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OKARCHE a small town on the line of the C. R. I. & P. R'y located between the towns of Kingfisher and El Reno, 144 miles from Wichita, 157 miles from Bowie.

ALEXANDER Lumber Co., J. W. RICHESON, mgr, lumber

BARLTOVSKY, Frank, shoemaker
BARRETT, L. M., general merchandise
BEEGLE, O. E., grocer
BROWN, W. E., saloon
MERON, Wm. & Co., C. A. HOWSLEY, mgr, lumber

COON, E. C. & Co. (E. C. COON, Geo. GRAVES), general merchandise and grain elevator.
CROW, I. F., real est
First Bank of Okarche, B. F. BUFFINGTON, cashier; capital, $20,000

GLEICHMAN, G. F., blacksmith

HENDRICKS, E., hotel
HUMBLE, I. H., blacksmith
HUMMEL & HUMMEL (Al and Miss May HUMMEL), propr Okarche Times
HUMPHREY, E. A., merchandise
HUNTER, C. E., flour and feed

JESTER, John, livery
JOHNSTON, D. B., blacksmith
JOHNSTON, A. H., grocer
JONES, V. E., meat

LONGMIER, Jas, hotel
LYMAN, G. S., contractor

NELSON, Artie Mrs., bakery
NEWCOMB, W. C., real est

Okarche Times, HUMMEL & HUMMEL, editors and proprs
OSBORNE, C. L., confectionery

PETLIN, T. B., physician
PIERCE & COCHRANE (G. L. Pierce, W. U. Cochrane), agricultural inplements

SCHWANKE, Ed. H., harness maker
SEWARD, S. G., hardware
SHAW, J. T., ticket and ex agt and operator
SHOWERS, M., tin shop
SPEER, H. G., confectionery and post-master
SPINK, G. A., lawyer
STEELE, Samuel, flour and feed
St. Louis Hardware Co., R. W. CASWELL, mgr, hardware

TAYLOR, Oscar, saloon

WALDMANN, F. G., saloon
WALLACE, N. E., druggist
WIGGINS & STANLEY (J. L. WIGGINS, J. R. Stanley), lawyers.