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Mrs. R.O. Leonard

Death of Mrs. R.O. Leonard
The Ft Towson Enterprise January 2, 1920 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    On last Saturday the news reached us of the death of Mrs. Robert Leonard who had been ill for some weeks, having spent six weeks in the Sanitarium of Paris, when she passed away.
    Mrs. Leonard had with her husband recently united with M.E. Church. She was a strong Christian character, and much beloved by those who knew her.
    Mr. and Mrs. Hugon, parents of Mrs. Leonard were with her at the time of her death, and Mr. Leonard had been at her bedside since the beginning of her illness.
    To the husband and relatives we extend our sympathy, and commend them to a higher power for solace in their hour of sorrow.

Infant Armstrong

Negro Baby Is Killed In Accident
The Ft Towson News July 25, 1929 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Last week when the team of J.A. Armstrong, colored, ran away with his wagon an infant baby was killed. In the wagon was his wife and three children, one of them a very small baby. When the team started running away the woman jumped from the wagon with the baby and it was run over by the wagon its skull fractured from which it died in a very short time. The other two children were uninjured.

John D. Jackson

Filling Station Owner Murdered
The Fort Towson News September 12, 1929 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Hugo – Sept. 10 – John D. Jackson, who was killed Sunday night was buried Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock at Mt. Olivet. Funeral services were held at the Senner Funeral home.
    John D. Jackson, aged service station owner, was found murdered in his filling station two miles east of the city this morning. He had been shot twice. Death presumably had been instantaneous.
    County officials stated that when found Jackson had been dead for several hours. Jackson’s body was first discovered by a man from Tulsa who stopped at the station for oil. He immediately communicated with the county sheriff who, with the county attorney, left for the scene of the murder.
    Upon arrival at the grounds they found Jackson in the southwest corner of the building. His body circling the corner of a counter. Investigation by the officials in charge, indicated that he was at this spot in the building when shot. The position of his body, the place in which he was found lying and the scars in the wall made by the bullets indicated that the person firing the shots was at the rear of the room, near the ice box.
    Officials are of the belief that robbery was the motive for the murder. First investigations revealed the fact that all the small cash was still in the building, but $100 in currency, which he was known to have had, was missing. It had not been found at noon today.
    County officials in examining the body, found that Jackson had been shot twice. Both bullets entering the left side, three inches below the shoulder. One emerged on the right side of the back, the other apparently lodged in the body.
    It is the supposition, that some person or persons came there at about midnight, and desired service of some kind. Jackson went to the front of the building and the man or men stayed near the ice box. It was in this position that the shooting took place. Jackson resisted, as a gun was lying by his side, with one shell exploded. This gun was of a different caliber than was the one with which he was shot. Investigation revealed that the bullet from Jackson’s gun went thru the roof. Suppositions with this fact in mind, that he was in the act of shooting when the assassin’s gun struck him. He shot while staggering from the impact of his foes bullets.
    Further investigation by the county officials revealed the fact that shots had been heard about midnight Sunday night. L.T. McKinney reported this morning that between eleven o’clock and midnight Sunday night that he heard shots, which apparently came from the direction of the service station which is located one half mile east of his home.

Infant Duncan

Infant Baby Dies
The Fort Towson News September 12, 1929 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    The infant baby of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbor Duncan died last Thursday and was tenderly laid to rest in the Doakesville cemetery Friday afternoon.
    The mother of the infant is reported to be recovering rapidly.

Emma Charlotte Snead

Death of Mrs. Charlotte Snead
The Fort Towson Sentinel November 5, 1937 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Mrs. Emma Charlotte Snead, died at her home here Nov. 1. Mrs. Snead had been in bad health for the past six months. She is survived by her husband, two children, and father of J.F. Braden. Funeral services were held at the cemetery by Rev. Naylor.

Jim Baldwin

Body of Baldwin Brought Here
The Fort Towson Sentinel November 19, 1937 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Jim Baldwin was shot and almost instantly killed near Carter Mountain in McCurtain County, last Friday. Mat Laxton is in McCurtain county jail charged with the shooting. A shotgun was the weapon used.
    Jim Baldwin was a brother of Hood, and Louis Baldwin, prominent cattlemen of McCurtain and Pushmataha counties.
    The body was interred in Doaksville cemetery following funeral services at the Baptist church here by Rev. Naylor.

