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Mt. Pleasant  Jan  23, 1858

The session met and was opened with prayer.

Present C. C. Copeland, Min.

Isaac Folsom
Sam McGee

Joseph Folsom, a member of this church, accused by rumors of illicit intercourse with his niece, the result of which was a female child, appeared before the session by citation and confessed that the rumor was true. Still it was not his desire to continue in the practice of sin. That he still desired to live the life of a christian. After hearing his confession and conversing with him, session Resd. that he be suspended from the privileges of the church until he give decided evidence of penitence and reformation.

Closed with prayer.

Rev. C. C. Copeland, Modr.

Approved by Presbytery in Session at Stockbridge April 19, 1858.
C. Kingsbury, Modr.

Tomahushi  March 14, 1858

The session met and was opened with prayer.

Present Allen Wright  Min.

Sam McGee
Simon Mosley
Joseph Frazier
William Stewart

Anumpuchobi presented himself as a candidate for the admission to the church. After a full examination and being satisfactory to the Session, Resd. that he be received. Closed with prayer.

A. Wright, Modr.

*This should have been recorded before the April meeting of the Presbytery, 1858.