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Harmon County - Pictures

Richeson Family Photo,
taken 1913


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Contributed by Jolene Crowder

Jacob Rice and Mattie (Powell) Richeson family

The Jacob Rice and Mattie Missouri (Powell) Richeson family - April 17, 1913
(At the time this picture was taken, the family lived on the farm they
homesteaded, the NE 1/4 of Section 35, Twp. 1 N, Range 24 W. I. M., Harmon County, OK.)
(When the farm was homesteaded in 1899, it was in Greer County, Oklahoma Territory.)

Back Row (left to right):
Jacob Elzie (Elzie) Richeson (born March 2, l898 at Seymour, Baylor County, TX)
Annie Missouri (Annie) Richeson (born February 28, l891 at Alvarado, Johnson County, TX)
John Benjamin (Ben) Richeson (born November 8, l889 at Alvarado, Johnson County, TX)
Sylvania (Vannie) Minerva Richeson (born September 22, l892 at Seymour, Baylor County, TX)
James Wilford (Wilford) Richeson (born March 1, l896 at Seymour, Baylor County, TX)
Dora (Dode) Ethel Richeson (born February 4, l894 at Roff, Indian Territory-Oklahoma)

Front row (left to right):
Jacob Rice Richeson (born September 8, l858 at Gainesville, Cooke County, TX)
holding Winnie Lee (Winnie) Richeson (born November 22, 1907 on the home-stead
in Harmon County, OK)
Chester Asberry (Chester) Richeson (born May 15, 1902 on homestead near Eldorado,
in Greer County, OT) (Chester was the seventh child and the first one born in a
half-dugout on the homestead in Greer County, OT.)
Mattie Missouri (Powell) Richeson (born March 2, l873 at Alvarado, Johnson County, TX)
holding Herbert Ancel (Herbert) Richeson (born February 28, 1911 on the homestead near
Eldorado, Harmon County, OK)
Tennie Mabelle (Tennie) Richeson (born July 15, 1906 on the homestead near Eldorado,
Greer County, OK)

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