McCarn & Related families

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McCarn & Related families

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My name is Carol Ann McCarn. I am trying to find out more about my Grandparents, Andrew Walker McCarn and Ollie Katherine Williams-McCarn. My Father, J. C. McCarn was born near Snow, on 22 Feb. 1931. His Father, Andrew Walker McCarn, was shot and killed on 19 July 1931, when Dad was just 5 months old. Andrew was shot by his Nephew, John Badgwell, son of Andrew's Sister, Lettie Lou McCarn-Badgwell. The Court deemed this as Justifiable Homicide. Grandpa Andrew is buried in the Blackfork Cemetery, near Nashoba.
I would like to learn more about what led up to this if possible, after all these years. My Grandmother, Ollie, died in Dec. 1935 and is buried in Stanley. Dad had several brother's and sister's who helped raise him after his Mother's death.
Dad's brother, Jack "Garland Andrew" McCarn, stayed in the area. He married and raised his family near Clayton and Stanley. Uncle Jack married Bobbie Jewel Dyer. They had four children, Jerry, the eldest died in a trucking accident when still a young man. Don, Jackie Lynn and Susie McCarn still live in the area. Dad's Brother just older than him was Claude McCarn, who also still lives in the area close to his son, Richard Nixon, "Nicky" McCarn. There are several other family members in the area as far as I know.
Grandpa's sister, Carrie Catherine McCarn married Brice Prater and stayed in Clayton. They are both buried in either the Clayton or Stanley Cemetery. They had a Brother, John Coleman McCarn, whom my Dad was named for, who also pretty much stayed in the area and raised a family. He and his wife, Myrtle Louise Qualls-McCarn are buried in the Clayton Cemetery.
My McCarn family seems to be fairly colorful and fairly well know in that area. I would truly like to find out more about them as people. Not just names.
I would also like to know more about my Grandma Ollie Katherine Williams-McCarn. Does anyone one have any pictures of the family? Especailly pictures of Grandma Ollie? As far as I know, no one knows for sure where any pictures may have gone.
My email is:
I would love to exchange any information about these families.
Thank you for your help.

Carol Ann McCarn

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