City Beginnings in Oklahoma Territory
John Alley, 1939, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, OK

Quoting from the preface:

     The pages which follow deal only with city beginnings in the area which became Oklahoma Territory by virtue of the Organic Act of May 2, 1890.  This area lies in the central portion of the state of Oklahoma and comprises only six of the present seventy-seven counties of the state.  In fact, three of these six counties are somewhat larger now than they were in 1890, through portions of land added to them from areas opened to white settlement from time to time after 1889, which areas likewise were incorporated into the original Oklahoma Territory of 1890.


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Atkins, Prior, Norman

Banks, A., Kingfisher councilman
Barnes, Cassius M., Guthrie, fourth Governor of Oklahoma Territory
Barney, M.V., Oklahoma City
Barrows, J.A., Oklahoma City councilman
Beale, Dr. A.J., Oklahoma City mayor
Beatty, M.M., Oklahoma City
Bechtel, S.L., Capitol Hill councilman
Berry, T.E., Norman
Bierer, A.G.C., Guthrie
Bishop, James M., Norman, member El Reno townsite board, homesteader
Blackburn, John A., Oklahoma City recorder
Blair, F.M., Kingfisher councilman
Blake, George, Norman city clerk
Blake, Tyler, townsite organizer
Bodine, W.T., South Oklahoma, city recorder
Boles, J.W., Oklahoma City councilman
Bolling, F.L., Kingfisher councilman
Booth, W.R., East Guthrie, townsite organizer
Bradley, J.D., Kingfisher City councilman
Brady, J.T., Stillwater councilman
Brandon, F.V., Oklahoma City councilman
Brogan, John, Oklahoma City councilman
Brown, J.L., Oklahoma City member of the legislature
Bullen, H.B., Stillwater councilman
Burks, Garnet, Stillwater townsite organizer

Cade, Cash M., Lisbon,
           Republican leader, councilman, county clerk, "Fifth County"
Caldwell, John, Stillwater, board of inspectors
Callahan, J.Y., Kingfisher delegate to Congress
Campbell, W.H., Orlando,
           member Governor Steele's Board to locate the A. and M. College
Cannon, John M., Reno City
Carruthers, Allen, Guthrie
Chamberlain, Charles, Oklahoma City
Clancy, Frank. M., Guthrie councilman
Clark, J.G., territorial judge
Clark, J.R., Stillwater police judge, mayor
Clarke, Sidney, Oklahoma City
Classen, A.H., Edmond (later of Oklahoma City)
Clatterbuck, Sid., Norman marshal
Cochran, John, South Oklahoma, city treasurer
Colcord, Charles F., Oklahoma City marshal
Constantine, Charles W., Guthrie
Couch, Captain W.L., Oklahoma City,
             member of the Committee of Ten, mayor, death of
Creech, W.L., Lisbon councilman
Crider, J.W., Hennessey
Crittenden, El Reno, former governor of Missouri
Cross, J.C., Lisbon councilman

Dale, Frank, Guthrie
Dangerfield, Royden J.
Daniels, Arthur W., Frisco, speaker of the house, first territorial legislature
Day, A.J., Choctaw City
Dillingham, W.C., Norman election inspector
Dooley, James, Guthrie councilman
Doorley, W.F., Kingfisher City councilman
Duncan, M.M., Lisbon councilman
Duncan, Sanford, Stillwater
Duval, M., Guthrie councilman
Dyer, Colonel D.B., Guthrie mayor

Ellard, J., Norman councilman
Ellis, J.A., Guthrie councilman
Ennis, J.M., Capitol Hill mayor
Evans, J.A., Stillwater mayor
Ewing, Cortez A.M.
Eyler, O.M., Stillwater justice of the peace

Fallis, J.A., Guthrie councilman
Fishback, J.B., East Guthrie councilman
Fisher, A.W., Norman mayor
Flynn, Dennis T., Guthrie member of charter commission; territorial delegate to Congress;
    delegate, Republican convention
Fossett, W.D. Kingfisher, United States marshal

