JUNE 22-27, 1976

This is a program made available during the Bi-Centennial Celebration in Wewoka, OK. No publishing information is available, but very recently the program was still available for purchase at the Seminole Nation Museum in Wewoka, OK.

There is not a great deal of information for many of the people listed, but I'd be happy to help you with what information is to be had. As I grew up in this area, I have known many of those listed here. You may email me at

Indexed by Vickie NEILL TAYLOR Feb. 28, 2001

ABLE, Glen			Schedule
ADAMS, Earl P.			42, 51
ADKINS, Lisa			Schedule
ADKINS, Pete			Schedule, 45, 54
ADKINS, Wanda			Schedule
ADNERSON, Fern			Schedule
AINSWORTH, Joyce		11
ALDRIDGE, Bart			45
ALDRIDGE, Gene			26
ALDRIDGE, Mrs. E. C.		6
ALDRIDGE, Mrs. J. Bart		4
ALEXANDER, L. B.		Schedule
ALEXANDER, Rita			Schedule
ALFORD, Charley			Schedule
ALLEN, Geneva			Schedule
ALLEN, Ora Lee			54
ALTMAN, David			Schedule
ANDERSON, Andy			Schedule
ANDERSON, Barbara		Schedule
ANDERSON, Catherine		Schedule
ANDERSON, Chris			Schedule
ANDERSON, D. W. 		60
ANDERSON, Earl			Schedule
ANDERSON, Elizabeth		Schedule
ANDERSON, James			Schedule
ANDERSON, Melvin		45
ANGLEMYER, Shelvy		42
ARGO, Dwight			Schedule
AYERS, Rick			Schedule
BAILEY, Cheryl			Schedule
BAKER, Betty			Front cover, 28
BALLARD, Kenneth		Schedule
BARKER, Brenda			63
BARNES, Christine		Schedule
BARNES, Sam			Schedule
BARNHART, Mark			Schedule
BARROWMAN, Larry		Schedule, 54
BASS, Mike			Schedule
BECKNELL, Jim Jr.		54
BELLMYER, John			Schedule
BELSHE, Tom			Schedule
BEMO, John			6
BEMO, Russell			Schedule
BERG, Fred			Schedule
BERG, Margierite		Schedule
BERG, Rick			Schedule
BERRIE, Merlin			42
BERRY, Byrd			66
BERRY, Dr. V.			50
BERRY, Fred A.			42, 66
BEU, Brandt			25
BEVELHYMER, Jakie		Schedule
BEZINQUE, Katherine		Schedule
BICKNELL, Jim			Schedule
BIGGERS, S.W.			45
BILLINGSLEY, Mary Lou		Schedule
BILLINGSLEY, Steve		Schedule
BINION, Georgia			Schedule
BLANKENSHIP, Kathleen		22
BONTTY, A. B. 			28
BOREN, Dale			42
BOWLEGS, Caesar			5
BRADLEY, Rick			Schedule
BRADLEY, Rickey			63
BREWER, Bedford			39
BRINHAM, Doug			Schedule
BROCK, Randy			63
BROOKS, Martha			Schedule
BROOKS, Robin			Schedule
BROOKS, Ruth			Schedule
BROWN, A. J.			6, 7
BROWN, Dr. John Frippo		5, 6
BROWN, Elijah J.		5, 6, 23
BROWN, Foster			50
BROWN, Harry			5
BROWN, Johnnie Mack		65
BROWN, Julia			43
BROWN, Ralph			Schedule
BROWN, Ralph			42
BROWN, Ruth			Schedule
BRUNER, John B.			56
BRUNER, Mrs. Lydia		56
BRYANT, Brad			Schedule
