The First Eight Months of Oklahoma City.


Wedemeyer Clay & Co. is a well known firm in Oklahoma City. They carry the largest and most complete stock of general merchandise of any house in the territory. They are all merchants bred and born. Their novel designs, advance styles and constantly fresh attractions in goods combine to please and attract. Their stock of dry goods is simply the par excellence of perfection. Woolen, silk and wash fabrics from French, English, Scotch, German and American factories are ever on the counters in their store. Their magnificent assortment of goods insures them a large trade. They invite the inspection of the fastidious, the critical, the artistic the rich; and the poor. They keep abreast of the times in all things and in so doing naturally become the leading firm of the city in their line. Their operations are not confined to Oklahoma City alone for in the thriving town of El Reno they have a branch house carrying a general stock of dry goods, groceries and hardware valued at $6,000 which is under the management of

E. E. ELTERMAN, who devotes his whole time and attention to the business. He came to Oklahoma in the rush from his old home in Bloomer, Wisconsin.

SAMUEL CLAY is an Ohio man, but has resided in the Indian Territory for so long that he has lost nearly all his Buckeye ways. He was head clerk in a large general merchandise establishment in Muskogee for half a dozen years from which place he removed to Shawneetown where he was the proprietor of a like establishment for eight years. For four years he made his home in Econtuchka where he was a successful merchant and cattle dealer. He came to Oklahoma in November and on the fourth day of that month entered into a partnership with J. H. Wedemeyer and E. Etterman.

J. H. WEDEMEYER was born September 20th, 1858, in Racine, Wisconsin. He is a graduate of Morey's Commercial College (Racine) and is an expert accountant. In 1884 he moved to Bloomer, Wisconsin, of which city he was postmaster under President Cleveland. He resigned the position in

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1889 and came to Oklahoma May 16th. On May 22d, just one month after the opening of the territory to settlement he was in business on Main street. Before November the firm name was J. W. Wedemeyer & Co. Since then it has been very satisfactory and in February they were obliged to enlarge their building to accommodate their countless customers and large stock of goods. Their prices are much the lowest, their stock to select from much the largest and in every way they are leaders in their line of business.