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Originally copied from the U.S. Geological Survey -
but was incomplete - added locations and links listed at Harmon Co. Archives page

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude City
Bitter Creek Cemetery 344452N 0995852W Hollis
Cave Creek Cemetery 345306N 0995116W Vinson
Dryden Cemetery 344439N 0994936W N of Hollis
Fairmount Cemetery 344016N 0995541W Hollis
Gould Cemetery 344051N 0994612W Gould
Halsmith Cemetery 343628N 0995751W Hollis SW
Independence Cemetery aka Madge Cem. 345417N 0995628W Madge
Liberty Cemetery 343724N 0994509W S of Gould
Louis Cemetery aka Bethel 343339N 0994941W Louis
McKnight Cemetery 344534N 0995441W McKnight
O.M. Cemetery Not listed at USGS Hollis
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 343118N 0994405W S of Gould
Tea Cross Cemetery 344753N 0995205W Shrewder
Westview Cemetery AKA No 2 Not listed on USGS Hollis

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