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handwritten notes in italics

Eakins, Curtis s/o Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Eakins h/o Lavada Williams
Easton, Roscoe Blair s/o Mr. & Mrs. Herdie B. Easton  
Eckles, Le Moyne S. s/o Mr. & Mrs. L.S. Eckles  
Eckhart, Morris A. s/o Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Eckhart h/o Frances Morrison
Edwards, Rostand H. s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. Hale Edwards h/o Jo Clare Bray
Edwards, William McBrittain s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. Hale Edwards h/o Pauline Mills
Ellegood, Don R.* s/o Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Ellegood  
Elling, Laddie J. s/o Mr. & Mrs. O.H. Elling h/o Bethene Secrist
Ellis, William A. s/o Mr. & Mrs. Erastus Ellis  
Emmons, Wayne* s/o Mrs. W.A. Emmons h/o Adele Phipps
English, Darold Hanna s/o Mr. & Mrs. Sidney C. English h/o Lucile Harned
English, Sidney Eldon s/o Mr. & Mrs. Sidney C. English h/o Louise Collum
English, Wayne E. s/o E.E. English  
Entsler, Roy N. s/o Mrs. E.J. Entsler h/o Pearl Wills
Esadooah, Leroy s/o Mrs. Julia Boland  
Ethell, Elmon G.C. s/o Mr. & Mrs. E.W. Ethell  
Ethell, Ervin C. s/o Mr. & Mrs. Earl Ethell h/o Jean Ross
Evans, D.C. s/o Mr. & Mrs. E.P. Evans h/o Nedra Cooke
Ewell, Paul Phillip, Jr. s/o Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ewell  
Ewell, Raymond W. s/o Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ewell h/o Juanita Fence

*Don R.Ellegood, brother of Florence etc; *Wayne Emmons, brother of Garland & Neal (d. 1963) all 3 d.; *Leroy Esadooah, grandson of John D.
; D.C. Evans, later built & lost Evans Apts

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