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Garvin County

County Seat - Pauls Valley

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Garvin County Surnames
K, L, & M


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Surnames One Per Line: Brown  - years in Garvin County - County Town or Towns

   County Surnames And Their Researchers

Surname Year of Interest Town/Township

K -  Index

Keith 1895 to present Erin Springs, PaulsValley, Lindsay, White Bead
Kelley ? Garvin County
Kelley 1910 - 1930 Whitebead
Kelley 1800's - 1900's White Bead Hill
Kennedy 1900 to present Garvin County
Kennedy 1890 to present Elmore City, Katie
Kilmer To Present Garvin Co. 
Kinnebrew 1890 to present Pauls Valley, Paoli
Kimberlin  1870 - present  Pauls Valley, White Bead
Kimbrell 1900-1983 Wynnewood, Pauls Valley
Kimbrell 1900-2009 Pauls Valley, Lindsay
Kimbrell 1880's - 2000 Lindsay, Erin Springs
King 1918 Antioch
Kitchens 1883 - 1895 Lindsay, Erin Springs
Knight 1950 to present Stratford
Knight 1918 Wynnewood
Knight 1890's-present unknown
Knight   Garvin County
Knox 1892 - 1930 Wynnewood

L - Index

Ladd 1880 - Present Garvin County & Oklahoma City
LaMascus 1909- Present Maysville, Elmore City, Wynnewood (Richard LaMascus)
Lamb 1900's Garvin Co.
Land ? - Present Foster, Pauls Valley
Lang 1894 - 1898 Wynnewood
Lanham 1885 - 1940 Center, Pauls Valley
Largent 1800's to present  Lindsay
Lavender 1885 - 1915+ Pauls Valley, Whitebead
Law 1890's - 1920's Paoli, Garvin Co.
Lawley 1890 - 1930 Wynnewood, Pauls Valley
Lawrence 1800's into 1900's Wynnewood, Pauls Valley, Purcell
Lawrence Garvin County
Lee 1896-1901 Garvin Co.
Legg ?? Garvin County
Leonard 1900s  Garvin County
Leonard 1843 - 1888 White Bead Hill, Foster, Garvin County
Lewis ??? Garvin County
Lilly 1870-1900  
Linn 1800's - (?) Garvin County
Lister 1895 - 1900's Wynnewood, Maysville(Beef Creek)
Little 1945 to present Payne, Pauls Valley
Lobaugh 1890's to Present Pauls Valley, Stratford
Lobaug 1900 - 1940 Pauls Valley
Locke 1905 Pauls Valley, Garvin County
Long 1918 Antioch
Long 1898 Paoli, Pauls Valley
Looney 1895 - 1985 Pauls Valley
Loper Early 20th Century Pauls Valley, Garvin County
Love 1870 to Present Whitebead
Love 1800's into 1900's Wynnewood, Pauls Valley, Purcell
Love Garvin County
Lovell 189x - 1939 Lindsay, Pauls Valley
Lovett 1883 Thackerville - Chickasaw Nation
Lovitt 1883 Lindsay - Chickasaw Nation
Loyd ??? Garvin County
Lumpkins 1894-1906 McGee

M - Index

Mailicoat 1889 Pauls Valley
Manes 1920's Wynnewood
Manning 1900- Present Pauls Valley
Maples 1897 - 101- Paoli, Garvin County
(email address may be invalid)
1893 Paoli
Mathews 1890 - 1970 Pauls Valley, Antioch
Mauldin 1930's - 1974 Pauls Valley
Mauldin 1930's - 1974 Pauls Valley
May 1861-1917 Maysville
Mayfield 20 years Pauls Valley, Garvin County
Mays 1880 - 1920 Pauls Valley
Mays 1870 to present Pauls Valley, Maysville
Mays Maysville, Antioch
McBride 1893 Paoli
McCarty 1800-1940 unknown
McCarty Since 1870 Garvin Co.
McCarty 1890 - 1970's Pernell
McCaskill 1890's to present Maysville, Pauls Valley, Linsday
McChesney 1900's Pauls Valley
McClure 1898 - present Pauls Valley
McConnell 1895 - ? Stratford/Corley *see comment at bottom
McCoy 1904 - ? Garvin Co.
McCrummen 1896-1945 Paoli, Pauls Valley
McDaniel 1930-1959 Brady
McGee 1910 Wynnewood, Lindsay
McGee unknown unknown
McGee 1890 - 1960 Whitebead, Elmore, Pauls Valley
McGregor 1894 Wynnewood
McGuire 1920's Elmore City
McHenry 1890 - ? Pauls Valley
McIntyre 1910-Present Whitebead, Pauls Valley, Walker, Stratford, Elmore
McKay since 1918 Elmore City, Wynnewood
McKee Early 1900's Katie
McKee 1900's Elmore City
McKinney 1910-? Lindsay
McKinney Since before the land run Stratford area
McLaughlin 1890 - 1973 Elmore, Wynnewood
McMahon 1920 - 1930's Pauls Valley (& Duncan)
McManus 1896 - 1905 McGee
McMillan 1912 - 1932 Paoli, Stratford, Florence Chapel
McNeal 1884 - 1910 Wynnewood
NcNeill 1890 - Present Hennepin
McNiece 1900 - 1935 Maysville
McPherson 1889-1949 Stratford
Meek 1890?-1910? McGee, Paoli
Meek 1850 - 1895 Garvin County
Merchant 1885 - 1921+ Pauls Valley, Whitebead
Meyer 1880 - 1926 XXXX
Meyers ? Unknown
Milam 1910 - 1925 Pauls Valley
Miller 1900 to 1930 Maysville
Miller (Bev Hamel) 1800s- 1920 Pauls Valley
Milligan 30 years Lindsay
Milligan bef 1900-1922 Lindsay
Mills 1865 - 1940 Pauls Valley
Montgomery 1900's Whitebead, Garvin County
Moore 1820 - ?? Paoli, Garvin County
Moore 1900 - 1932 Foster
Moore 20+ years Wynnewood
Morgan 1896-1942 Garvin Co.
Morris Unknown Purdy, Foster, Garvin Co.
Morrow 1900 - 1936 Paoli
Morse 1900 - 1922 Wynnewood
Mosley 1910 - Present Stratford
Mumford 1850 to Present Pauls Valley

*Comment on Stratford/Corley MCONNELL listing. 1895 is the date given for the McConnell's coming to the Corley School district south of Stratford/ then McGee, prior to the move. I learned it from living with my grandfather Tilford Thomas McConnell (also listed as Tifford). He and my grandmother (Ereman Missouri) are buried in the McGee cemetery with clearly marked graves. .My Uncle Leonard was the last McConnell to live in Garvin County. He lived in the town. He died in the middle 70's, which I would suppose that '75 would be the last years any McConnell lived there.


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