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Edgeworth School,
Edgeworth, Oklahoma,
taken Feb 22, 1906

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Contributed by Donna Nichols McNamara
If anyone would like a copy of the picture without numbers, please contact me.


This is a picture of Edgeworth School, Edgeworth, Oklahoma.
Written on the back "Edgeworth School, Edgeworth, Oklahoma., taken Feb 22, 1906

#1: Myrtle Ivy Hilliker born 29 Jul 1896 in Cherokee Co., Iowa. She married (1) Oscar Fredrick Nixon 3 Feb 1912 in Texas. She married (2) Andrew LaCasse Mar 1940. Myrtle died 38 Oct 1970 in Mangum, Greer Co., Oklahoma. She is buried at Wildcat Cemetery, Greer Co., Oklahoma.

#2: Rosa M (Rosie) Hilliker born 30 May 1891 in Cherokee Co., Iowa. She married Frederick August Estlinbaum 2 Feb 1909 in Mangum, Greer Co., Oklahoma. Rosie died 11 Jan 1969 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Two of my great aunts are in the picture. They are the first and second girls (from the left) on the back row. They lived in Tilly Township about this time. Their parents are Marion Augusta Hilliker and Azuba Marsh. I am related to their younger sister, Gladys Lenore Hilliker. She was born 27 Jan 1903 in Greer Co., Oklahoma. Gladys married Thomas Alfred Cowger 7 Jun 1919 in Garvin Co., Oklahoma. Gladys died 11 Apr 1962 in Mangum, Greer Co., Oklahoma. Thomas died 9 Mar 1955 on their farm near Russell, Greer Co., Oklahoma. They are both buried at Wildcat Cemetery, Greer Co., Oklahoma.
Here is what I found out through a genealogist friend in Oklahoma. She found in 2 history books of Greer and Hamon Counties.
Harmon County Schools 1902-1977
Edgeworth (Shrewder 1916)
Consolidated Schools 1916-Shrewder and Edgeworth

In the other book, it was written like this: Pols offices of Greer Co. I. T. 1895-1907
Shrewder - Riley D. Carnut 2 May 1902

In the book "Oklahoma Place Names" book, it is written like this:
In Harmon County 7 miles north of Gould.
A Post office from 12 May 1902, to May 31, 1911. Named for Thomas Shrewder, pioneer resident.

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