BRYANT, Bryan			Schedule
BRYANT, Coy			Schedule
BRYANT, Janet			Schedule
BUCK, Guy			Schedule
BUCK, Michelle			Schedule
BUCK, Mitchell			Schedule
BURCH, Curtis			Schedule, 42
BURCH, Grace			Schedule
BURCH, Tipton E.		24, 42
BURGER, Alex			22
BURK, Faye			7, Schedule, 60
BURK, Shorty			Schedule
BURRIS, Burton			Schedule
BUSH, Debbie			Schedule
BUSH, Jackie			Schedule
BUSH, Mrs. Lucille		Front cover, 28, Schedule
BUSH, Tim			Schedule
BUTCHER, Tom			42
CAIN, Ann			Schedule
CAIN, Raymond			Schedule
CAMPBELL, Don			60
CARL, Charles S.		Schedule, 45
CAROLINA, Charles		Schedule
CAROLINA, Mrs. Charles		Schedule
CAROLINA, Mrs. Valerie		49
CARPITCHE, Antoinette		Schedule
CARTER, Vonda			63
CARVER, Harry W.		45
CASEY, gang			6
CHAMBERS, John			63
CHANEY, A. B.			Front cover, 28, Schedule, 45
CHANEY, Dot			Schedule
CHANEY, Mary			Schedule
CHANEY, Randy			Front cover, 28, Schedule
CHASTAIN, Tom			60
CHESNEY, Bert			Schedule, 42
CHESNEY, Brad			Schedule
CHESNEY, Brent			Schedule
CHESNEY, Joyce			Schedule
CHEVES, Mon T.			Schedule, 42
CHUPCO, DeAnn			Schedule
CLARK, Charles			42
CLAWSON, John			Schedule
CLAYBROOK, Diane		Schedule
CLAYBROOK, Helen		Schedule
CLAYBROOK, Keith		Schedule
CLAYBROOK, Mary			Schedule
CLOUD, Christopher		Schedule
CLOUD, Judy			Schedule
CLOUD, Nona			Schedule
CLOUD, Tammy			Schedule
COATS, Alla L.			Schedule
COCHRAN, Mary Sue		Schedule
COKER, Chris			Schedule
COKER, Don			Schedule
COKER, Lucas			Schedule
COLBERT, Cletus			Schedule
COLEY, Frankie			Schedule
COLEY, John			Schedule
COLEY, Johnny Belinda		Schedule
COMSTOCK, Pat			Schedule
CONN, Addie Lou			Schedule
CONN, Billy			25, Schedule
CONN, Janice			Schedule
COOK, Bernice			Schedule
COOK, George			Schedule
COOK, Glenda			Schedule
COOK, Glenn			25, Schedule
COOK, Jaretta			Schedule
COOK, Kelly			Schedule
COOK, Lucy			Schedule
COOK, Tammy			Schedule
COPELAND, Gary			Schedule
CORNELIUS, Ethel		Schedule
CORNELIUS, Velma		Schedule
COSTON, Darrell			Schedule
COTTON, Bob			42
COX, Teresa			Schedule
COXSEY, Ruth			Schedule
CRANSTON, Dr. O. G.		50
CREACH, John			20
CRIPPIN, Crestus L.		45
CRISWELL, Jack			60
CRISWELL, Pat			Schedule
CRISWELL, Vernon		42
CRITTENDEN, Floye		Schedule
CROSS, Betty			51
CULP, Dudley			42
CUMMINGS, Owilda		18
CUSTER, George			5
CUTLIP, C. Guy			6
CUTLIP, Thad			7, 23
DALTON, gang			6
DANCER, George			Schedule, 54
DARBY, Richard			Schedule
DAUGHTERY, John			65
DAVIS, B. F.			60
DAVIS, Bill			Schedule
DAVIS, Bobbi Moline		Schedule
DAVIS, Bobbie			Schedule
DAVIS, Bobby			Schedule