Galloway, John M., Guthrie, United States commissioner
Gardenhire, George W., Stillwater
Garvey, John, Kingfisher councilman
Gault, W.J., Oklahoma City mayor
Glick, El Reno, former governor of Kansas
Godfrey, J.T., Frisco mayor
Gorton, V.E., Norman
Granger, J.H., Capitol Hill councilman
Green, Judge Amos, Lexington, Republican convention delegate
Green, B.P., Guthrie, Republican convention secretary
Green, F.B., territorial judge
Greer, Frank H., Guthrie
Grimes, William, Kingfisher

Hall, E.C., Norman councilman
Hammer, Captain A.B., Oklahoma City
Hartley, H.E., Norman councilman
Helburn, N.C., South Oklahoma, marshal
Helvie, John W., Norman townsite organizer
Herancourt, W.V., East Guthrie, secretary, mass meeting
Hessler, J.A., Norman councilman
Hester, R.L., Stillwater councilman
Hill, J.T., Guthrie councilman
Hill, Robert W., Guthrie, secretary, mass meeting; councilman
Hobbs, Virgil M., Kingfisher City mayor
Horton, J.L., Guthrie councilman
Howard, J.B., Guthrie councilman
Howard, J.W., Edmond, legislator
Howe, C.W., Frisco mayor
Hudson, E.G., Oklahoma City councilman
Hueston, T.J., Stillwater, marshal
Huff, J.H., Kingfisher councilman
Hughes, E.S., South Oklahoma councilman
Hughes, T.L., Kingfisher councilman
Hunt, M.A., Norman justice of the peace
Hunter, Charles E., Guthrie councilman
Husband, David, Stillwater homesteader

Ingle, Ed. P., Norman, founder of The Norman Transcript

Johnson, J.W., Oklahoma City
Jones, C.G., Oklahoma City
Jones, J.E., Oklahoma City councilman;
           delegate, Democratic territorial convention
Jones, J. Ed., chairman, Democratic territorial convention

Kane, Mathew J., Kingfisher,
          Member, constitutional convention, chief justice of the supeme court
Kelly, H.B., Guthrie councilman
Killebrew, W.L., South Oklahoma councilman
King, S.P., Capitol Hill city treasurer
Kingkade, Andrew, Norman townsite organizer
Knoblock, Charles, Stillwater councilman
Kuykendall, J.M., Orlando

Larsh, D.L., Norman, member,
         Board No. 4, Townsite Trustees; active in settlement of Norman
Lessing, W.H., Guthrie councilman
Lester, T.J., Stillwater board of inspectors
Lomeyer, William, Kingfisher councilman
Love, Jack, Oklahoma City
Lowe, Judge J.T., East Guthrie councilman
Lowe, O.T., Capitol Hill marshal
Lowry, Robert A., Stillwater homesteader

McCartney, W.A., Lisbon, member, first territorial legislature; councilman
McCaskey, A., Capitol Hill councilman
McClintock, George W., Frisco editor
McEwen, H.G., Capitol Hill councilman
McGinley, M., Norman councilman
McKinnis, J.P., South Oklahoma councilman
Madden, George, Stillwater city clerk
Marquart, D.W., Norman
Mathews, J.L., Stillwater, legislator
Meal, A.H., Guthrie councilman
Merton, W.H., Guthrie, legislator
Miles, Colonel John D., Lisbon mayor
Miller, M.N., Oklahoma City councilman
Miller, M.S.., Oklahoma City treasurer
Mills, W.D., Norman assessor
Mitch, J.L., Edmond
Mitchell, H.B., Oklahoma City, city attorney
Moose, H.H., East Guthrie, member, conference committee; city recorder
Murphy, J.B., Stillwater, city clerk
Murray, Rev. James, South Oklahoma mayor
Myton, T.W., Stillwater treasurer

Nagle, Patrick S., Kingfisher, United States marshal
Neal, Moses, Oklahoma City, member, Committee of Ten
Nolan, T.J., Norman election inspector; city clerk