Jesse (Fodge) Albin

Former Resident Dies In California
The Fort Towson Sentinel December 31, 1937 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Funeral services for Mrs. Sterling Albin, formerly Miss Jesse Fodge, were hled at 2 o’clock Monday afternoon in Los Angeles, Calif., where she died last Wednesday, following a long illness. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Fodge of Fort Towson, her mother having been attending her since Thanksgiving.
    Born January 17, 1913, she was graduated from high school here, later attending Murray State School of Agriculture at Tishomingo and Southeastern Teachers College at Durant. For two years, she taught school at Sobol.
    She was married January 17, 1936 in Alhambra, Calif., to Mr. Albin.
    Surviving are her husband, her parents, two sisters, Mrs. Esther Harmon of Alhambra and Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson of Bakersfield, Calif., and two brothers, Frank and Curtis Fodge, here.

Belmar children

Three Dead; 1 Other Burned
The Fort Towson Sentinel January 28, 1918 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Hugo, Jan 27 – Two boys 7 and 10 years old, perished when a two story apartment house on North D st. burned about 9:45 o’clock Wednesday night and their 12 year old sister died about 2:30 o’clock Thursday morning at Hugo hospital where their father Jess Belmar, 55 years old blacksmith was reported in a serious condition.
    The Belmars were citizens of Ft. Towson at one time.

Murdie Lee Johnson

M.L. Johnson
The Fort Towson Sentinel January 28, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Murdie Lee Johnson, age 53, died Sunday night at 10:00 o’clock here at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Cassie Poston, after an illness of three weeks duration.
    Funeral services were held at the Church of God in this city Tuesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Chas. M. Barrett. Burial was made in the Fort Towson cemetery.
    Mr. Johnson, a resident of this county for the past seven years, is survived by three aunts, Mrs. Gussie Cox of Oklahoma City; Mrs. Ida Lem of Houston, Texas; and Mrs. Cassis Poston of this city; also one cousin, Mrs. Nettie Long of Fort Towson.

H.J. King

Pioneer Officer Dies Of Heart Attack Monday
The Fort Towson Sentinel February 11, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    H.J. "Uncle Henry" King, age 84, pioneer citizen and law enforcement officer of this community, died suddenly at his home here Monday at 12:30 p.m. A heart attack was given as the cause of his death.
    Mr. King was born in Georgia August 1, 1853. When about thirty-four years of age, he met and married Georgia Bryant. To this happy union was born one child, a son, Willie, who died at the age of four. During their wedded life the couple had adopted two children and raised twenty-two. At the present time Mrs. King is dangerously ill.
    Mr. King was said to be the second white man to settle here, having come to this vicinity in 1893. He, at first, engaged in the resturant [sic] and hotel business, and later becoming an officer. He had served as an officer for more than thirty-five years, being at his demise a deputy sheriff. He was a member of the Baptist church, and incidentally, he helped build the first church building of that denomination erected in this community.
    Funeral services for Mr. King were held at the Fort Towson cemetery, Tuesday, conducted by Rev. Jack Goff, Baptist minister of the Cawley community.
    Pallbearers were: Sheriff Cap Duncan; Deputy Clarence Keys; Deputy Tom Milan; Deputy Joe White, State Highway Patrolman Frank Ross; and State Highway Patrolman Arch Merriott.
    Surviving are his wife, an adopted son, Jewel and four grandchildren.

A.J. Bedford

Ft Towson Man Passes Away; Long Illness
The Ft Towson Sentinel February 25, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    A.J. Bedford, aged 68, prominent business man of this city, died at his home here Monday afternoon at 2:00 after an illness lasting over six months.
    Mr. Bedford was born in Clinton, Iowa, July 22, 1869. In 1890 he married Miss Emma Evans. They came to Ft. Towson from Lovelady, Texas, in 1910. Mr. Bedford was for several years employed by the Pine Belt Lumber Co., later engaging in the mercantile business here. At one time he owned and operated theatres [sic] Ft. Towson and Valliant. At the time of his death he owned a filling station here.
    Mr. Bedford was a member of the Masonic Lodge and also was a member of the Baptist Church for many years.
    Funeral services were held at the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon conducted by Rev. G.R. Naylor, assisted by Rev. J.C. Morris. Pall bearers were: W.A. Hall, Marvin Fodge, W.J. Beal, B. Orton, W.A. Roden, and T.M. Groves. Surviving are his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Geo. Hall of this city, and Mrs. Shannon Kelly, of Stillwater, and three grandsons.