DAVIS, Ganie			50
DAVIS, Jonas			Schedule
DAVIS, Luther			22
DAVIS, Mrs. Joe			Schedule
DAVIS, Pauline			Schedule
DAY, Earl			45
DESHIELDS, William		63
DIXON, Dr. W. L.		7, 23
DIXON, J. L. 			7, 23
DOWELL, Gordon			45
DOWELL, M. C. 			42
EDWARDS, Mike			Schedule
ELLIS, Mark			Schedule
ELLIS, Sue			Schedule
ELLISON, Sharon Kaye		Schedule
ELLWANGER, Kent			Schedule, 45
ELMORE, Clemma			Front cover, 28
EMARTHLE, Alex			Schedule
EMARTHLE, Flora			Schedule
EMARTHLE, Homer			Schedule
EMARTHLE, James			Schedule
EMARTHLE, Johnny		Schedule
EMARTHLE, Leah			Schedule
EMARTHLE, Lois			Schedule
EPTON, Hicks			42
ERWIN, Charley			Schedule, 54
EVANS, J. W.			42
EVANS, Mrs. Freddie		Schedule
FAIRBANKS, Leslie		Schedule
FAUGHT, Howard			65
FIELDS, Sandra			Schedule
FILSON, Joe			Schedule, 45
FILSON, Katie			Schedule
FILSON, M. L.			Schedule
FILSON, Max W.			Schedule, 45
FILSON, Mo			Schedule
FILSON, Naoma			Schedule
FILSON, Wanda			Schedule
FLEMING, Jim			Schedule
FLEMING, John			Schedule
FLOYD, B. D.			42
FLOYD, Elaine			Schedule
FLOYD, Floy			4, Schedule
FORE, J. C. 			42
FORESEE, Clay			4, Schedule
FORESEE, Mrs. Clay		Schedule
FOWLER, Pat			Schedule
FRAZIER, James R.		42
GABLE, Clark			66
GAINES, Nan			Schedule
GARNER, Lori			Schedule
GARRETT, Wayne			Schedule
GILLEY, Pro. J. T.		18
GILSTRAP, A. F. 		60
GOODFOX, Larry			Schedule
GOODFOX, Jeff			Schedule
Gopher John			5, Schedule
GORDON, Napoleon		65
GORHAM, Mr.			24
GOSEY, Carl			Schedule
GOSEY, Hazel			Schedule
GRANGER, Harry F.		42
GRAY, Shirlene			Schedule
GRAY, Tammy			Schedule
GRAY, Tara			Schedule
GREGG, C. J.			45
GRIFFIS, Freddie		Schedule
GRIFFIS, Sharon			Schedule
GRIMES, Donald			Schedule
GRIMES, Dr. John P. 		4, 50, 56
GRIMES, John			Schedule
GRIMES, Mildred			Schedule
GRIMES, Missy			Schedule
GRIMES, Ronald			Schedule
GUSTIN, Marty			63
HAGUE, Mary			Schedule
HAGUE, Melvin			Schedule
HAIR, Darlene			Schedule
HAIR, DeeDee			Schedule
HAIR, Jon			Schedule
HAIR, Joncy Dean		Schedule
HAIR, Rickey			Schedule
HAIR, Toby			Schedule
HAMMONS, L. O.			42
HANING, W. J.			42
HARDGROVE, Joyce		Schedule
HARDGROVE, Kathy 		Schedule
HARGRAVE, Hubert		45
HARGRAVE, John			Schedule
HARGRAVE, Rudolph		Schedule
HARISON, Roderick		Schedule
HARJO, Andrew			Schedule
HARJO, Andy			Schedule
HARJO, Chief V. V.		Schedule
HARJO, Frank			Schedule
HARJO, George			Schedule
HARJO, Gerald			Schedule
HARJO, Ida			Schedule
HARJO, Jessica			Schedule
HARJO, Joanna			Schedule
HARJO, Lloyd			Schedule
HARJO, Louise			Schedule
HARJO, Patrick Allen		Schedule
