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1885 Choctaw Census
Sans Bois County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
County Census Page
San Bois County was made up of land located in the Choctaw Nation area of Indian Territory.

Sans Bois County—Sambai Kaunti. was named after the principal tributary of the Arkansas River, in that section, known as "Sans Bois Creek." Sambai (pronounced by the Choctaws, sambi) was an adaption of the French words sans bois meaning "without wood." This creek was first named by the French traders and trappers who started their operations along the rivers and creeks of Eastern Oklahoma, early in the 18th Century.

After Statehood in 1907 San Bois County because portions of Haskell, Pittsburg, Latimer and Leflore Counties in Oklahoma.

Adam Davis
Afamatobe Emily
Afamatobe Liddy
Afamotabe Dave
Afamotabe Sim
Allen Cally
Allen Richard
Almun Fred
Almun Harriette
Amos Geo.
Amos Mitchell
Anderson Dave
Anderson Emily
Anderson Joe
Anderson Nancy
Bacon Aaron
Bacon Elizabeth
Bacon Houston
Bacon Lizzie
Bacon Louis
Bascom Charles
Bascom Margarett
Beams Babe
Beams Jincy
Beams Joe
Beams Nancy
Bell Danial
Bell Levie
Bell Melinda
Belvin Elizabeth
Belvin Elsie
Belvin Hagan
Belvin Lucinda
Belvin Rufus R.
Betcher Lazarus
Bickle James
Bickle Serena
Bickle Susan
Billy Dickson
Billy James
Billy Louina
Billy Susan
Bohanan Isaac
Bohanan Joseph
Bohanan Rachel
Bohanan Silas
Bohanan Sillin
Bohanan Susan
Bond Aaron
Bond Acheba
Bond Babe
Bond Elsie
Bond Francis
Bond James
Bond John
Bond Lorin
Bond Siny
Bond Susan
Bond Winy
Bond Wm
Bonnette Edward
Bonnette Nancy
Brandy Betsy
Brandy Cornelius
Brandy James
Brimage Bettie
Brimage Geo.
Brimage Ida
Brimage Jinnie
Brimage John
Bumgarner John W.
Bumgarner Samuel
Bumgarner Susan
Burns Alex
Burns Arian
Burns Bicy
Burns Jack
Burns Jackson
Burns Joe
Burns Mary
Burns Thomas
Byington Joseph
Byington Phillip
Byington Silas
Byington Wicy
Calister Sealy
Carney Albert
Carney Allen
Carney Annie
Carney Bicy
Carney Cephus
Carney Coleman
Carney Dora
Carney Emily
Carney Folsom
Carney Francis
Carney Gibson
Carney Gilbert
Carney Hattie
Carney Jincy
Carney John W.
Carney Jonas
Carney Lizzie
Carney Louisa
Carney Mary
Carney Moriah
Carney Morris
Carney Morris
Carney Moton
Carney Mulsey
Carney Robert
Carney Sam
Carney Sealy
Carney Seely
Carney Susie
Carney Watkin
Carney Wilson
Cass Adam
Cass Anny
Cass Ausburn
Cass Billy
Cass Melissa
Cass Moleas
Cass Mrs. L.
Cass Robert
Cass Sabil
Cass Silvy
Cass Thomas
Cass Winny
Charity Fannie
Charity Login
Charity Picken
Charles Elsie
Charles Lily
Chlkoche Gibson
Choate William
Clark Edward
Clark John P.
Clark Sally
Coat Wilkin
Colbert Abel
Colbert Alby
Colbert Aly
Colbert Davis
Colbert Francis
Colbert Frank
Colbert Gibson
Colbert Henry
Colbert Isebel
Colbert Joe
Colbert Joshua
Colbert Leonedus
Colbert Lina
Colbert Lucy
Colbert Mary
Colbert Sally
Colbert Simpson
Colbert Sissie
Colbert Sophie
Colbert Thomas
Coly Abner
Coly Dave
Coly Frank
Coly Gibson
Coly Joseph
Coly Liny
Coly Rosy
Coly Sebin
Coly Sillin
Coly Sophie
Coly Sophie
Coly Wilson
Cooper Abel
Cooper Adam
Cooper Beky
Cooper Catherine
Cooper Darrs
Cooper Dennis
Cooper Henry
Cooper Isreal
Cooper Jackson D.
Cooper John
Cooper Kissy
Cooper Levina
Cooper Lizzie
Cooper Louisa
Cooper Lucinda
Cooper Mary
Cooper Morris
Cooper Robt.
Cooper Sally
Cooper Sally
Cooper Sam
Cooper Sophie
Cooper Thompson
Cooper Willis
Coss {Cass} Wilmun {Wilburn}
Cowen Mack
Cowling A. F.
Cowling Callie
Cowling John A.