Orput, G.D., Guthrie councilman
Overholser, Ed., Oklahoma City mayor
Overholser, Henry, Oklahoma City mayor

Pamperin, T.A., Guthrie councilman
Parker, Rev. J.H., superintendent of public instruction, Oklahoma Territory
Patrick, G.W., South Oklahoma mayor
Patton, J.C., Norman election inspector
Payne, David L.
Peck, W.H., Norman trustee
Peery, Dan W., Oklahoma City, legislator
Perkins, J.W., Guthrie councilman
Peyton, C.A., Oklahoma City councilman
Phillips, Dan
Pickler, Major J.A., inspector of the Department of Interior
Poole, W.E., Norman councilman
Pratt, Daniel P., Guthrie councilman
Provolt, Z., East Guthrie councilman

Quinton, M.C., Oklahoma City treasurer

Ramsey, W.T., Stillwater councilman
Rennie, Albert, Pauls Valley, United States Commissioner
Rhodyback, E.C., Frisco mayor
Robberts, Jacob C., Kingfisher and Enid, register of Land Office
           at King Fisher's Stage Station, Republican leader
Roberts, W.C., Capitol Hill councilman
Rodgers, O.K., Kingfisher councilman
Rogers, Dr. C.S., El Reno mayor
Romick, John C., Oklahoma City councilman
Ross, D.M., Guthrie councilman
Ross, L.P., South Oklahoma, city attorney

Sargent, S.S., Guthrie councilman
Sater, J.E., Stillwater election inspector
Schaffer, J.J., Stillwater councilman
Scott, A.C., Oklahoma City
Scott, C.T., Oklahoma City, member, Committee of Ten; councilman
Seay, A.J., second governor of Oklahoma Territory
Shaw, A.J., Union City
Simpson, E.J., Reno City
Smith, P.R., Lexington, secretary, Democratic club
Soward, T.N., East Guthrie
Speed, Horace, East Guthrie, member conference committee
Steele, George W., Governor
Steele, S.E., South Oklahoma councilman
Stewart, Dora Ann,
          The Government and Development of Oklahoma Territory
Stieguer, L.D., East Guthrie marshal
Stockslager, T.A., East Guthrie, member, conference committee
Stone, Frank, Stillwater, city attorney
Stone, L.L., Noble mayor
Stovall, J.M., Norman and Lexington,
         member A. and M. College location board; Democratic leader
Streeter, Charles, Norman trustee
Sweeney, E.W., South Oklahoma councilman
Swope, A.W., Stillwater mayor
Swope, J.H., Stillwater treasurer

Terrill, H., Stillwater councilman
Thompson, Harry, Kingfisher, United States Marshal

Upshaw, T.M., Oklahoma City, city clerk

Violet, O.H., Oklahoma City police judge
Voss, Judge J.T., Oklahoma City, member, Committee of Ten

Waggoner, T.R., Norman townsite organizer; mayor ; legislator
Waite, A.H., Guthrie councilman
Walker, C.P., South Oklahoma, city clerk
Wallace, John, Oklahoma City, member, Committee of Ten; councilman
Wallace, W.T., Norman councilman
Wallis, F.L., Lisbon councilman
Weaver, General James B.,
            active in settlement of Oklahoma City; 
            prominent Iowa politician,;
            member of Congress, candidate for President

Wells, W.C., Oklahoma City councilman
West, Charles, Kingfisher and Enid, attorney-general of Oklahoma
Whitley, H.J., Guthrie councilman
Wilson E.E., Reno City, secretary, Republican territorial committee
Wilson, R.S., East Guthrie councilman
Wingate, W.W., Norman, city treasurer
Winter, Smith, East Guthrie marshal
Witten, W.W., Oklahoma City police judge
Woods, H.M., Oklahoma City, secretary, citizens' mass meeting
Wright, D.J., Norman councilman
Wykoff, Frank E., Stillwater, city attorney

Young, D.C., East Guthrie councilman

Zaring, P.A., Guthrie councilman