HARJO, Ralphlita		Schedule
HARJO, Richard			Schedule
HARJO, Shirl Lea		Schedule
HARJO, Wisey			Schedule
HARLIN, Lavel			Schedule
HARLIN, Lovell			Schedule
HARRISON, Dr. T. F.		50
HARRISON, Gary			Schedule
HARRISON, Madeline		Schedule
HARRISON, Roda			Schedule
HARRISON, Veta			Schedule
HARRISON, Wilbanks		16, Schedule, 42
HARROD, James			Schedule, 42
HARROD, Jerry			Schedule
HART, James			Schedule
HATFIELD, Jo			Front cover, 28
HATFIELD, Vi			Schedule
HAYES, Emil			27, Schedule
HAYES, Harry			45
HAYES, Malka			27, Schedule
HEMBREE, Faye			Schedule
HENNEHA, Barbara		Schedule
HENNEHA, Charles		Schedule
HENNEHA, Laura			Schedule
HENNEHA, Shirley		Schedule
HENSLEY, Wanda			Schedule
HICKMAN, Richard		Schedule
HICKS, Joy			50
HILL, Gerald			Schedule
HILL, Rosene			30
HILL, Shirley			Schedule
HILL, Wayne			22, 30
HOLLOWAY, Viola			Schedule
HOLMES, Lilburn			Schedule
HOOFMAN, Doris			Schedule
HOOFMAN, John			Schedule
HOPSON, Bobby			Schedule
HOPSON, Faye			Schedule
HORSLEY, Eva			50
HORSLEY, Tom			42
HORTON, Louise			Schedule
HUGHES, Hal			4
HUGHES, Ivon			Schedule
HULL, Rudolph N.		3
HUNT, Dewey			Schedule
HUNT, Randy			Schedule
HUSER, Bill			Schedule
HUSER, Renee			Schedule
HUTCHESON, Howard E.		42
HUTCHINS, Judy			Schedule
HUTCHISON, Guy			Schedule
HUTTON, Paul			Schedule
INGRAM, Alma			Schedule
JACKSON, C. J. Jr.		Schedule
JACKSON, David			Schedule
JACKSON, Delores		Schedule
JACKSON, George			6
JACKSON, Julie			Schedule
JACKSON, Kelly			Schedule
JACKSON, Marcel			Schedule
JACKSON, Nola			Schedule
JACKSON, Susan			Schedule
JACKSON, Tracy			Schedule
JAMES, boys			6
JAMES, Virginia			Schedule
JEFFERSON, Thomas		1
JENKINS, Bob			42
JENNINGS, Dr. W. E.		6, 23
JOHNSON, Isaac			Schedule
JOHNSON, Anthony		Schedule
JOHNSON, Barbara		Schedule
JOHNSON, Charles		Schedule
JOHNSON, Cora			Schedule
JOHNSON, Deanne			Schedule
JOHNSON, Eddie			Schedule
JOHNSON, Josie			Schedule
JOHNSON, Jucinda		Schedule
JOHNSON, Lucille		Schedule
JOHNSON, Raymond		Schedule
JOHNSON, Sam			Schedule
JOHNSON, Sharon			Schedule
JOHNSON, Sonny			Schedule
JOHNSON, Temina			Schedule
JOHNSON, Victoria		Schedule
JOHNSTON, Mary			Front cover, 28
JONES, Ann			Front cover, 28
JONES, Betty			Schedule
JONES, Hayden			Schedule
JONES, Lula			60
JONES, Marie			Schedule
JONES, Stacie Lyn		Schedule
JUDGE, Myron			Schedule
JUDGE, Roy			Schedule
JUMPER, John			5
KAY, Dick			Schedule
KAY, Donna			Schedule
KEDY, Claude			Schedule
KEDY, Mary Lou			Schedule
KEESEE, Don			Schedule
KEESEE, Irene			Schedule
KEESEE, Joel			Schedule
