The First Eight Months of Oklahoma City.


The Oklahoma City Kickapoos were first called kickers for the reason that they objected to every move and motion of the city government. What ever the council
or mayor did, it was sure to meet with objections from

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from the kicking faction, and in a short time they acquired or assumed the title of Kickapoos, while those favorable to the administration were dubbed Seminoles.

On Monday night, October l4th, the first steps were taken toward the organization of the kicking forces. A few weeks later the following constitution was adopted;


1st. The name of this organization shall be known as the Kickapoo Council.

2d. The objects and purposes of this organization shall be to discuss, consider, formulate and work for the success of measures calculated to better the condition of Oklahoma Territory and Oklahoma City. 3d. In pursuing these objects we recognize this principle: That the powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively or to the people; and whereas the present de facto city officials of Oklahoma City have in defiance of the law and the will of our people, usurped and exercised arbitrary power in violation of the principles above set out, it shall be the object of this organization, by all expedient and legal means, to prevent the perpetuation of this wrongful exercise of power, and at the earliest possible day to give to our city a legally constituted government, based on justice subservient to the expressed will of our citizens, and limited to the legitimate functions of municipal governments. Also to procure from the congress of the United States such legislation as may be best calculated to promote the formation of a territorial government, to better enable legal settlers on the public-lands to obtain title thereto, and to provide some adequate and direct method of conveying city lots to bona fide holders thereof and to pre-vent men from illegally seizing lands and lots and from acquiring any rights thereto from the government. Also to take such steps as may be best calculated to procure wise and beneficial legislation for our territory, after organized.

That we shall use all our powers to advance purity in government affairs, to aid in carrying out public measures by all honest and fair means and to discountenance all others. This association shall first be formed by admitting fifty as charter members, and after that number is admitted others may be received on a vote of three-fourths of the members present at any regular meeting cast for his admission. Such vote shall be by ballot. Members shall be male residents of Oklahoma over twenty-one

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years of age, and who approve the measures herein set out, and who will subscribe to this constitution. Initiation fees shall be one dollar. The members may, by majority vote, be assessed to raise money to carry out the designs of this council, and to be used in expenses.

4th. The officers of this council shall be:

1st. Sachem   3d. A Scribe
2d. A Chief     4th. A Wampum Keeper

All of whom shall be elected by ballot and hold until their successors are introduced into office.

From fifty members chosen by the grand council there shall be appointed by the sachem ten committees of five members each, and to said committees shall be referred all matters touching the subjects indicated by the name of the committees as follows :

                       PROPOSED COMMITTEES,

    1st.  Judiciary,             6th.  Public buildings and
    2d.   Finance,                     grounds.
    3d.   Appropriations,        7th.  Education
    4th.  Corporations,          8th.  Fees and salaries,
    5th   Charities, reforma-    9th.  Elections,
          tory and penal,       l0th.  Miscellaneous.

5th. An executive council of ten members, composed of the chairmen of the above named committees, any six of whom shall constitute a quorum to do business, but the committee shall do no business unless each member in reach has been notified of the meeting.

The duties of the sachem shall be that of president of the general council, and be chairman of the executive council. The chief shall act in the absence of the sachem, perform the duties of the sachem, and all the officers shall perform the duties usually performed by such officers in deliberative bodies.

The executive council shall determine all measures to be adopted and courses to be pursued and shall pro-vide for the execution of the same, and their action shall have full force unless disapproved by the general council at any regular meeting or any other meeting called for that purpose, on five days notice; but such disapproval must be expressed at the first regular meeting after such proceeding is had.

This constitution may be amended by a majority vote at any regular meeting of the general council. The general council may provide by law all matters not herein provided.

The membership of this order was large and meetings were regularly held for a long time. It eventually

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died out, or at least ceased to attract attention, and the city has at present few citizens who belonged to the order that still cling to their old love. The Kickapoos scored one victory in electing Dr. Beale for mayor, but the statu quo innovation knocked the vitality out of the organization and blasted the hopes of its founders.