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Choctaw County Court House

The Proposed Court House
Fort Towson Enterprise – April 14, 1911 – transcribed by Ron Henson

     On the first page of this issue we give a picture of the proposed court house for Choctaw county. It is to be 84x110 feet, is to be built of native stone and to be absolutely fire proof. On the first floor will be the offices of the county surveyor and county superintendent, with large room for examinations and large vault, justice of the peace and shiriff’s [sic] offices and vaults, farmers’ rest room with ladies’ and gents’ toilets and two overflow vaults. The rest room will contain two large tables and plenty of comfortable chairs.
     Second floor; - Register of deeds office and vault; county court room, judge’s office and vault; county treasurer’s office and vault; county clerk’s office and vault and commissioners’ court room.
     Third floor: - District court room, judge’s private office and stenographer’s room, district clerk’s office and vault; county attorney’s office – 3 rooms, grand jury room and two jury rooms.
     The rotunda has a light well running through center of building to dome, which makes light and ventilation perfect. The heating plant will be in the sub basement under the jail, making it so the turnkey can take care of the heating department.
     The building is to be first class in every respect and absolutely fire proof. Now, Mr. Voter, it up to you to say whether we will have this building of our own or not, stop heavy rents and know all of our records are safe.

Court House
Fort Towson Enterprise – April 14, 1911 – transcribed by Ron Henson

     What about Choctaw county building a court house and jail? Have you given the subject careful and patriotic consideration? At first we were inclined to think the time was not at hand for the county to incur such an indebtedness; but seeing the great need of this public necessity, and that it must be done at no distant date and that it can be done as cheaply now as at any time in the future, we are heartily in accord with the proposition to vote bonds for such a purpose. It should be remembered that our county is paying rents and is put to other expenses which would more than pay the interest on the proposed bond issue and also create a sinking fund which would pay off the bonds at maturity. If we must pay a stipulated sum of money every year for rents, etc., it seems that should apply this annual taxation upon property that would ultimately be our own. Again, we must be abreast of the times, as well as look to the business interests of our great county, which is conceded to be the best in Oklahoma. Then let us have a court house and jail in keeping with the progress of the times and reap the benefit while we pay for them.

The Court House Located
Fort Towson Enterprise – August 18, 1911 – transcribed by Ron Henson

     After many weary hours of uncertainty and worry the county commissioners last Friday night at 10 o’clock succeeded in reaching a decision in the problem of the location of the county court house and jail. As stated last week Chairman Husky wanted the buildings on the hill west of the Frisco passenger station; Mr. Morton’s choice for the site was south of the A.C. tracks, near the Goldman grocery, while Mr. Bryant said he would be satisfied with a location anywhere east of the business section of the city. There seems to be no possibility of the members getting together and they kept making propositions to each other until finally Mr. Husky gave up his site and intimated that he would come over to Mr. Bryan’s [sic] way of thinking and join him for a location in the eastern portion of the city. Mr. Morton still held out for his choice on the south side, and late Friday night Messrs. Husky and Bryan [sic] got together on block 95, the first block east of the Freeman hotel on Duke Street, and there it will be built. The consideration for the site being $8,000.
     Messrs. Donathan & Moore, contractors of Wilburton, Okla., have been awarded the contract of erecting the buildings at $107,000, and work will begin at once.

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Choctaw County Oklahoma Genealogy

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