KEESEE, Joyce			Schedule
KEESEE, Margie			Schedule
KEETON, Reese			45
KELLY, Wayne			63
KEMP, Kenny			Schedule
KENNEDY, David			54
KENNEDY, John F.		34
KENNEDY, Robert S.		54
KENNEDY, T. R.			4, 42
KENNEDY, W. B.			45
KENNEMER, Vic			Schedule
KEY, William S.			16
KIDD, Albert C.			Schedule, 45
KIDD, Bill			Schedule
KIDD, Leona			Schedule
KIDD, Neona			Schedule
KIDD, W. L. "Bill"		Front cover, 28
KIKER, Ernest			42
KIKER, Mrs. C. L.		6
KILPATRICK, Chad Wayne		Schedule
KILPATRICK, Fermina		Schedule
KIMREY, Jammie			63
KINCADE, Kevin, 		Schedule
KINCADE, Rowdy			Schedule
KING, Evelyn			Schedule
KINNEY, Curtis			22
KIRBY, Wynema			60
KISNER, Ethel			Schedule
KISNER, Gus			42
KISNER, James			Schedule
KNIGHT, Dr. Claude B. (MD)	4, 50
KNIGHT, Dr. Claude L.		42
KNIGHT, Dr. W. L.		50
KNIGHT, Lois			Schedule
LACK, B. D. 			42
LACQUEMENT, Edna		Schedule
LACQUEMENT, Fred H.		Front cover, Schedule, 4, 28
LASITER, Fred			42
LAWRENCE, Becky			Schedule
LAWRENCE, Buck			Schedule
LAWRENCE, Clara J.		63
LAWSON, Carl			Schedule
LAWSON, Jim			Schedule
LAWSON, Laura			Schedule
LEE, Ray			22
LEEPER, Barbara			Schedule
LEMONS, Cindy			Schedule
LENA, Claudia			Schedule
LENA, Frankie			Schedule
LENA, Ruby			Schedule
LIDELL, Nyree			Schedule
LIGON, Duke			Schedule
LIGON, Ella			Schedule
LIGON, Gary			Schedule
LIGON, J. A. (Jim or Jimmie)	26, 27
LIGON, Jo Dee			Schedule
LIGON, Joan			Schedule
LIGON, Joe Dee			Schedule, 22
LIGON, Mrs. J. A.		26
LILLARD, J. C.			42
LILLARD, Jim			42
LILLY, Rev. John		6
LINCOLN, Abraham		Schedule
LINN, Dr. C. P.			50
LITTLE, Bertha			63
LOLLIS, Emily			Schedule
LONG, Susan			Schedule
LOONEY, Edna			30
LOONEY, Joseph C.		45
LUCAS, Geneva			Schedule
LUPER, Terry			Schedule
MADKINS, Jean			Schedule
MADKINS, Tanya			Schedule
MAINARD, Russell		18
MAINARD, Virginia		18
MALLOY, Dewey			42
MALLOY, Tom P.			42, 45
MALONE, B. E.			45
MALONE, Brainard		45
MANTOOTH, Vada			Schedule
MARIOTT, Sylvia			Schedule
MARTIN, P. J.			42
MASSEY, Mrs. L. D.		Schedule
MATHENY, Jerry			65
Matheny, Mrs. Jerry		65
MATHENY, W. Earl		65
MATHEWS, Kenny			Schedule
MCCOMB, Inez			Schedule
MCCRACKEN, Gertrude		Schedule
MCCRARY, Irene			Schedule
MCCRARY, Terry			Schedule
MCDONALD, Claude		22
MCDOWELL, Bea			Schedule
MCDOWELL, Gene			22
MCDUFFY, Julia			Schedule
MCGEE, Dean A.			45
MCGEISLEY, Jane			Schedule
MCGEISLEY, Tom			Schedule
MCGUIRE, Mickey			65
MCINTYRE, Mac			Schedule
MCINTYRE, Olive			Schedule
MCKEEL, J. N.			45
MEEKS, Nancy			Schedule
MILLER, Harold			Schedule
