoves, Rock Island ave
NEWMAN, Chas., treasurer
NICHOLSON, J. S. & A. L., dentists, room 5 Engle bldg
NORVILLE, R. A., saloon, Choctaw, cor Woodson

Oklahoma Stock Journal, R. M. BLAIR, propr, Russell

PARDUM W. W., harness and saddlery, Evans ave
PARKHURST, I. A., confectionery, N. Bickford ave
PARRACK, Guy & Co., ( G. and R. B. Parrack), saloon, Bickford ave
PARRACK, R. B., restaurant, Bickford ave
PATTERSON, J. M. & Co., pawn broker, Russell
PERRY, C. E., furniture, Rock Island ave
PETTEE, S. B. & Co. (S. B. PETTEE, H. B. DEWEY), hardware and implements, Rock Island ave
PETERSON, John, ice cream parlor and fruit stand, and Boston bakery, Woodson
Pioneer Real Estate Co. (M. M. ENGLE, C. PETERSON, B. P. HATCHER), farms, claims, lots, loans, and rents, room 4 Engle block
PITZER, John H., probate judge
Popular Dining Hall, H. S. HUGHES, propr, Choctaw ave

RANDALL, W. A., restaurant, Rock Island ave
REAMS, Callie Miss, milliner, N Bickford ave
REDDER-MASON & Co. (W. REDDER, F. W. MASON, Jas. SMITH), groceries, S Bickford ave
RIDER, Chas., register deeds
RILEY, W. H., contractor, Choctaw ave
RITCHEY Bros ( T. J. and L. S. RITCHEY), groceries, Choctaw ave
RITTWAGE, A. F., boots and shoes, Bickford ave
ROCKWELL, L., saloon, Bickford ave
ROMAN, S. J., undertaker, Rock Island

SACKETT Bros. (R. L. and J. G. SACKETT), groceries, N Bickford ave
SANDERS, Bruce, real est, Rock Island ave
SCALES, J. P. & Co. (J. P. SCALES, J. C. McCOMB), harness and saddles, N Bickford ave
SCHERMERHORN, F. D., musical instruments, Rock Island ave
SCHERMERHORN, W., painter, W Wade
SHARP, E. A., county treasurer
SHEPARD, S. M., physician, Bickford ave
SHERK & BRAKE (A. L. SHERK, M. C. BRAKE), livery stable, cor Woodson and Barker ave
SHIMER, C. S., physician and surgeon, Rock Island ave
SIDES, C. P. & Son, blacksmiths, W Wade
SIMPSON, MARSH and ALEXANDER (E. J. SIMPSON, E. T. MARSH and G. H. ALEXANDER), lawyers, Rock Island ave
SIZEMORE, A. G., laundry, Choctaw
SLEMMONS, T. P., saloon, Choctaw ave
SMEDLEY & TOMPSON (R. S. SMEDLEY, J. W. TOMPSON), attorneys at law, 21, 22, 23, Central bldg
SMITH, H. A., lawyer, Rock Island ave
SMITH & SMITH (K and F. SMITH), grocers, Rock Island ave
SOMBART, W. J., druggist, N Bickford ave
SPARKMAN, O., saloon, Rock Island ave
SPRINGS and SCALES (A. C. SPRINGS, J. P. SCALES), real est and loans, and notary, S Bickford ave
STILL, C. C. & Co. (C. C. STILL, D. R. THOMAS, C. M. HOBBS), groceries, Bickford ave
STILLWELL, S. E., police judge, City bldg
Stock Exchange Bank The, capital $50,000, Gustav THELEN, president; J. W. NYCE, vice president; Michael EICHHOFF, cashier; Chas. A. NEWMAN, assistant; Bickford ave, cor Hayes
STONEMAN, L. J., livery stable, N Bickford
STOTZ, C. C., photographer, Bickford ave
STREAM, S. A., fruits and confectioneries, Bickford ave
STUDEBAKER, J. C., barber, S Bickford ave
SWEET, C. B. & Bro. (C. B. SWEET, H. E. SWEET), Geo. F. SISSON, mgr, lumber, Woodson

TALBOT, D. W., lawyer, city attorney, Rock Island ave
THOMAS & HOBBS ( D. R. THOMAS, B. M. HOBBS), livery stable, Wade
TINKELPAUGH, V. D., agricultural implements, Bickford ave
TROUP, G. W., flour and grain, Rock Island ave
TUSTEN, H. W., livery, sale and feed and bus transfer, N Bickford ave, opposite Hotel Kerfoot
TUSTEN, M. M. Mrs, dressmaker,  N Bickford ave

United States Express Co., T. H. BROOKE, agt., E Woodson
VAN NESS, F. W., real est, farm loans and notary public, E Woodson
VOLLERS, L. L. A., real est and abstracts, 23 Central bldg

WALLACE, G., blacksmith, N Choctaw
WALTERMIRE, E. J., police
WALTERMIRE, U. S., city marshal
WARD, & CO. (H. WARD, L. F. BRITTAIN), fruit and confectionery, N Bickford ave
WARDELL, A. D., meat market, Rock Island ave
WASS, N. B., United States commissioner, real est. Rock Island ave; dry good, S Bickford ave
WATKIN, E. L., saloon, Wade
Wells Fargo & Co. Express, J. T. PARSONS, agt, Woodson
WHITE, Frank G., lawyer, room 6 Engle bldg
WILLIAMS, F. M, physician, N Bickford ave
WILSON, Emet-- L., lawyer, Rock Island ave
WILSON, J. K., whsle whiskies, cor Choctaw ave and Woodson
WILSON, N. M., restaurant, Rock Island ave
WILSON, R., dentist (the only dental graduate in El Reno), Jalonick bldg, N. Bickford
WOOD, B. R. Mrs., millinery and ladies fur-nishings goods, Rock Island ave
WOOD, R. D., dry goods, Choctaw ave
WRIGHT, R. M., clothing, Bickford ave
WURM, Ben, watchmaker and jeweler, Bickford ave

YOUNG, F. C. & Co., lumber dlrs, Rock Island ave