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The Standard Medical Directory 1903-1904
Indian Territory

Town Pop. Nation where town located Name School
License Year or code Comments
Davis 1,346 Chickasaw N. Brown, A.P.      
      Burns, Charles S.      
      Collins, George H. Ky.5 '78  
      Haynes, W.F. Pa.5    
      Jones, John W. Ames M.C.    
      Lovell, H. P.      
      Luster, John C. Ia.4 '97  
      Monroe, Thomas D.      
      Wilson, George J. Ky.5    
Dixie 50 Chickasaw N. Benson, J.J.      
Dougherty 437 Chickasaw N. Bird, Jesse. Ky.8 '96  
      ++Cope, Thomas O.12    
Dow 50 Choctaw N. Carlock, A.E. Mo.22    
Duncan 1,164 Chickasaw N. CONGER, H.A.      
      Howell, W.T. O.1 '95  
      LONG, DOCK, M.D.     Southern M.C. '82; Chicago Polyclinic '98; ex-v.-pres. Northwest Tex. J.A.; mem. Amer. Assn. Ins. Exmg. Surgs., Chickasha M.A.; mem. Bd. of Health, Duncan; exmr. Mut. Life of N.Y., Union Central Life, Hartford Life, Manhattan Life, Northwestern National Life, Mass. Benfit Life, State Life of Ind., W. of W., Omaha; special exmr. Endowment Rank K. of P.
      Plunkett B. J.      
      ROBERSON, JAMES F., M.D.     Nashville and Vanderbilt Univ. of Nashville '86; post. grad. St. Louis Polyclinic '91; ex-vice-pres. Northwest Texas M.A.; mem. Northwest Texas M.A. and Chickasaw M.A. of I.T.; exmr. N.Y. life and other Life Ins. Cos.
Durant 2,969 Choctaw N. Boone, H.C.      
      Crissman, Thomas. Mo.2 '93  
      Early, L.W.      
      Haley, William A. Mo.2 '93  
      Horton, William A.   Mo.2  
      James, E.P. Tenn.10 '68  
      Kellar, Joseph R. Tex.1 '00  
      Keler, Mitchell S. Ky.8 '84  
      Lively, R.A. Ky.8    
      Park, J.F.      
      Rushing, G.N. Ala.2 '92  
      Shuler, James L. Ark.1 '97  
      Shannon, William O.      
      Slover, Benjamin W. Mo.2 '00  
      Smith, J.B. Mo.22 '92  
      Stephens, John J. Tenn.12 '86  
      Terrell, J.C. La.4    
Durwood 250 Chickasaw N. BATES, FRANK      
      Lipscomb, R. Heber La. '61