MILLER, Mutt			Schedule
MILLER, Nancy			Schedule
MILLER, Robin			Schedule
MINER, Terry			Schedule
MISENHEIMER, Mary Kay		Schedule
MOORE, Annlet			Schedule
MOORE, Cecil			Schedule
MOORE, Veta			Schedule
MOORE, Dr. William C. (MD)	4, 50
MOORE, Ernest			Schedule, 45, 63
MOORE, Henry D.			42
MOORE, Mildred			Schedule
MOORE, Sylvester		Schedule
MOORE, Wayne			Schedule
MORGAN, Charles			24
MORGAN, Imogene			Schedule
MORGAN, Major Robert M.		16
MORGAN, Mike			Schedule
MORGAN, Nikitia			Schedule
MORRIS, JoAnn			Schedule
MORTON, Dan			45
MORTON, Mrs. Dan		Schedule
MORTON, Sandra 			Schedule
MOSELY, Leon			Schedule
MUIR, Grace			Schedule
MUIR, Orville			Schedule, 45
MUIRHEAD, Dewey			Schedule
MULLIN, C. W. (Moon)		45
MURRAY, Pinky			Schedule
MYERS, Nellie			Schedule
NANNEY, T. Grady		42
NASH, Mrs. Altheia		Schedule
NEILL, Don			45
NEW, Mary Alice			28
NEWMAN, Mark			Schedule
NICHOLS, Dale			Front cover, Schedule, 45
NICHOLS, Donna			Schedule
NICHOLS, Frnaces		Schedule
NICHOLS, R. Dale		28
NICHOLSON, Clara		Schedule
NICHOLSON, Marsha		Schedule
NICHOLSON, Wm. M. Jr.		45
NOE, Pal			45
NORMAN, Amy			Schedule
NORMAN, E. F. Sr.		64
NORMAN, Edgar Jr.		64
NORMAN, Fay			Schedule
NORMAN, John			Schedule, 56
NORMAN, John Randall		64
NORMAN, Margaret Jane		Schedule
NORMAN, Nan			Schedule
NORMAN, Richard			Schedule
NORMAN, Richard Jr.		Schedule
NORMAN, S.W.			42
NORMAN, Shane			Schedule
NORTHCOT, Anthony		Schedule
NORTHCUTT, Jane			Schedule
NORVELL, A. S. 			45
NORVELL, Albert			Schedule, 48
NORVELL, Dorothy Jane		Schedule
OGLE, Elmer E.			42
OLSEN, Oley			Schedule, 63
OLSEN, Tim			Schedule
ONG, Homer			35
ONG, Joyce			35
PAGE, Jesse			63
PALMER, Tony			Schedule
PARKER, Walter F.		45
PARKER, Wendy			Schedule
PARSONS, Roy			60
PATTERSON, Diane		Schedule
PATTERSON, Russell		4
PATTISON, Robbie		Schedule
PAYNE, Bill			54
PAYNE, Ducan			45
PAYNE, Ernestene		63
PECK, Dwight			Schedule
PECK, Garvin			Schedule, 50
PECK, Laura			50
PELTON, Dennis			63
PENNINGTON, Margie		Schedule
PERKINS, Anna			Schedule
PERKINS, Ben			4, 42
PERRY, Linda			Schedule
PETTY, Dennis H.		42
POLITZER, Gertrude		Schedule
POOLE, Jim			Schedule
POOLE, Lucille			Schedule
POTTER, Clayton L.		45
POWER, Lloyd			42
QUALLS, Anita			50
QUALLS, Travis			Schedule
QUINN, Carol			Schedule
QUINN, Jerry			Schedule
RACHEL, Gene			7, Schedule
RAMAGE, David R.		45
RAMAGE, John			Schedule
RAMSEY, brothers		6
RAULSTON, Raneice		Schedule
REED, Ruth			Schedule
REID, Ruth			Schedule
REIFF, George			42
RICE, Bertha			Schedule
RICE, Julius			4, 13, 44
