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Lucinda Fleetwood


Interview # 2149
Field Worker: Wm T. Holland
Date:  March 16, 1937
Name:   Lucinda Fleetwood Affidavit
Date of Birth:  
Place of Birth:  


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This is an affidavit of Lucinda Fleetwood, Grandmother of LaFayette Teel (79) of 1113 W. 1st Street, Tulsa.  Teel's mother, Minerva Fleetwood was the oldest child of Lucinda Fleetwood.

They boarded the flatboats at or near Chattanooga, Tennessee on the Tennessee River.  The Waterloo mentioned in the affidavit is a town in Alabama.   This affidavit covers, among other things, the transfer of the Cherokees from the eastern states to the Indian Territory and occurred in 1834.  "Took water: means boarded a boat or traveled by water.  This Calhoon mentioned is or was near where Chattanooga now stands.  These people, grandchildren of Lucinda Fleetwood were allotted land in the Cherokee Nation.


Office of District Judge, Del. Dist. C.N, June 20, 1887

Personally comes before me, J.S. Ward, Judge of the Dist. and Nation aforesaid, at my office on day and date above written, Lucinda Fleetwood, of lawful age, who after being duly sworn deposes and saith:

"We lived betwixt Valley and river and little Heiwassa River in Tocall Dist. and went to school at Jones Mission.  We enrolled under Major B.F. Curry, of the U.S. enrolling office and he delivered us to Lt. Harris at Calhoon, where we took water in 1834 in flat bottom boats and came to Waterloo where we took steamboats and came 40 miles above Little Rock at a place called Burnt Caddons.  From there we traveled to Fort Gibson in government wagons.  My father died at Burnt Caddons and John Miller took charge of the family and brought us on and attended to the drawing of rations and supplies as furnished by the government for the use of the family.

I have lived in the Cherokee Nation ever since, with the exception of six years, when I was first married.  I married a soldier of Fort Gibson and went to Leavenworth until my husband served out two terms of six years and then I came right back again to the Cherokee Nation.  From this marriage resulted the following children:

Minerva, born November 10, 1835

Lorenzo, born May 1, 1837

Charles, born February 13, 1839

William, born October 27, 1840

Miles, born August 13, 1842

Pruna, born August 24, 1844

Edmond, born March 6, 1846

Hewston, born May 31, 1848

Delphenny, born April 22, 1850

Sarah, born April 22, 1850

Aquella, born June 26, 1852

Eljerry, born April 30, 1854

Martha, born May 11, 1856

Lucinda, born April 11, 1861

Of the above names, children, Minera, Lorenzo, William, Charles, Aquella, Delphenny and Lucinda are dead.

To my daughter, Minerva, were born, Lafayette Teel, Steve Edwards and Lucy Tincup.  To my son Aquella, four children were born.  Their names are Johnnie, Higona, Roxie and Minerva Fleetwood.  To my daughter, Pruna, were born Joe Cox and Eddie Johnson.  This is as far as I know my grandchildren.

I have always been recognized as a Cherokee ever since I can recollect until within the last few years.  I went to school where no one was allowed to go to school but Cherokees, have exercised all privilege granted the Cherokee until recently.   I bought and sold improvements on the public domain and the purchase and sale was always considered valid.  My sons voted at elections without a challenge, in fact, I have never known any other place as home and I have never recognized any other such place as such and have always believed myself a Cherokee Indian and never knew a doubt existed until this matter got up.  And further the deponent saith not.

Lucinda Fleetwood (seal)

Sworn to before me on this the 20th day of June A.D., 1887.
J.L. Ward, Judge, Del. Dist. C.N.

P.S. This certifies that I have known the witness for years and never knew or heard anything against her character.

J.L. Ward, Judge, Del. Dist. C.N.

Attest this 28th day of July 1888.

P.D. Walker, Deputy Clerk, Del. Dist. C.N.


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