The First Eight Months of Oklahoma City.


One of the neatest and best appointed drug stores in Oklahoma City is that of R. J. Coon's, on Main street. His stock of drugs, toilet articles and sundries is complete in every respect, and his trade is very satisfactory and on the increase. The Y. M. C. A. library, in charge of Mrs. Fairchild, occupies one corner of this drug palace and helps to augment the crowd that daily surge up and down the corridors and around the many counters of the place.

R. J. COON was born May 18, 1861,in Culpepper, Virginia, where he was educated. From Culpepper he went to Tyler, Texas, in 1878 and engaged in the drug business. Fort Worth claimed him as a citizen for one year, from which point he removed to Albany, Texas, where he was

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appointed postmaster by President Cleveland. This position he retained for three years, resigning to come to Oklahoma. His health failed in 1888 and physicians recommend travel. California, Utah and Nevada were visited with beneficial results. He was in charge of the prescription department for Smith & Johnson while they were in business in Oklahoma. He is a member of several pharmaceutical associations, and always gives satisfaction in every way. His whole life has been spent in this one avocation and as a prescription dispenser, and analytical chemist and a gentleman, he has no superior.