The First Eight Months of Oklahoma City.


The first steps toward the organization of a board of trade were taken Wednesday evening, May 15th, 1889, when a few gentlemen met at the real estate office of Carter, Woodford & Beard, corner of Grand avenue and Broadway. They issued a call for a general meeting Monday night May 20th, 1889. There was not as great an attendance at the meeting upon that date as had been anticipated, and the organization of the board was delayed till about two weeks later when it was effected and the following officers elected:

President, H. Overholser.
Vice President, James Geary.
Second Vice President, J. P. McKinnis.
Secretary, W. H. Ebey.
Treasurer, T. M. Richardson.

                 COMMITTEES. --EXECUTIVE.

        John A. Blackburn,     W. L. Couch,
        O. H. Violet,          C. W. Price,
        B. N. Woodson,         W. C. Wells,        

              ON RAILROADS.
        J. A. Blackburn,       Gen. J. B. Weaver,
        C. W. Price,           J. E. Jones,
        W. H. Ebey,            W. L. Couch,
        T. M. Richardson,      H. Overholser,
              James Geary.      

             ON MANUFACTURING.
        C. P. Walker,           W. L. Harvey,
        John Wand,              E. W. Sweeny,
        W. L. Killebrew,        F. L. Bone.        

        J. P. McKinnis,         John Brogan,
        A. L. Woodford,         A. L. Frick,
        J. P. Darling,          W. J. Pettee.        

             ON ADVERTISING.
        O. H. Violet,           W. H. Ebey,
        R. Q. Blakeney,         H. W. Winn,
              J. W. Beard.        

             ON LEGISLATION.
        Gen. J. B. Weaver.      Signey Clarke,
        O. H. Violet,           W. L. Couch,
        Capt. A. B. Hammer,     A. C. Scott,
        Ledru Guthrie,          B. N. Woodson,
              David A. Harvey
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             ON FINANCE.
        James Geary,            Ledru Guthrie,
        W. C. Wells,            T. M. Richardson, 
                Major W. A. Monroe,

             ON EDUCATION
        A. C. Scott,           C. A. Galbraith,
        R. R. Connella,        G. A. Beidler,
                  W. W. Witten.

             ON EMIGRATION.
        Victor Sherman,       W. H. Darrough,
        G. W. Massey,         G. W. Adams,
                   H. W. Sawyer.

        O. H. Violet,         W. H. Ebey.
        C. P. Walker,         J. W. Beard.
        Jas. Geary,           B. N. Woodson,
        W. A. Monroe,         C. W. Price,
        C. A. Galbraith,      W. J. Pettee,
        J. A. Blackburn,      A. B. Hammer.
        A. C. Scott,          W. McGlinchey,
        W. L. Couch,          J. L. Brown,
        Victor Sherman,       W. L. Harvey,
        A. L. Woodford,       E. W. Sweeney,
                   J. P. McKinnis.
The board has held regular meetings since its organ- ization and with a few slight changes stands, in member- ship and officers, about the same as when established. It has taken important action on all the leading subjects affecting the weal of the city.