Just found out...

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Just found out...

Post by angel » Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:35 am

My wife just found out that her great grandma (Mary LaVern Crawford (Sanders)) and great grandpa (Murphy Allen Crawford) were native american. She was Seminole and he was Algonquin. Which in turn had her grandma and she married a white man. Her grandma and her dad never talked about their background and would stop any conversation about it, don't know why. Till the other night when she asked her dad about their past. He seemed that he was ashamed about it. We do know her great grandma's indian name, it is Floating Pigion. Do you know of any place where we could go online, that is free, to find out more information and possiable records of them? We really haven't a clue where to start. :roll:

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Re: Just found out...

Post by candacekitten » Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:23 am

Ancestry.com basics are free, and the same for Geni.com. With ancestry you can pay monthly, that's what I do, so if can't pay for a month that's ok. As for your family feeling shameful and not wanting to talk about it, I also had that problem, to the point of anger and that is unfortunate, because I am proud of my heritage. I think they were discriminated against and treated poorly in that time. I got most of my information through ancestry.com, names, date, territory they lived in and even some stories. It's not much but I hope I helped some. Candace

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