Name of Cemetery - Latimer Co.

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Name of Cemetery - Latimer Co.

Post by winnie » Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:53 pm

Looking for ancestor's grave: John W. YOUNG, emigrated to IT after 1894 from AL and d. ca 1897 near Walls, or Norris (Red Oak) OK (a few miles apart). A Medium said first that he was buried in cemetery at "Nacogadoches, TX, then immediately stated, "No, he went into Indian Terr, and is bur in cemetery with name that sounded like "Nacogadoches" (TX). Learned that that name (Nacogadoches) is or Caddo Indian origin.
I do know by records that the family lived in the Walls area and Red Oak area about this time-frame...logical he was buried nearby.
Don't know if medium is on tract or not--- but out of clues and looking to know if anyone has knowledge of a cemetery (or an Indian community) in the aforesaid area, with Indian sounding name? could be a District--with sound-alike---anything at all will be appreciated.

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