Mrs. H.J. Georgie King

Mrs. H.J. King Died Last Fri.,
The Ft Towson Sentinel March 25, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Mrs. Georgie King, of Fort Towson, aged 81 years, died at the home of her brother, Walter Bryant, at Bearden, Ark., Friday, March 18. Burial was made there Saturday.
    Mrs. King had been ill since January 14 and was taken to her brother’s home about a month ago, shortly after the death of her husband, H.J. King.
    Surviving the deceased are one adopted son and his wife, four grandchildren, two sisters and three brothers.

Mrs. R.S. Bonner

Mrs. R.S. Bonner Died Here Thurs.
The Ft Towson Sentinel April 22, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Mrs. R.S. Bonner, aged 78, died suddenly at her home here Thursday afternoon, April 22. She was found dead, of a heart attack by her grandson, R.C. Bonner.
    Mrs. Bonner was a pioneer citizen of this community, she and her husband, the late Dr. Bonner, having settled here long before statehood, originally residing in Kentucky.
    She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Hazel Greene, Mrs. Susan Williams, and Mrs. Clara Winston; one son, Coleman Bonner; and several grandchildren.
    Funeral arrangements are not complete at press time, but it has tentatively been set for Sunday afternoon. Rites will be in charge of the Order of the Eastern Star, of which Mrs. Bonner was a member.

Robert Lee Jordan

Ranger Jordan Died Last Fri.
The Ft Towson Sentinel May 6, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Robert Lee Jordan, district game ranger, died at his home in Hugo last Friday after having been stricken with pneumonia the previous Saturday.
    Mr. Jordan had been in the service of the state fish and game department since 1929 being the second oldest man in point of service with the commission. He was 67 years of age and had spent about forty years in what is now Oklahoma. He had been stationed at Hugo for the past two years as game ranger for this district.
    Surviving are his widow; one daughter, Mrs. Edna Breuch, Madison, Wisconsin; three sons, Alfred E. Jordan, Corpus Christi, Texas; A.S. Jordan, Muskogee; Hayden Jordan, Norman.
    Burial was made Monday in the cemetery at Okmulgee.

Coleman Bonner

Coleman Bonner Meets Death Under Wheels
The Ft Towson Sentinel May 20, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    The following account of the tragic death of Robert Coleman Bonner, son of the late Dr. and Mrs. R.S. Bonner, of Ft Towson, is taken from the Texarkana Gazette:
    "Killed as he fell from a fast Texas and Pacific freight train a transient, identified as Robert Coleman Bonner, was buried at Wooten Springs cemetery late Friday. He was killed in the fall 300 yards south of the Sulphur station crossing near the boundary of Bowie County about 6 a.m., Friday."
    Mr. Bonner has a son, R.C. Bonner, who resides in Ft Towson and a sister, Mrs. Hazel Greene, a resident of Hugo.

Eunice Payne

In Memoriam
The Ft Towson Sentinel June 3, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Saturday, May 21, Mrs. Eunice Payne, who was a resident of the Cawley community and one of it’s best known citizens was called by the Death Angel.
    Mrs. Payne’s health failed several months ago; since then she had been growing very feeble. She gradually grew worse until her suffering was relieved by death.
    She was a native of Georgia, but had resided in Oklahoma for the past twenty-two years. She was in her eightyth [sic] year.
    Mrs. Payne is survived by one son, W.C. Payne; two daughters; Mrs. Vida Foley and Mrs. Lillie D. Caral; also one sister and one brother living in Hopkins county, Texas. All our hearts go out in sympathy to them.
    Early in life Mrs. Payne became a member of the Methodist church, and she lived her religion day by day, quietly but conscientously [sic]; the testimony of every close acquaintance is that no better woman has ever lived in our community. She was gentle in manner and courteous to all, with a soul of honor. A good woman has passed to her reward, leaving behind an influence that will bless those who knew her and a memory that is pure and sweet.
    Funeral services were conducted at the Church of God by Rev. Chas. M. Barrett. The remains were laid to rest in the Ft. Towson cemetery. – Chas. Barrett, District Pastor

