Coal County, Oklahoma
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Life wasn't always easy; but she never did complain.
Though I saw her shed a leaf or two; when cold November's came.
How her arms spread wide and welcomed, any weary nesting soul.
Vast numbers took their comfort there; in spring and winters' snow.
When August sun's beat down on me, I rested 'neath her shade,
And warmed myself in winter with the firewood she gave.
Played beneath the shelter of her strong and sturdy limbs,
Swung from her branches happily with all my childhood friends,
In her bark, I carve initials of those sweethearts long forgot,
from her branches, hang my metals, hide my secrets in her knots.
From her seeds, I grew an orchard; in her leaves I made a bed,
and when I thought to give up..her trunk spoke, 'forge ahead!'.
I gaze now through her branches, for past where eyes can see,
and every bough uncovered, tells that much more of ME!
And I proudly bear the markings of her awesome history.
Oh she started but a seedling...and became my family tree.

vickimouse 1998

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