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The Standard Medical Directory 1903-1904
Indian Territory

Town Pop. Nation where town located Name School
License Year or code Comments
McAlester 646 Choctaw N. CRABILL, R.J., M.D. Ft. Worth Univ. '99 sec. and treas. I.T.M.A.; lst v.-pres Southwestern Tri-State M.A.; house surg. All. Saints Hosp.; surg. Samples Coal and Mining Co.; surg. Valley Coal and Mining Co.
      Grubbs, John O. Mo.22 '87  
      Tennant, Louis C. Ga.2 '69  
McGee 209 Chickasaw N. Cullum, J.E.      
      Norris, J.N. Tenn.9    
      Shi, A.H. Tex.1    
McLain 57 Cherokee N. Burk, D.H. Ky.3    
McMillan 163 Chickasaw N. ++Gumm, Jay. O.12 '92  
Madill ___ Chickasaw N. Blaylock, T.A.      
      Carson, W.W.      
      Embrye, Wiley S.      
      FUNK, G.H. Ky.8 '90  
      Littrell, Auguston R. Tenn.10 '91  
      Welch, J. T.      
Mannsville 198 Chickasaw N. Coven, William R. Memphis    
      Stofaugh, Frank B. Ark.1    
      WOOD, O. Tenn.12 '95  
Marble 300 Cherokee N. TRUE, MaBELLE Kan. 3 '97  
Marietta 842 Chickasaw N. Autry, David Memphis    
      BATSON, J.D., M.D. Memphis Hosp. M.C. '96 mem. Chickasaw M.A., and Ark. State M.S.; exmr. Mut. Life of N.Y., and Mut. Benefit of Newark, N.J.
      Batson, W. V.      
      Gardner, B.S. Memphis    
      Grayhand, E.F. Tenn.3    
      Martin, Alfred E. Dallas, Tex. '02  
      Sawyer, G.W. Tenn.12    
      WHITFIELD, JAMES, M.D. Univ. of Tenn. 73 Chickasaw M.A.; Exmr. N.Y. Life, Pacific Mut. Life, Germania, Security Mut. and Prudential Life Ins. Cos., etc.
Marlow 1,046 Chickasaw N. Barnes, Thomas C. Pa.10 '67  
      Beaver, Joseph D.      
      Hall, Porter B.      
      Liston, Everiet B. Ind. 13 '86  
      MONTGOMERY, DAVE M., A.M., M.D. Marion Sims M.C.
N.Y. polyclinic
exmr. M.W.A., W.O.W., N.Y. Life, Northwestern Life Ins. Cos.
      Montogomery, Randolph L. Ky.5 '88  
      Smith, Miles Y. Tex.4 '80  
      Stanley, John, F. Mo.22 '80  
Marsden 52 Chickasaw N. Easterwood, A.Y.      
Miami 1,527 Ottawa N. COOTER, ANDREW Ky.8 '93  
      ++Doan, W.E.      
      Helper, Clarence R. Mo.29 '01  
      McWilliams, William L. Ky.8 '90  
      Smythe, Gilbert E. Ky.8 '95  
      SNEED, CARL MILLER, M.D. Univ. of Mo. Med. Dept. '01 post-grad. Northwestern Univ. M.C., Chicago; Med. Dept. Mo. State Univ.; asst. in Path. and Bact. Med. Dept. Mo. State Unisve., '01-'02; exmr. M.W.A., K.L.S., Fraternal Aid Assn., Fraternal Home.
      Wormington, Frank L. M.29 '00  
Millcreek 1,500 Chickasaw N. Berry Tomas M. Louisville '98  
      Carden, Samuel G. Ala.2 '02  
      Looney, Burton R. Tenn. 4 '80  
      SIMMONS, JOHN H., M.D. Nashville, Tenn. '87 mem. Chickasaw M.A.; exmr. N.Y. Life, Knights of Honor, etc.; formerly phys for Railroad Construction Co.
      Sturdevant, John F. Tenn.4 '90  
Milton 90 Choctaw N. Bird, Felix W.      
      Hedgecock, T.L.      
Monroe 50 Choctaw N. Atkins, C.E.      
      Riggan, Coleman E. Tenn.4 '96  
      Woodson, D.B. Tenn 4 '90  
Muldrow 465 Cherokee N. Bates, S. R.      
      Fox, J.F.      
      Turnham, H.H.      
Muskogee 8,000 Creek N. Blakemore, Jesse L. Tenn.9 '88  
      Brewer, Andrew J. Ky.8 '79  
      CALLAHAN, JAMES O., M.D. Mo. M.C. '87  
      Dittebrout, H.O.      
      FITE, FRANCIS B., M.D. Southern M.C., Atlanta
house surg. N.Y. Polyclinic

'86 '88-'89
phys. U.S. Jail; local surg. M.K. & T. Ry.; mem. I.T.M.S., North Tex. M.S., Amer M.A., International Assn. Ry. Surgs.; sec. Cherokke Nation Bd. of Health; mem. Bd. Pension Exmrs.; exmr. Mut. Life, Equitable, Northwestern Mut. Life of Milwaukee, and other Life Ins. Cos.
      Hiltyman, C.W.      
      Hoyt, Henry F. O.27 '82  
      McMeans, Robert L. Mo.3    
      Robbins, Redden Wis.1 '96  
      Rogers, H.C.      
      Thompson, Milton K. Ga.11 '97  
      WHITE, J. HUTCHINGS Va.4 '96  
      Williams, M.F.      
      Woodcock, J.H.