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Byford School 1910
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5-Mi1es S. of Stratford, OK



 TOP ROW:     Left to Right

1.  Unknown, 2.L. B. Aikens, 3.Everett Warren, 4. Dee Maxwell,
5.Hamby, 6. Charlie Griffin, 7 & 8. Unknown, 9. William Calton,
10.Goodwin, 11. Hobbs, 12. Walsey Goodwin, 13. Lillie Willis


 SECOND ROW FROM TOP:     Left to Right

1. Ola Warren, 2. Myrtle Calton 3. Inez Lowball, 4. Aikens,
5.  Unknown, 6. Dora Kennedy 7.Aikens, 8. Dade Hobbs


 THIRD ROW FROM TOP:     Left to Right

 1. *Maud (Maxwell) Abney, 2. Mary Ann(Griffin) Calton, 3. Martha Willis
4. Hattie Kennedy, 5Nanny Walker, 6. Judith Lowball, 7. Laura Willis,
8. Ellie (Hobbs) Gadbury, 9. Leebuck Aikens, 10. Linden Goodwin,
11. Lena Postoak, 12.Goodwin, 13. Mrs. Lowball


FOURTH ROW FROM TOP:    Left to Right 

1.  Abney Child, Abney Child 3. Ellis Calton, 4. Bill Willis,
5. Unknown, 6. Williams (Fanny’s son), 7&8. Unknown,
9. Jess Willis, 10-11-12 Unknown.


BOTTOM ROW (crosslegged on ground):     Left to Right 

1-2-3. Unknown, 4. Oscar Postoak (Indian boy),
5. Sammy Goodwin, 6-7. Unknown.


Maud (Maxwell) Abney was wife of the Baptist Minister that performed
the wedding ceremonies of several of the Cantwell children including
Perry Oantwell & Myrtle Calton; William Calton and Cora Cantwell;
Ernest Bartlett and Sina Cantwell; Dee Maxwell and Lucy Cantwell.
Was Abney, Minister.

The daughter of Mary Irene Cantwell
Thompson.  Her mother, Myrtle Jane Calton Cantwell attended Byford School as
well as many Aunts, Cousins, and Uncles.  My Great-father was G.E. Calton and
my Great-great-grandfather was Charles L. Griffin.  They both owned general
stores in McGee and Stratford.  

Charlie Griffin,  William Calton, Myrtle Calton, Mary Ann Griffin Calton, and Ellis Calton are
all relatives of mine. Charlie Griffin is one of the children of Z.Y. (Yoke)
Griffin who owned several businesses in McGee. Charlie was orphaned along
with 5 other Griffin children when his father was shot by Dr. Norris on June
7, 1905. The children were raised by my Great-great-grandfather, Charles Lot
Griffin. C.L. Griffin was the Justice of the Peace in McGee and also served as postmaster.

This submission is dedicated to my Mom, Mary
Irene Cantwell Thompson, and to my Grannie, Mary Ann Griffin Calton
and her husband, George E. Calton, as well as her,
Mary Ann's, father and mother, C.L. Griffin and Margaret Walker Griffin. 

Submitted by  Inis Faye Bloomster

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