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Names, Location and Roll Numbers of First Land Owners in the Cherokee Nation
-- ship by priority mail
   Craig Co., OK   40.00  
   Washington Co., and 
   upper part of Tulsa Co., OK
   Nowata Co., OK   40.00  
   Rogers Co., OK    40.00  
   Mayes Co., OK   40.00  
   Delaware, OK    50.00  
   Adair Co., OK    35.00  
   Sequoyah Co., OK     50.00  
   Cherokee Co., OK   50.00  
   Ottawa, McIntosh, Muskogee and Wagoner Co., OK   50.00  
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Births, Deaths & Marriages 1900-1912  
Cherokee Nation Marriages (Indian Territory)
     Book A  Jul 1902 to May 1903
     Book B  May 1903 to Feb 1904   20.00  
     Book C  Dec 1903 to Dec 1904   20.00  
     Book D  Dec 1904 to Oct 1905   20.00  
     Book E  Nov 1905 to Nov 1906   20.00  
     Book F  Nov 1905 to May 1907   20.00  
     Books G-H-I  Dec 1906 to Nov 1907   20.00  
Index to Cherokee Nation Marriages (Indian Territory)
Books A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, H, I.
Cherokee Nation Marriages 1869-1898  
Cherokee Nation Marriages 1884-1901  
Cherokee Nation Probate Records, 1892-1904, Northern District  
Cherokee Nation Probate Records, 1904-1908, Northern District  
Cherokee Nation Births and Deaths 1884-1901   OUT OF PRINT  
Craig County, OK - First Tax List After Statehood  
1890 Census-Index of Persons Living Under Permit in the Coo-wee-scoo-wee and Delaware Districts   
Welch Watchman - Births, Deaths, Marriages -- 1904-1932   30.00  
The Heritage of Craig County Cooweescoowee and Delaware Districts, I.T.  Vol 3 ($75)ORDER
Pushin’ Up Daisies :   When Vinita Was Young  by Betsy Warner    



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Craig County Genealogical Society
Box 484
Vinita, Oklahoma, 74301

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Craig County Genealogical Society, Box 484, Vinita, OK, 74301

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