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The Standard Medical Directory 1903-1904
Indian Territory

Town Pop. Nation where town located Name School
License Year or code Comments
Nebo 66 Chickasaw N. Elkins, A.L.      
      McNew, M.C.      
      NcNew, A.J.      
Nelson 27 Choctaw N. Johns, W.N. Tex.4 '94  
Newburg 15 Choctaw N. Cossey, William Tenn.4 '00  
      Johnson, Nathaniel J. I.T.40    
      Smith, L.J.      
Norton 498 Cherokee N. Strother, Dr.      
      Sudderth, J.P.      
      WINGET, WILTON W. O.18 '93  
      Waters, Dr.      
Oaklodge 40 Choctaw N. Johnson, Frank W. Mo.22 '86  
Oconee 115 Choctaw N. Bryant, Dr.      
Okmulgee 1,000 Creek N. Dean, Charles G.      
Oologah 308 Cherokee N. Bennet, G.W. Ky.8 '82  
      PLEAS, E. Ark.1.    
      Smith, J.F.      
Ottawa 300 Ottawa N. Hepler, Clarence R. Mo.20 '02  
Owl 50 Choctaw N. Harkins, Giles W. La4    
Panama 300 Choctaw N. COLLINS, ENOCH L. Tenn.1 '94  
Paoli 234 Chickasaw N. MANISS, W.J., M.D. Univ. of Tenn. '94 mem. Judicial committee Chickasaw M.A., Paul F. Eve M.S., Nashville; mem. of staff visiting phys. and surgs. Niles Hosp., Niles, Mich.
      Maples, J.B.      
      Stewart, J.L.      
Pauls Valley 1,467 Chickasaw N. Allen, Dr.      
      Branum, Dr.      
      Davis, H.C. Ky.5    
      Gray, Alexander W. Tenn.10 '88  
      MARKHAM, HUGH P., M.D. Ky. School of Med. '87  
      Thompson, Dr.      
      Young Dr.      
Pensacola 300 Cherokee N. Hollingsworth, Dr.      
Phillips 75 Choctaw N. GUESS, JAMES E. Meharry M.C. of Walden Univ., Nashville, Tenn. 1892  
      Wallace, Dr.      
Poteau 1,500 Choctaw N. Jones, William E. Ark.1 '96  
      MCCLURE BARTONY Memphis Hosp. M.C. '92 local surg. K.C.S.R.R., Devlin Wear Coal Co.; ex-pres. Fresco M.S., of Poteau; ex-sec. Bd. of Health, Poteau; exmr. Mur. Life, Pacific Mut., Manhattan Life Ins. Cos.; mem. I.T.M.A., A.M.A.
      Ragan, Stanford B.      
      Wear, John B. Ark.1 '88  
Pryorcreek 1,500 Cherokee N. Bristow, J.E. Ark.1 '94  
      Mitchell, James L. Tenn.4 '95  
      Tilly, George W. Tenn.1 '01  
      TILLY, WILLIAM T. Ky.5 '94  
      Whitaker, William J. Mo.17 '99  
Purcell 2,277 Chickasaw N. Bailey, Eldon M. (Osteo.) Southern Sch. Franklin. Ky. '02  
      Carpenter, Dr.      
      ++CHILDS, JOSEPH S., M.D. Amer. Eclectic M.C. of Ohio; Post-Grad. Univ. M.C. of Kansas City; 
Coll. of P. & S. of Kansas City
surg. A.T.& S.F.R.R.; local surg. G.C.& S.F.R.R.; phys U.S. Jail; mem. Chickasaw M.A., International Assn. R.R.Surgs., Soc of Surgs, A.T. & S.FR.R.; city health officer; exmr. Home. Manhattan, N.Y. Life. Mut. Reserve fund, Hartford Life, and other Life Ins. Cos.
      COLBY, JAMES H. Mo.22 '90  
      Tralle, George M. Mo.29 '99  
Purdy 200 Chickasaw N. Beverly, J.C.      
      Crabtree, J.W.      
      Morrow, T.J.      
      Tucker, Dr.