RICHARD, Jeanne			Schedule
RICHARDSON, Darrell		22
RIDDLE, Shelia			Schedule
RITCHIE, Gary			Schedule
ROBBINS, Cloy			Schedule
ROBERTS, Dick			45
ROBERTS, Richard S.		Schedule
ROBERTS, Virginia		Schedule
ROBINSON, Cary			Schedule
ROBINSON, Wayne			Schedule, 61
ROBYLER, Carl			Schedule, 45
ROBYLER, Viva			Schedule
ROWE, Peggy			Schedule
RUSSELL, Albert			Schedule
RUSSELL, Lillian		21, 48
RUSSELL, Sadie			Schedule
RUTHERFORD, Ernest		45
RUTLEDGE, Byron			42
SANDEFUR, Debra			Schedule
SANDEFUR, Norma			Schedule
SANDERS, Ellen			Schedule
SANDERSON, Janette		Schedule
SANDERSON, Luther		Schedule
SARBER, Warren			4, 44
SAYLORS, Jim			45
SCHWEINLE, Margo		Schedule
SCHWEINLE, Sally 		Schedule
SCISM, Jerry			6, Schedule
SCISM, Peggy			6, Schedule
SCOTT, Betty			Schedule
SCOTT, Ed			Schedule
SCOTT, Mrs. W. L.		63
SCOTT, Pamela			Schedule
SCOTT, W. L.			42, 63
SCROGGINS, Connie		Schedule
SEARS, H. F. 			42
SEBASTIAN, Charles		Schedule, 45
SEBASTIAN, Eddie		Schedule
SEGROVES, Earl			45
SELF, J. C.			64
SELF, Wes			Schedule
SHANDS, Dr.			50
SHANHOLTZ, Mack I.		42
SHARP, Pat			Schedule
SHELTON, Keith			Schedule
SHELTON, Sherry			Schedule
SHEPARD, John			23
SHERMAN, George			5
SHERMAN, Jay			42
SHERRETT, George B.		45
SHI, Carol			Schedule
SHI, Dr. Augustin H. (MD)	4, 12, 50
SHIPLEY, Mrs. G. R.		Schedule
SHORES, Juanita			60
SHUNATONA, Bat			Schedule
SIMMONS, Bethel			Schedule
SIMMONS, Harry D.		42
SIMMONS, Kimberly		Schedule
SIMMONS, Laura			Schedule
SIMMONS, Mike			Schedule
SIMS, Tiffany			Schedule
SMART, David			Schedule
SMART, Jearl			7
SMITH, Calvin			42
SMITH, Doug			Schedule
SMITH, Easter			Schedule
SMITH, Fred F.			Schedule, 42
SMITH, Katherine		Schedule
SMITH, Mary			Schedule
SMITH, Max			66
SMITH, Tim			Schedule
SMITH, Virginia			66
SOSBEE, Azalee			Schedule
SOSBEE, Karen			Schedule
SPAULDING, Richard		Schedule
SPENCE, Karen			Schedule
STAR, Belle			6
STAR, Frank			6
STAR, Henry			6
STEIN, Rev. Harold		45
STEPHENS, Denise		Schedule
STEPHENS, Gene			Schedule
STEPP, Marvin			Schedule
STEVENSON, Wattyerene		Schedule
STEWART, Mont, B.		54
STOKES, Hugh			60
STOKES, W. N.			45
STONE, Lana			Schedule
STORILLE, Michele		Schedule
STOUT, Florence			27, Schedule
STOUT, Archie			27, Schedule, 42
STOUT, Bill			Schedule
STOUT, Billie			Schedule
STREATER, Phyllis		63
STROUP, Dwight			Schedule
STROUP, Helen			Schedule
STROUP, Lyall			Schedule, 45
STURGEON, Lee			42
TAPPE, Rita			39
TAYLOR, Jerry			63
TAYLOR, Sylvia			54
THOMAS, Cheval			Schedule
THOMAS, Christine		Schedule
