The First Eight Months of Oklahoma City.


The subject of this sketch, Ralph C. Guthrie, opened his eyes for the first time in this wicked world September l9, 1862, in Highland county, Ohio, within the corporate limits of the shady little village of Leesburgh. He received an academic education and early in life mastered the intricacies and secrets of the printer's trade. He was teacher of printing in the Pierce City College at Pierce City, Missouri, for several years and has had charge of some very important offices in the south and west. He resided for a time at Albuquerque, New Mexico, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and Trinidad, Colorado, at which points he has a wide acquaintance in newspaper circles. He was engaged in mercantile pursuits in Wellington, Kansas, for almost three years and was on the staff of the Sumner County Democrat for an equal length of time. He came to Oklahoma City, October 1, 1889, since which time he has been in the real estate and insurance business. To him belongs the honor of writing the first insurance policy ever taken in the city - that of Wedemeyer, Clay & Co., on their large stock of goods and building. Mr. Guthrie is a public spirited young man, a giant in physic-al and intellectual greatness and always takes a leading part in the progressive moves and enterprises of the city. He is a singer of considerable celebrity and upon several occasions has given valuable assistance in charity concerns. He is connected in business with W. H. Ebey, the firm name being Ebey & Guthrie. They conduct a general insurance and real estate emporium and transact more business in their particular lines than any other firm in the territory.

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