Crowder Catherine
Crowder Katy C.
Crowder Martin S.
Crowder Metilda J.
Crowder Nancy
Crowder Napoleon
Crowder Sarah
Crowder William
Crowder William J.
Cummings Alcidonia
Cummings Henry
Cummings Ida M.
Cummings Joseph
Curatt Lucy
Daggs Amanda
Daggs Daisy L.
Daggs James
Daggs John C.
Daggs Leonedus
Daggs Wm W.
Daggs Wm Walter
Daniel Francis
Daniel Isreal
Daniel Martha
Daniel Sikney
Davis Daniel
Davis Melvina
Davis Sophie
Donald Benje F.
Donald Levina
Donald Tom
Drake Canzadia
Drake John B.
Drake John E.
Drake Permillia
Drake Watt
Durant Anoema
Durant Greggs
Durant Sismun
Dwight Francis
Dwight Tecumseh
Dwight Wiley
Dyer Francis
Dyer Lucy
Dyer Moses
Dyer Nicholas
Emahlpesa Jack
Ervin Elizabeth
Ervins Arian
Folsom Alex
Folsom Allen
Folsom Andeline
Folsom Ann
Folsom Arian
Folsom Arnold
Folsom Artemesia
Folsom Benj. F.
Folsom Bettie
Folsom Billy
Folsom Charley
Folsom Clarry
Folsom Daniel
Folsom Elias
Folsom Emeline
Folsom Fannie
Folsom Henrietta
Folsom Ida
Folsom Jackson
Folsom Jane
Folsom Jerry
Folsom Jincy
Folsom Joe
Folsom Joe
Folsom Katy
Folsom Leona
Folsom Levisy
Folsom Lizzie
Folsom Lizzie
Folsom Louisa
Folsom Luvine
Folsom Manda
Folsom Martha
Folsom Martha
Folsom Martha
Folsom Mary
Folsom Nancy
Folsom Nathanial
Folsom Peter
Folsom Phebe
Folsom Robt.
Folsom Sam
Folsom Shellet
Folsom Shellet
Folsom Shellet
Folsom Sillis
Folsom Sim
Folsom Slam
Folsom Solomon
Folsom Sukey
Folsom Susie
Folsom Tandy
Folsom Walker
Folsom Wallace
Folsom Walter
Folsom Willis
Folsom Willy
Folsom Winnie
Folsom Wm
Ford Billy
Ford Victoria
Ford Zack
Foreman Henry B.
Foreman Kitty
Foreman Lethy
Foreman Simon
Forrest Allice
Forrest Annie
Forrest Cornelia
Forrest J. Smedley
Forrest Minnie
Forrest Victoria
Forrest Wilson
Franklin Eliza
Franklin Houston
Franklin Mary
Franklin Nicholas
Franklin William
Frazier Elizabeth
Frazier Elsy
Gage Babe
Gage Harry
Gage Nancy
Gage Suky
Ganches Deny
Ganches William
Gardner Louisa
Garland Babe
Garland Clarisy
Garland Columbus
Garland Cornelia
Garland David
Garland Edeline
Garland Ellen
Garland Elsie
Garland Frank
Garland Isaac
Garland Jack
Garland Jeff
Garland Joe
Garland Joel
Garland Joseph
Garland Lou
Garland Lurena
Garland Margarett
Garland Melinda
Garland Melissa
Garland Melissa
Garland Minerva
Garland Morris
Garland Nicholas
Garland Pegy
Garland Perling
Garland Peter
Garland Sarah
Garland Siby
Garland Sophina
Garland Suky
Garland Ward
Garland Ward
Garland Wm.
Goodnight Edmund
Goodnight Emma
Goodnight John
Graham Ned
Haklochi Sillin
Haklochi Wilson
Hall Daniel
Hancock Albert L.
Hancock Annie
Hancock Betsy
Hancock Cornelius
Hancock Elsie
Hancock Isaac
Hancock Levina
Hancock Lizzie
Hancock Lorin
Hancock Louis
Hancock Miky
Hancock Rachel
Hancock Robert
Hancock Rufus
Hancock Simon
Hancock Siny
Hancock Solomon
Hancock Sophie
Hancock Susan
Hancock Willis
Hancock Winy
Harkin Betsy
Harkin Bill
Harkin Emeline
Harkin Joel
Harkin Nelson
Harkin Susan
Harris Minnie
Harris Sally
Harrison Albert
Harrison Daniel
Harrison Henry C.
Harrison Loui
Harrison Louisa
Harrison Mary
Harrison Mitchell
Harrison Virginia
Harrison Willliam
Hehcha Charley
Hehcha Rachel
Hehcha Sam
Hehcha Wesley
Hendricks Caroline
Hendricks Harriett
Hendricks John
Hendricks Milo
Hendricks Theodasia
Henry Edmund
Henry Nicholas
Henry Woodson
Herren ?illi M.