Jack Henderson

Local Young Man Dies of Tetanus
The Ft Towson Sentinel June 10, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Funeral services were held at the First Baptist Church in this city Thursday afternoon for Jack Henderson, age 20, of Ft Towson who died at Dr. Johnson’s Hospital in Hugo Wednesday morning at 4:00 o’clock.
    The young man died from tetanus (lockjaw), caused from a hip injury by a nail more than a week ago. The injury had apparently healed but Jack was stricken Monday while at work rounding up some cattle. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and all efforts were made to save his life but to no avail.
    Surviving the deceased are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Henderson; one sister, Miss Ouida Fern; and one brother, Emmett Earl.
    Rev. G.R. Naylor, local Baptist pastor and Rev. Ward, Hugo minister, conducted funeral services with Coffey Funeral Home being in charge of burial arrangements. Interment was made in the Ft Towson cemetery.
    Pall-bearers were: Roy E. Harmon, Morris Tate, Roy Bigham, Carter Hall, Brownie Orton and Clarence Adams.

Louella Cundiff

Aged Lady Is Called By Death
The Ft Towson Sentinel June 10, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Mrs. Louella Cundiff, age 77, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M. Wilkerson, here Wednesday night June 8th at 10:05 o’clock after an illness lasting over a period of seven weeks.
    Mrs. Cundiff, with her husband and family, came to Fort Towson in the year of 1913; her husband dying in 1931. She was an active member of the local Assembly of God Church and had always been a very devoted church worker.
    The deceased is survived by five daughters; Mrs. T.[?] P. Dunn Greenville, Texas; Mrs. Cordia Steele, Ada; Mrs. Minnie Cargile, Tiogia, Texas; Mrs. Nora Prince, Pasadena, Calif; and Mrs. Wilkerson; two sons, John R. Cundiff and M.L. Cundiff, Hugo; besides thirty-four grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.
    Funeral services were held at the Fort Towson cemetery Thursday afternoon with Rev. Estelle Allen, pastor of the Wright City Assembly of God church, conducting. Pall-bearers were: Brownie Orton, Nathaniel Woodley, Floyd Ashley, J.M. May, E.O. Gardner, and T.M. Groves.

Rosa Francis Bryant

Local Lady Dies Thursday Night
The Ft Towson Sentinel June 17, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Mrs. Rosa Francis Bryant, age 75, died at her home here Thursday night at 7:42 o’clock after an illness extending over a period [of] three months.
    Mrs. Bryant was born Nov. 16, 1862 at Abbeyville, Alabama. She and her husband, who died in the year of 1924, came to Fort Towson in 1895 and have resided here continuously since that time. The deceased was a member of the First Methodist church.
    Funeral services will be held tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 2:00 o’clock at the Fort Towson cemetery. The minister to officiate has not been definitely selected. Pallbearers are to be: J.M. May, H.R. Wynn, J.W. Taylor, Arthur Tate, J.R. Pittman and Frank Hooks.
    Surviving Mrs. Bryant are four sons: Happy Bryant, Tulsa; Peck Bryant, Valliant; and Bonner Bryant, Oklahoma City; one daughter, Mrs. Vesta Hylton, Fort Towson; besides fourteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Walter N. John

Hugo Doctor Dies Monday
The Ft Towson Sentinel August 19, 1938 – transcribed by Ron Henson

    Hugo – Funeral services for Dr. Walter N. John, whose death occurred at the Sanitarium of Paris at 6 p.m. Monday after being a patient there for 12 weeks, were held here Wednesday at 5 p.m. at the Methodist church with the Rev. J.W. Mayne officiating. Interment was made at the Mt. Olivet cemetery. He had been ill for some time as a result of an X ray burn earlier in his career.
    Survivors include his wife, four daughters, Mrs. Chester Young, Enid, Mrs. Frank Griffith, Mrs. Willis Fry, Miss Mary Margaret John, all of Hugo; four sisters, Mrs. J.J. Morgan, Dallas; Mrs. Ruth Wood [?], Channing, Texas; Mrs. Mary Carre and Mrs. Rose Turner of Nashville, Tenn.

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