The First Eight Months of Oklahoma City.


The first Sunday in Oklahoma City was remarkably quiet considering the unfavorable circumstances under which the people labored. A threatened storm caused those having household goods and merchandise exposed, to provide shelter, and the saw and hammer were not idle by any means on that day. Captain D. F. Stiles - the provost marshal - visited all the gambling and dance houses and notified them not to open up on that day and not one of them disobeyed the order.

Rev. Chas. C. Hembree, of Kansas City, visited the infantry camp and made arrangements with the chief trumpeter, Joseph Perringer, company K, Eighteenth infantry, for the sounding of church call with the trumpet throughout the city. As the lone musician traversed the streets sounding this rather solemn military call through his polished trumpet, hundreds followed him not knowing what it meant. At the corner of Main and Broadway the large concourse of people were halted and Rev. Hembree, a Presbyterian minister, preached from the text found in Tim., 2nd chapter and 3rd verse: "Thou shalt therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ."

On the hill north of Main street about where the Tabernacle now is on Third street, Rev. James Murray and Mr. W. P. Shaw, conducted a Sunday school in accordance with the forms and regulations of the M. E. church.