THOMAS, Craig			Schedule
THOMAS, Delbert			Schedule
THOMAS, Elbert			Schedule
THOMAS, J. D. 			Schedule
THOMAS, Jack			Schedule
THOMAS, Kay Lynn		Schedule
THOMAS, Marie			Schedule
THOMAS, Melissa			Schedule
THOMAS, Mollie			Schedule
THOMASON, Neil			60
THOMPSON, Charyl		Schedule
THOMPSON, Linda			Front cover, 28
THOMPSON, Renae Lavon		Schedule
THURSTON, W. L.			42
TILKENS, Bertha			Schedule
TILKENS, Joyce Ann		Schedule
TILKINS, Gary			Schedule, 63
TILTON, Marvin			63
TISDALE, Charlotte		Schedule
TISDALE, Tim			Schedule
TREADWELL, Tom			7, 60
TROUP, A. H. 			Schedule
TROUP, Rebecca			Schedule
TRUMBO, Cora			50
TUCKER, Barry			41
TUCKER, Durward			4, Schedule, 41
TUCKER, Guy			Schedule, 41
TUCKER, Heather			Schedule, 41
TUCKER, Hillary			Schedule
TUCKER, Jennifer		Schedule, 41
TUCKER, Joyce			Schedule, 41
TUCKER, Karissa			Schedule
TUCKER, Steven			Schedule, 41
TUCKER, Suzanne			Schedule, 41
TUCKER, Ted			41
TUCKER, Teresa			Schedule, 41
TURK, Ed			4, 44
TURK, Nazel			Schedule
TUTTLE, Betsy			43
VALLANDINGHAM, Charlene		Schedule
VALLANDINGHAM, Dwayne		Schedule
VALLANDINGHAM, Janie		Schedule
VALLANDINGHAM, Roselle		Schedule
VALLANDINGHAM, Tommy		Schedule
VAN ESS, J. K.			4
VAN ZANT, Dr. G. B. (MD)	4, 42, 50
VEAZEY, Katy			Schedule
VEAZEY, Norma			Schedule
VIA, John M.			42
WADE, Naomi Walaska		60
WALKER, Chris			Schedule
WALKER, Jonita			Schedule
WALKER, Mary Francis		28, Schedule
WALKER, Steve			Schedule
WALLACE, Alma			Front cover, 28
WALTERS, Rev. E. C.		Schedule
WARD, Clara			Schedule
WARREN, Mrs. Gladys B.		Schedule
WATSON, Alfred			Schedule
WEATHERLY, Mart			63
WEATHERLY, Virgie		63
WEATHERSPOON, Sara		Schedule
WEBB, Betty			Schedule
WELLS, Jack			63
WELLS, Mamie			63
WELLS, Marian R.		45
WEST, Hollie			4
WEST, Mari Lee			Schedule
WESTON, Earl			18
WHITE, Betty			Schedule
WHITE, Buddy			Schedule
WHITE, Renee			Schedule
WHITEHEAD, Mary			Schedule
WHITLOCK, Coolie		Schedule
WHITNEY, Earl Wayne		24
WILKERSON, Pam			Schedule
WILLIAMS, Jack			Schedule
WILLIAMS, Lori Ann		Schedule
WILLIAMS, Louis C.		4
WILLIS, Frank			45
WILLIS, Mrs. Frank		4
WILSON, Bill			Schedule
WILSON, Cynthia			Schedule
WILSON, Donnie			Schedule
WILSON, Robin			Schedule
WILSON, Sara Jane		Schedule
WINDELL, Kathy			Schedule
WINDES, Kenneth			45
WINGATE, K. W.			Schedule
WINGATE, Kenneth		Schedule
WINGATE, Mrs. Kenneth		Schedule
WOOD, Jack			Schedule
WOOD, Russell			Schedule
YANDELL, Mrs. Jones		Schedule
YEAGER, Archie			Schedule
YEAGER, Maxine			Schedule
YOUNGER, gang			6
ZINN, Terry D.			Schedule