Early Communities, Schools, Cemeteries and Church in Craig County

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Name Maps
  1895 Cherokee INNA Topography Survey Map 1913 1915 Atlas 1972 USGS Geological Survey Map 1990 General Highway Map Years School or Community existed
Adams           1908-1933
Albia yes          
Alrid -- cs           1915-1927
Anthracite School   yes       1900-1914
Attucks School -- cs           1900-1958
Banner         yes  
Banner School   yes       1909-1947
Banzet       yes yes 1919-1948
Barker         yes  
Bear Timpson Cem.            
Ben Adair School -- cs           1909-1919
Berry Cem.            
Bethel Church       yes    
Big Cabin yes yes yes yes yes 1877-
Big Cabin Cem.       yes    
Big Cabin School           1909-
Blackfeather Cem.            
Blue Bell School       yes   1909-1952
Blue Hawk School   yes       1909-1952
Blue Hawk Church       yes    
Bluejacket - * yes yes yes yes yes  
Bluejacket Cem.       yes yes **  
Bluejacket School       yes   1909-
Bluejacket Family Cem.            
Bobb Family Cem.            
Booker (Bowlin Springs) -- cs   yes        
Brown School   yes        
Bud Shuffle School            
Bunker Hill School           1911-1947
Bunker Hill Church       yes   1944-
Cabin         yes  
Cain School   yes        
Carselowey School           1909-1958
Carselowey (Carsaloy) Cem.       yes yes **  
Carter School           1909-1957
Centerview School           1909-1949
Centralia School           1909-1968
Centralia -- *   yes yes yes yes 1898
Centralia Cem.       yes yes **  
Clear Creek            
Cobb School   yes   yes   1909-1968
Cockiebur Flat   yes        
Contrary School   yes        
Cornatzar         yes  
Couch School yes yes       1909-1949
Council Grove Church       yes   1909-1958
Council Point            
Cowselowary School yes yes        
Coyne           1909-1922
Davis Cem.            
Dickson School   yes        
Dick-Daugherty Family Cem.            
Dixon School   yes       1909-1949
Doneley School   yes        
Donnelly Cem.            
Dupree School   yes       1909-1948
Eagle School   yes       1909-1947
Eagle yes   yes      
East Anthracite School           1926-1947
Eastern State Hospital       yes yes **  
Eastern State Hospital Cem.       yes    
Elliott Cem.            
Estella      yes yes yes  
Estella School           1908-1947
Eureka School   yes        
Fairview School   yes        
Fairview School   yes       1909-1957
Fairview Cem.       yes    
Fields School   yes   yes   1909-1961
Freeman School -- cs   yes       1908-1953
Garbarino Cem.            
Goat         yes  
Goldenrod School   yes       1909-1950
Grandview School yes yes       1908-1952
Grant Mound School   yes        
Grassy Hill School   yes        
Grove Point School   yes        
Gwenndale School   yes       1909-1920
Gwenndale yes          
Happy Hollow School           1909-1947
Harvey         yes  
Harris School            
Headrick School   yes        
Hill School -- cs   yes       1908-1926
Holkins School   yes        
Holland School   yes        
Hollow   yes yes yes yes  
Hooper Cem.            
Hudson yes   yes      
Hudson School   yes       1909-1957
Hulwe Jct. -- *     yes yes yes  
Ideal School       yes   1909-
Iron-Post School   yes   yes   1909-1947
Ironside School   yes   yes   1908-1969
J.J. Breakbill School           1921-1926
Jake Longtail Cem.            
Jones -- *            
Jones Spur (Payne) School   yes       1909-1950
Joneston     yes      
Kelley School           1908-1950
Kelso -- * yes yes yes   yes 1909-1947
Ketchum School     yes yes   1909-1950
Ketchum -- *       yes yes 1899-
Ketchum Cem.       yes    
Ketchum Sol Cem.         yes **  
Keys yes          
Keys Cem.            
Kinnison IT yes yes yes     1866-1922
Landrum Cem.       yes yes **  
Landrum graves Cem.            
Lightning Creek   yes        
Locust yes          
Locust School   yes        
Longfellow School            
Longview School   yes       1909-1958
Lucas yes          
Lu-li Indian Cem.            
Manley-rose (col) Cem.       yes    
Maybelle Church       yes yes **  
Maybelle School   yes       1909-1958
McCoy Cem.            
McCreary family Cem.            
Messer Cem.            
