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The Standard Medical Directory 1903-1904
Indian Territory

Town Pop. Nation where town located Name School
License Year or code Comments
Reagan 200 Chickasaw N. Cordell, N.S.      
      Cranfill, A.G.      
Reek 42 Chickasaw N. Buckmaster, Geo. W.      
Redfork 130 Creek N. Bland, John C. W. Mo.22 '83  
Redland 64 Cherokee N. HEDGECOCK, THOMPSON L. Tenn.12 '91  
      KIRKSCEY, ROBERT J., M.D.     under-graduate; attended two courses of Lectures at Little Rock, Ark.; exmr. Woodmen of World, Pemberton Camp No. 64, Redland.
      Neill, Oscar M.      
Redoak 100 Choctaw N. Gill, John J. Tenn.4 '91  
      Gray, M.F.      
Reichert 26 Choctaw N. Cox, William D.      
Roberta 54 Choctaw N. Wann, Claudius E.      
Roff 195 Chickasaw N. Gilbert, James W. NY2 '70  
      SPEER, BOSTON N. Chattanooga, Tenn. '97 surg. St. Louis & San Francisco R.R. Co.
      Swavengen, Dr.      
Rush Springs 518 Chickasaw N. BOWN, WILLIAM H., M.D. St. Louis M.C. '78 chm. Bd. of Health of Rush Springs; exmr. Fraternal Aid Assn.; exr. National Masonic Accident, etc.
      Cossleberry, C.H.      
      Stumm, J.      
Ryan 1,000 Chickasaw N. ALBA, EURIQUE H., M.D. Mexico '89  
      MONTGOMERY, S.K. Tex.1 '99  
      WILTON, GEORGE C. Tex.1 '99