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Mt Olive

for lookups and information about the complete cemetery list
which includes birth/death dates please contact the
Choctaw County Genealogical Society

Last First
Adams Thelma
Adamson Cordia
Adamson Edward
Adamson Elijah
Adamson Minnie
Adamson Thelma
Akins Acie
Akins Andrew A.
Akins Benny L.
Akins Edward D.
Akins Ennis
Akins Frank
Akins Geneva
Akins Jack
Akins James Edward
Akins Jay
Akins Jessie N.
Akins Leo
Akins Maggie
Akins R. J.
Akins Terry
Akins Virginia
Akins William
Akins Willie L.
Akins Zelma
Alexander J. M.
Allen Deacon William
Allen Will
Alverson Alice Bell
Alverson Rev. N. S.
Beckham Era
Bell Vivian Adamson
Bennie Irving
Benson Clara
Benson Columbus
Benson Glidy
Benson J. F.
Benson T. B.
Benson Ulysses
Bolding Louie E.
Bostic Cleolar
Bray Bertha Innia
Bray Council
Bray James Parker
Bray Johnie
Bray Johnnie L.
Bray Louisa
Brown Lucy Bolding
Brown Welling
Brown Will
Bruner W. M.
Buckner Mattie Roebuck
Burrel Bob
Burrel Josh
Butler John Henry
Carter Mary Doris
Chambliss Herring
Colbert Rev. Richard D.
Comfort Katie
Comfort Leroy
Comport Jon Roy Jr.
Cook Arthur J.
Cook Iola J.
Copeland Charlie B.
Dawson John D.
Dawson Marie C.
Dawson Paul
Edwards E. D.
Edwards Ora
Featherstone Irene
Folsom Edgar
Foster Myrtle Adamson
Freeman George
Freeman Rosa
Gibson Alona
Gibson Rev. J. D.
Green Annie
Green Douglas
Green Minnie B.
Green Sammy H.
Harper Rev. S. M.
Harrison Clemmie L.
Henderson John
Henderson John
Henson Rodney Derone
Hollis N.
Homer Lizzie
Homer Willie
Hurd Charley
Irvin Dixon
Irvin James
Irvin Merlissa
Irvin Pearl
Jenkins Allen
Jones Jack
Jones Joy Marie
Jones Marc S. Wayne
Jones Minnie Mae
Jordon Clem
Jordon Vinie
Keets Oscar
Keets Rilla
Kelly Lucy
King Legusta
Larkins Rhodia
Littlejohn Minnie
Loveall Guy
Lowe Mary
Lowe William
McCarty Hattie Freeman
Monroe Mary
Moody Perlodous
Nolen Parthina
Nolen Pete N. Jr.
Nolen Rev. Pete N.
Pearl Faye
Pearl Rosie Lee
Pearl Sherman
Pearl Thurman
Phillips Mary Ella
Pruitt Emma
Pugh Clarence
Pugh J. C.
Pugh Ola B.
Pugh T. E.
Quinn Emma
Redic Flora
Rhymes Lillie Mae
Ride Pinkie
Ridley Connie
Roebuck C. P.
Roebuck Infant
Roebuck James
Roebuck Jennie
Roebuck Jimmie Lee
Roebuck Louisa
Roebuck R. D.
Roebuck Sam
Runnels James D.
Sherfield Carlee
Sherfield Mattie
Spence Nellie Ward
Stevens Susie
Thomas Crently
Thompson Lucius
Trimble Jonnie
Wagner Children
Walker Tennie
Ward Alse
Ward Amos
Ward Iserina
Ward Karl D.
Ward Serina P.
Watson Viola
Weaver Walter J.
Wilburn Frank
Williams Louisa
Wilson Rose Ann
Wilson Sarah
Wright Guy
Wynn Rachel

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Choctaw County Oklahoma Genealogy

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