Miles yes yes yes      
Miles School   yes   yes   1909-1961
Mineral Hill School   yes       1909-1945
Morris School       yes    
Morris (Stinger) Cem.            
Nash -- cs           1908-1920
Neills Store            
Nemo - *       yes    
Nix School   yes       1909-1922
Nix Cem.            
No Name Cem.            
Notch Mound School   yes       1909-1922
Oak Grove School   yes       1909-1948
Okoee   yes        
Pair   yes        
Parks Cem.            
Payne         yes  
Petitt School   yes       1909-1947
Petitt Cem.            
Pheasant Hill Cem.            
Pheasant Hill            
Plainview         yes  
Plainview School           1909-1956
Plainview (Hedrick) Cem.         yes  
Plateau School   yes   yes   1909-1965
Pleasant Grove            
Pleasant Valley School       yes    
Pleasant Valley Cem.       yes yes  
Pleasant Valley School       yes    
Pleasant Valley Cem.       yes yes  
Prairie Center School   yes       1908-1956
Prairie Chapel School           1909-1954
Prairie View School           1909-1947
Pyramid Corners       yes yes  
Reese School -- cs           1912-1918
Riddle Cem.            
Riggs Schooll   yes       1909-1947
Riverside School            
Roach Cem.            
Rogers School   yes       1909-1957
Rogers Cem.         yes **  
Ross School   yes       1909-1947
Russell Creek yes yes yes yes yes 1909-1952
Russell Creek School -- *   yes   yes   1897-19XX
Russell Creek Cem.       yes yes **  
Sacread Heart Academy School           1897-1967
Schrimpsher Cem.            
Scott School   yes        
Scott Cem.            
Secondine Cem.            
Sequoyah School   yes       1909-1954
Shanahan School   yes   yes   1908-1958
Shelton School            
Slice   yes        
Smith School           1909-1947
St. Augustine (Catholic) Cem.            
St. Paul           1909-1930
State         yes  
Stice           1909-1947
Stony Point (Rocky Point) School           1932-1947
Speers         yes  
Success (Military Ridge) School           1909-1958
Sunflower School   yes       1910-1949
Sunset Church       yes    
Sunshine School   yes       1909-1947
Sunsweet Jct. -- *       yes yes  
Thomas Family Cem.            
Thomas Family Cem.            
Thompson Chapel       yes    
Timber Hill       yes    
Timber Hill School   yes   yes   1909-1962
Timbered Hill School - negro           1910-1936
Timpson Chapel Cem.         yes **  
Timpson Wyo-Na Cem.            
Todd -- *   yes yes yes yes 1909-1951
Trethan School   yes        
Trotter School   yes        
Tucker (col) Cem.            
Tucker [Okoee] Cem.            
Turner   yes        
Union         yes  
Union School   yes       1909-1947
Valley School            
Vinita -- * yes yes yes yes yes 1871-
Vinita Schools           1899-
W.H. School   yes        
Walker Cem.       yes yes **  
Wasson P.O.     yes      
Wayside School   yes       1909-1955
Weaver Cem.            
Welch -- * yes yes yes yes yes 1888-
Welch School           1909-
Welch Cem.       yes yes **  
West Anthracite School           1909-1947
West Cabin School   yes       1908-1948
West Cabin Church       yes    
West Fork Cem.            
West Point School   yes       1909-1952
West Point Cem.         yes **  
Whiteoak -- * yes yes yes yes yes  
Whiteoak School   yes   yes   1908-
Whiteoak Cem.            
Whitmire School   yes        
Williams Cem.         yes **  
Williams Family Cem.            
Williams Timber Hill Cem.       yes    
Willie Halsell College           1888-1906
Willow Branch School           1909-1947
Winfrey         yes  
Wimer School   yes yes     1909-1965
Wimer Community Church       yes    
Wimer Sta.            
Wimer Springs   yes yes      
Winfrey School   yes       1909-1953
Witt School           1908-1947
Wolfe School   yes       1909-1947
Wolfe Creek            
Woodley IT     yes      
Worchester Academy            1882-1899
Worchester Academy Cem.            

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cs - colored school

* - Railroad Stations

** - Cemeteries are shown on the map and in many cases are not name. If the name of the cemetery is known then it has been identify, on the township map.

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