The First Eight Months of Oklahoma City.


Oklahoma City is famed for the attractiveness of her meat markets. Her brigade of butchers are equally famous for their general goodness of soul and largeness of heart. The foremost meat market of the city is that of LECHNER & EMERSON on Main street. H. H. Lechner and C. B. Emerson make up the happy, rustling, generous, enterprising firm. The unbounded success of this firm is the wonder of all and no wonder either when the matter is given a moment's thought. They work early and late; supply and furnish only the choicest of meats; are polite, accommodating and by strict attention to business never lose a customer. During the fall and winter they handled a vast amount of game, for which they paid the top notch figure, and sold it at a fair living price. Their display of meats is always the nicest and finest in the city, and to pass their place of business makes a man hungry. The ladies of the city always make it a point to go to Lechner & Emerson's from the fact that they invariably get just what they want and there is no bungling and no mistakes. Thousands of visitors have tarried in their rambles over the city to gaze with admiration upon the daily exhibition of numerous wild animals by this well and favorably known firm. Their wild cats have been the pets of the populace and it is safe to say that every citizen in the city has stopped to punch and play with the cats when they should have been attending to something else. Mr. Lechner purchases all the live stock killed by this firm, and he has the enviable reputation of being the shrewdest buyer and best judge of stock in the south-west. Mr. Emerson "tends shop" and no man stands higher in the estimation of the people. The firm by industry, perseverance and fair dealing have built up a wonderful trade. They are the leading meat men of the town and to see the artistic arrangement of their place of business is conclusive evidence of their deserved popularity and prosperity.

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