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Ed Swann/Curtis Edwards Shooting
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As written in the Pauls Valley Enterprise April 20, 1911

That Deadly Six Shooter

Ed Swann Killed Saturday Evening By Curtis Edwards Near This City

Is Charged With Murder

Preliminary Hold Yesterday Results in Defendant being Held for Dist. Court

Another life was sacrificed, either to the carelessness or criminality of a six-shooter owner when Curt Edwards instantly 
 killed Ed Swann at his home 2 miles west of town Saturday Evening.

Many different tales have been told of the circumstances which lead up to the killing, but so far 
the exact truth in the matter is hard to get.

Edwards at first claimed that the shot was accidental but later reports were to the effect that he had killed in self defense.

Swann bore an excellent reputation and is spoken of in the highest terms by all w ho knew him.  
He has always been peaceable, sober never in trouble and had a reputation for honesty equaled by few.  
It is said he had come into possession of a check which Edwards had given and had endorsed the check to 
J.W. Burch on a grocery account.  The bank refused payment on the check and Swann went to 
Edwards home to see him about returning the cash on the check, and from this circumstance 
Edwards made an assault on Swann, with the above result.

The bullet that killed Swann entered the head just back of the right ear and ranged upward and forward, 
being taken from under the skin above the temple.  Swann's face was scarred as if from heavy blows.

The Examining Trial

In the examining trial which was held since the above was written the main witness for the state, 
WL. Strickland who was an eye witness to the killing gave evidence that points very strongly to an intentional killing.  
He stated that after some words had passed between Edwards and Swan, that Edwards drew his pistol, 
after having knocked Swann down, whereupon Swann exclaimed, "You've got me bested" and 
sat down on a wagon tongue.  At this juncture Strickland's team started to run away and after going 
a few yards he got them stopped just as he heard the pistol fire and looking around saw Swann 
on the ground.  Strickland went to the fallen man as soon as he could but he died almost instantly.

B. Bruce who knew Mr. and Mrs. Swann in Texas went out and assisted in bringing the body to the undertaker.

Pauls Valley Enterprise, Thursday, June 8, 1911

Edwards Gets 20 Years

Curtis Edwards who was on trial most of last week charged with the murder of Ed Swann, 
was found guilty by the jury and punishment set at 20 years in the penitentiary.  
It was a hard fought case and the County Attorney deserves much credit for the verdict.


Pauls Valley Democrat, April 20, 1911


Last Saturday, C.F. Edwards surrendered himself to the officers of the law, making the statement, 
in effect, that Ed Swann had been killed by a shot accidentally fired by Edwards.

A County Court investigation followed on Wednesday as a result of which C.F. Edwards 
was bound over without bail to await the action of the District Court.

The State on the examining trial, conducted by Hon. John M. Stanley, County Attorney and his assistant for 
the State and Messrs. Carr & Field and J.T. Blanton for the Defendant, introduced the testimony of 
Drs. G.L. Johnson and N.H. Lindsay who testified that a pistol shot through the brain caused the death 
of the deceased and of F.L. Strickland and W.W. Campbell, eye witnesses.

The defendant plead not guilty but made no statement and offered no testimony on the stand

Without argument, remarks or suggestion of counsel for either side, County Judge W.B.M. 
Mitchell declared the evidence sufficient to bind defendant over without bail which was done.

A large crowd attended the trial.  The deceased who was buried at Whitebead Tuesday leaves a 
wife and two children; and being recognized as a good man, is mourned by a large circle of friends.

The defendant is also a married man having a family and friends who sympathize with him in his trouble.

The County Attorney promises a vigorous prosecution of the case, and all seem satisfied to 
let the law take its course with judgment suspended till the defendant's side be more clear.

Pauls Valley Democrat, May 4, 1911

In the case against C.F. Edwards, charged with the murder of Ed Swan, the Defendant, 
through his attorneys Carr & Fields, Blanton & Andrews, and Thompson & Patterson, 
filed a long typewritten motion for a continuance on the grounds that the defendant had 
not had time enough to secure attorneys and properly prepare for trial on the case alleging that 
the killing was accidental.  County Attorney Stanley and his Assistant prepared and filed a replication 
alleging that the application was made for delay only and that the defendant had had plenty of 
time and able counsel to represent him but the Court in whom authority rests in such matters, 
set the case for hearing on May 30th, 1911, till which time all the witnesses were excused.  
Till this date the defendant has subpoenaed on witnesses through the State has subpoenaed 
all the known eyewitnesses including the relatives of the defendant.  The witness F.L.
Strickland made a bond of $500.00 to appear as a witness in the case.

Pauls Valley Democrat, June 22, 1911

No New Trial for Edwards

Judge McMillan came down last Friday to hear the motion for a new trial for Kirk Edwards,
 who was convicted two weeks ago and sent to the penitentiary for twenty years upon the charge of
murdering Ed Swann.  The motion was over-ruled and the defendant given sixty days t
o prepare his appeal.  Pending the appeal Edwards is allowed bail in the sum, of $7,500.

Submitted by Jo McKenzie

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