Herren John
Herren Lula E.
Herren Nancy
Herren Susan
Hill James
Holmes Betsy
Holmes John
Holmes Morris
Holmes Robinson
Holmes Wily
Hopson Adam
Hopson Luncinda
Hopson Sarah
Hulsey Ely
Hulsey Henry
Hulsey John C.
Hulsey Levisy
Hunt Dickson
Hunt James
Hunt Lelio
Hunt Louisa
Hunt Siny
Hunt William
Isaac Cephus
Isaac Liny
Isaac Pesahayukle
Isaac Tuklis
Jackson Andeline
Jackson Andilo
Jackson Ben
Jackson Caroline
Jackson Eliza
Jackson Joe
Jackson Sina
Jackson Susan
Jackson Thomas
James Abel
James Allen
James Babe
James Cornelia
James Emily
James Horrace
James Jacob
James Johnson
James Kanimantabbe
James Martha
James Sarah
James Sophie
Jefferson Alfred
Jefferson Eastman
Jefferson Ellen
Jefferson Levisy
Jefferson Nancy
Jefferson Nicholas
Jefferson Sam
Jefferson Smallwood
Jefferson Sweeney
Jefferson Thomas
Jennings Richard
Joe Adam
Joel Henry
Johnson Alex
Johnson Arbin
Johnson Emeline
Johnson Levina
Johnson Simon
Johnson Zeno
Jones Douglas
Jones Eliza
Jones Hekatimma
Jones John
Jones Willy
Jones Wily
Kanashabe Babe
Kanashabe Beky
Kanashabe Julius
Kanashabe Wallace
Kanihta Morris
Kartial Zack
Kear Babe
Kear Lucy
Kear Robinson
Kegg Phillip
Kemp James
Kemp Martin
Kemp Stanton
Kemp Tennessee
Kemp Watten
Kernel Isaac
Kernel Nettie
Kincaid Susan
King Abby
King Alice
King Anderson
King Babe
King Charley L.
King Charly
King Elena
King Eliza
King Francis
King Hiram
King Isaac
King James
King Louisa
King Martha
King Mary
King McKee
King Nichodemus
King Patsy
King Rosella
King Siny
King Sisy
King Watson
King William
King William S.
King Winny
Krogsdale Agnis
Krogsdale Lorenzo
Lee Robert
Leflore Artemesia
Leflore Carry
Leflore Ely
Leflore Forbis
Leflore Garland
Leflore James
Leflore Jinnie
Leflore Loui
Leflore Louisa
Leflore Mary
Leflore Noel
Leflore Robert
Leflore Sally
Leflore Silliana
Leflore Wallace
Leflore Walter
Levy Babe
Levy Eastman
Levy Quiosy
Louis Dickson
Louis Geo. C.
Louis Gibson
Louis Liddy
Louis Louisa
Louis Martha
Louis Mary
Louis Simon E.
Louis Simon F.
Loving Elizabeth
Loving Willy
Lucas Adams
Lucas Lucy
Lucas Sis
Luce Delili
Luce Tom
Lucust Adam
Lucust Ellen
Lucust Ellen
Lucust Ely
Lucust Frank
Lucust Jinny
Lucust Joshua
Lucust Louis
Lucust Mary
Lucust Mary
Lucust Sally
Lucust Sampson
Lucust Watson
Luke David
Luke Mily
Lukly Joseph
Makhattabe John
Martin Anna
Martin Billy
Martin Isibel
Martin James
Martin Louiny
Martin Sillin
Martin William
McCann Austin
McCann Mulsa
McCurtain Allice
McCurtain Clarisy
McCurtain Edmund
McCurtain George
McCurtain Green
McCurtain Jinnie
McCurtain Kittie
McCurtain Kittie
McCurtain Lena
McCurtain Napoleon
McGee Susan
McGilberry Abel
McGilberry Annie
McGilberry Levina
McGilberry Martha
McGilberry Nicholas
McGilberry Solomon
McGilberry Stephen
McGilberry Susan
McGilberry Turner
McKinney Dickson
McKinney Pauly
McKinney Phillip
McKinney Sampson
Moore Andrew
Moore Eliza
Nail Edward
Nail Kissy
Nail Macksy
Nail Newton
Nail Nicholas
Nail Selina
Nail Sikey
Nelson Louisa
Nelson Pink
Nelson Susan
Nelson Willis
Noel Benny
Noel Louisa
Noel Lurinda
Noel Mary A.
Noel Minnie M.
Noel Peter
Noel Robt.
Parish Marvin
Parish Mertile
Patterson James
Patterson Jesse
Patterson Luke
Patterson Maldon
Patterson Martha
Patterson Robert
Patterson Sophronia
Perry Ada
Perry Alf W.
