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also known as Cooksville

for lookups and information about the complete cemetery list
which includes birth/death dates please contact the
Choctaw County Genealogical Society

cemetery sign at the S.E. corner of the intersection of
County Roads 4190 & 2000

Cemetery is located one mile south of this sign on
section line 2010, midway between section lines 4190 & 4200

Last First
Armstrong C.
Armstrong Evi N.
Armstrong J. S.
Armstrong Joanna
Battle George
Battle Mary
Bolton Suddie
Bossett Ed
Bossett Edith
Bossett Otis
Bostic Channie
Bostic Clen
Bostic Harry
Bostic Lemon
Bostic Lester
Bostic Richard L.
Bostic Robert V.
Bostic Rosie Marie
Brashears George
Brown Dessie
Brown Franks
Brown Jessie H.
Brown John Ol
Cargill Fleta
Cleveland Guess
Colbert Earnest
Colbert Ed
Colbert Edna
Cook Bessie
Cook Edna Faye
Cook Ellen
Cook George C. Sr.
Cook James C.
Cook Mattie H.
Cook Tommie
Davis Joe Nathan
Draper Ernest
Everidage Alonzo
Everidage Charles
Everidage Edward Lee
Everidage Kattie
Everidage W. I.
Fort Bessie
Fort Cleonard
Fort Edd
Fort Velletie
Fort Wilbourn
Fort Will E.
Gage Frank
Gardner Charles Edward
Gardner Fleet
Gardner Howard
Gardner Linnie B.
Gardner Raymond
Gardner Verne
Grant W. E.
Guess Alford
Guess Billie
Guess Charles
Guess Effie
Guess Essie
Guess James A.
Guess Johnnie
Guess Julius
Guess L. C.
Guess Lillie
Guess Martin
Guess Mary
Guess Melvin
Guess Olee
Guess Omelia
Guess Samuel
Guess Sophie
Guess Velma
Guess Victoria
Harper Lilil
Harper Prince
Harris Douglas
Harris Kenneth
Harris Martha
Harris Willie
Harry W.
Hervey Will
Hill Samuel
Jackson Gussie
James Ester
James Mable
Jones Marcus
Lawrence Carrie
Lawrence Douglas
Lawrence Zack
Lee Jesse
Mayes Louis F.
McCarty Earnest Lee
McCoy Emma
McCoy Johnny
McGown Anna
McGown Mary
McGown R. B.
Mills Elijah K.
Mills Mary
Mills Zeb
Moore Eliza Lee
Morrows Hattie B.
Murray Roy Lee
Neal Maryland
Phillips Jimmie Ray
Pisachubbe Adline
Pugh Algia Mae
Punpard May
Quillen Joseph W.
Quillen Will
Ray Colman
Ray Daisy
Reed Mary Anne
Robins George
Robins J. C.
Robins Jennifer
Robins Lola
Robins Lucenda
Robins Marion
Smith Dicy
Smith Fred
Smith Freddie Mae
Smith Jimmy Ray
Stanley Victoria
Whitmore Howard
Whitmore Sallie
Williams Johnnie
Young Cleveland
Young Hannah Robins



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updated 9/23/2016

Choctaw County Oklahoma Genealogy

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