C. & O. W. The Cheyenne and Oklahoma Western  ran from Strong City in Roger Mills Co. to Clinton in Custer Co., where it met the C. R. I. & P., the ST. L & SF, and the K.Cy, O. & M.  Eventually the Santa Fe acquired both the the C. O. & W. and the K. Cy. O & M.
Strong City Roger Mills C. & O. W. 
Trammell Roger Mills C. & O. W. 
Herring Roger Mills C. & O. W. 
Hammon Roger Mills C. & O. W. 
McClure Custer C. & O. W. 
Butler Custer C. & O. W. 
Edwardsville Custer C. & O. W. 
Rathbone Custer C. & O. W. 
Clinton Custer C. & O. W. 

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