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Cimarron County, Oklahoma Look-ups
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If you would like a look-up from one of the following Cimarron County publications, you may contact the listed person for that resource.

Resources available for lookups:

"Footsteps" "Family Histories of Cimarron County, Oklahoma"
For the most part, it is stories (lots of names and birthdates) submitted for about 200 families who began homesteading around 1905. If you would like a look-up from this source you may contact Sammie Leap.

The following cemeteries are available for look-ups, you may contact Janet Walker

Wheeless Cemetery
Bertrand Cemetery
Mexhoma Cemetery
Boise City Cemetery

The following resources are available for look-ups, you may contact Ruthann Berry
I have several books about and by Cimarron county residents. I would be willing to look up information.
I would make copies for a small fee.

Jacobs, Dorothy S. Cimarron County Cemeteries: The first hundred years. c1994.
This is a 300 page book containing all the well known and some little known cemeteries in the county.
It gives the person's full name, date of birth, state of birth, date of death, mother (with maiden name) and father.
It gives the birth state of the parents, also. Of course, not all persons listed have all the info above.
There is a short history of each cemetery and its location on a map.
This book is for sale. Order from Ruthann Berry, 5 Newpark Ln., Pueblo, CO 81001.
The cost is $35 which covers taxes, shipping and handling.

Benton, Jennie Rose The Way I Heard It. c1996,
"Credible and incredible tales of the Kenton, Oklahoma area early history."

Boise City Area Chamber of Commerce and Cimarron County Historical Society. Boise City Bombed, July 5, 1943
A short history of the bombing of Boise City by an Air Force Crew stationed at Dalhart, TX.

Young, Norma Gene Butterbaugh Not a Stoplight in the County. c1986
This is a tour guide and history of the County.

Young, Norma Gene Butterbaugh Still Not a Stoplight in the County. c1997
About the same as above. A little better maps.

Young, Norma Gene Butterbaugh Black Sunday, April 14, 1935. nc
Personal accounts of the dust storm which blacked out the panhandle in 1935.

Young, Norma Gene Butterbaugh Footsteps: Family Histories of Cimarron County, Oklahoma. c1989.
Family biographies of the pioneers of Cimarron County. These were gathered on a volunteer basis,
so of course not every pioneer is listed here.

Young, Norma Gene Butterbaugh The Tracks we Followed. c1991.
A history of the towns, churches, businesses, schools, and more biographies.

Young, Norma Gene Butterbaugh They Wandered Here. c1995.
More biographies.

Taylor, Maggie C. The Days of My Years. c1965.
About the Keyes area in the early 1900's. Not many other people other than her family are mentioned.

All of Norma Young's books have a "Do not reproduce without permission warning."

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