Perry Daniel
Perry Edmund
Perry Ellen
Perry Foster
Perry Frank
Perry Isham
Perry John
Perry Laura
Perry Levithy
Perry Louis
Perry Luella
Perry Mary
Perry Ruther
Perry Sally
Perry Sarah
Perry Simon
Perry Stephen
Perryman Bauth
Perryman Martha
Perryman Moses
Perryman Nancy
Perryman Rachel
Pesahoche Charley
Pesahoche Lena
Pesahoche Rhoda
Pesahoche Susan
Picken Ednie
Pickens Emiline
Pickins Levy
Poke Evy
Poke William
Pony Lee
Pony Phebe
Pope Attie
Pope John
Pope Melvina
Poss Billy
Riddle Eliza J.
Riddle Geo
Riddle John
Riddle Mary
Robinson Frank
Roe Andrew
Roe Columbus
Roe Eliza
Roe Jack
Roe John W.
Roe Jone
Roe Rose
Russell Louisa
Russell William
Sambe Arche
Sanders Babe
Sanders John
Sanders Long
Sanders Pitt
Seaton Benjamin
Seaton Elizabeth
Seaton Frank M.
Shellet Dickles
Shellete Lizzie
Shellette Garland
Smith Daniel
Smith Demon
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Elmo
Smith Freeman
Smith George
Smith Henry
Smith Hervey
Smith Hill
Span Freeman
Span Harry
Stephens Mary
Stephens Robert
Sukey Robert
Suky Adam
Suky Billy
Suky Nachen
Suratt Annie
Suratt Cooper
Suratt Fannie
Suratt Henry
Suratt Holy
Suratt Jeff
Suratt Louisa
Suratt Tennessee
Tanashabe Beky
Tanashabe Willis
Tanohattabe Jincy
Taylor Allice
Taylor Green
Taylor John
Taylor Mary
Thompson Babe
Thompson Bicy
Thompson Billy
Thompson Eddie
Thompson James
Thompson Jimpson
Thompson John P.
Thompson Jonas
Thompson Katie
Thompson Louisa
Thompson Lucy
Thompson Noel
Thompson Siby
Thompson Temaye
Thompson Tobias
Tobly Ettie
Tobly Gilbert
Tobly Sam
Tobly Sam
Tobly Willis
Tokabbe Calester
Tokabbe Elizabeth
Tokabbe Leny
Tokabbe Siby
Tokkabe Annie
Tokkabe Hoteyake
Tokubbee Wallace
Tom Ishtahona
Tom Simon
Tonla Alvin
Tonla Lucy
Tonla Sophie
Toula Ellis
Trayan Babe
Trayan Douglas
Trayan Siny
Tucker Enick
Tucker Ida
Tucker Martha
Tucker Nellie
Tucker Rhoda
Unknown Awechema
Unknown Jimpson
Unknown Kanima
Unknown Kauiotama
Unknown Louis
Unknown Mehuttubbee
Unknown Oklashona
Unknown Onabee
Unknown Ontemaye
Unknown Pesatikimba
Unknown Tanohattabee
Unknown Teloke
Unknown Thompson
Wade Kanneky
Wade Sampson
Wade Seely
Wade Silvy
Wade Solomon
Wade Wilburn
Walker Agnes
Walker Arthur
Walker Cora
Walker Cornelia
Walker George W.
Walker Rebecca
Walker Sarah
Walker Tandy
Walker William
Wallace Nelly
Wallace Robert
Wallin Austin
Wallis Frank
Wallis Isham
Wallis Lilly
Wallis Willy
Walt David
Walt Emily
Walt Jesse
Walt Levina
Walt Martha
Walt Thomas
Walt Thomas
Washington Melinda
Webster Adam
Webster Albert
Webster Annie
Webster Elizabeth
Webster Jane
Webster Jincy
Webster Mary
Webster Rhoda
Webster Rhoda
Webster Rosy L.
Webster Sally
Webster Stephen
Webster Susan
Webster Susan
Webster Thomas
Webster Wallen
Wenchep Hattie
Wesley Sissy
Whistler Amy
Whistler Tecumseh
Wilkin Mary
William Lizzie
William Loren
Williams Nancy
Williams Selina
Willis Ismun
Willis Isreal
Willis Kosy
Wilson Jerry
Wilson Nancy
Wilson Wm.
Winlock Levina
Winlock Pauly
Winlock Peter
Winlock Pheny
Winlock Rufus
Woolridge Elsie
Woolridge Francis
Woolridge Lizzie
Woolridge Moses
Woolridge Nicholas
Woolridge Rhoda
Woolridge Sam
Woolridge Siny
Woolridge Susan
Workman Louisa
Workman Mary A.
Wright Hollace
Wright Tennessee

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