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1930 United States Federal Census Township for Haskell County, Oklahoma
District 9 KINTA TOWN
First Name, Middle, Last Date of Birth Relationship
Thomas Weatherton abt 1881 Head
Fanny Weatherton abt 1894 Wife
Lawrence Weatherton abt 1915 Son
Cora Mae Weatherton abt 1928 Daughter
H L Utley abt 1916 Stepson
Thomas Utley abt 1918 Stepson
Tom L Perrymore abt 1882 Head
Roxie Perrymore abt 1887 Sister-in-law
Guy B Perrymore abt 1886 Head
Beulah Perrymore abt 1898 Wife
Willard Perrymore abt 1916 Son
Edyth Perrymore abt 1919 Daughter
Audie Raper abt 1903 Head
Elizabeth Raper abt 1904 Wife
Freda Joe Raper abt 1927 Daughter
James H Blair abt 1886 Head
Zada Blair abt 1894 Wife
Louise Blair abt 1916 Daughter
Homer E Council abt 1889 Head
Margia Council abt 1893 Wife
Ralph Council abt 1913 Son
Robert R Council abt 1915 Son
Garland Council abt 1919 Son
Helen Council abt 1921 Daughter
Kathryn Council abt 1925 Daughter
Harold Council abt 1912 Head
Beulah Council abt 1910 Wife
Emett Johnson abt 1867 Head
Winfield Johnson abt 1916 Son
Charles E Johnson abt 1879 Brother
Eva Johnson abt 1875 Sister-in-law
Eugene Eden abt 1905 Head
Morie Eden abt 1903 Wife
Gip Southern abt 1882 Head
Daisy Southern abt 1884 Wife
Pauline Southern abt 1917 Daughter
Charley Welshear abt 1870 Head
Beulah Welshear abt 1872 Wife
Anna Welshear abt 1906 Daughter
Ruth Welshear abt 1911 Daughter
Kathryn Welshear abt 1915 Daughter
Beulah Tolliver abt 1896 Daughter
Frank Tolliver abt 1895 Son-in-law
Walter James abt 1887 Head
Jannie James abt 1889 Wife
Learine James abt 1911 Daughter
Helen James abt 1914 Daughter
Jenevce James abt 1916 Daughter
Walter James abt 1924 Son
Kathryn James abt 1927 Daughter
James Barton abt 1862 Head
Martha J Barton abt 1870 Wife
James B Springs abt 1880 Head
Alice Springs abt 1885 Wife
Emma Springs abt 1905 Daughter
Beatrice Springs abt 1908 Daughter
Helen Springs abt 1913 Daughter
Marjorie Springs abt 1916 Daughter
Bernice Springs abt 1918 Daughter
B J Springs abt 1919 Son
Conser J Springs abt 1923 Son
Joe Edward Springs abt 1927 Son
Wynema Springs abt 1919 Daughter
Hugo W Beasley abt 1885 Head
Minnie Beasley abt 1892 Wife
Burl Beasley abt 1910 Son
Lawerence Beasley abt 1919 Son
Eldred Watkins abt 1900 Head
Jewel Watkins abt 1902 Wife
Joe Evelyn Watkins abt 1924 Daughter
Carolyn Watkins abt 1927 Daughter
Ped Puckett abt 1859 Head
Mary Ann Puckett abt 1859 Wife
Adoulph Waltz abt 1907 Head
Hallie Waltz abt 1909 Wife
Monta E Fellner abt 1897 Head
Anna Fellner abt 1900 Wife
Betty Joe Fellner abt 1925 Daughter
Steve Raper abt 1867 Head
Belle Raper abt 1868 Wife
Lorene Cothron abt 1907 Daughter
O W Rabon abt 1925 Grandson
Anius Neely abt 1891 Head
Mae Neely abt 1894 Wife
Sim Neely abt 1919 Son
Cecil Neely abt 1922 Son
Lonia Mae Neely abt 1926 Daughter
Burchal Briggs abt 1914 Stepson
Cora Pebworth abt 1885 Head
Cora Pebworth abt 1913 Daughter
Grace Pebworth abt 1917 Daughter
Pauline Pebworth abt 1921 Daughter
Sam Pebworth abt 1924 Son
Elmer Upton abt 1891 Head
Corda Upton abt 1889 Wife
Betha Mae Upton abt 1922 Daughter
Alice Virginia Upton abt 1925 Daughter
Charles A Upton abt 1927 Son
Ben J Wortham abt 1841 Head
Asenath A Wortham abt 1857 Wife
Anderson J Smith abt 1885 Head
Minnie Smith abt 1897 Wife
Charles Smith abt 1915 Daughter
Arthur Smith abt 1920 Son
Lowell Smith abt 1922 Son
Reba Smith abt 1924 Daughter
Earcal Smith abt 1927 Son
Juma Smith abt 1929 Daughter
Clayton Smith abt 1912 Nephew
Ruffus Gamble abt 1873 Head
Ella Martin abt 1856 Mother-in-law
Brooks Weir abt 1895 Head
Ruby Weir abt 1902 Wife
Margrette Weir abt 1923 Daughter
Guy Loyd Weir abt 1925 Son
Nanoma Weir abt 1928 Daughter
Gene O London abt 1903 Head
Julia A London abt 1906 Wife
Levia London abt 1927 Daughter
Earl London abt 1928 Son
Wand Lee London abt 1923 Daughter
Everett L Griffith abt 1896 Head
Maggie Griffith abt 1898 Wife
Julua Griffith abt 1916 Son
Julie Griffith abt 1920 Daughter
Julis Griffith abt 1925 Son
Jaunita Griffith abt 1929 Daughter
Robert E Upton abt 1903 Head
Ruth Upton abt 1906 Wife
Samuel Upton abt 1924 Son
Derg S Woolever abt 1861 Head
Gertie Woolever abt 1890 Wife
Ruth Dannels abt 1909 Daughter
Donald Dannels abt 1928 Grandson
John W House abt 1922 Nephew
William J Jenning abt 1878 Head
Ollie Jenning abt 1891 Wife
Claresta Jenning abt 1916 Daughter
Bryan Jenning abt 1919 Son
Murle Jenning abt 1921 Daughter
Maxine Jenning abt 1923 Daughter
Anna Dorie Jenning abt 1929 Daughter
Idus P Willingham abt 1882 Head
Winnie Willingham abt 1896
Mary Ella Willingham abt 1914
Willie Francie Willingham abt 1916
Thomas D Willingham abt 1918
Arthur P Willingham abt 1918
Elsia Neoma Willingham abt 1925
Perry Martindale abt 1899 Head
Madge G Martindale abt 1901 Wife
Alma Martindale abt 1919 Daughter
Dorothy Martindale abt 1920 Daughter
James P Martindale abt 1923 Son
Billy Ray Martindale abt 1925 Son
Andy Upton abt 1880 Head
Mary Upton abt 1871 Wife
William Council abt 1891 Head
Mable Council abt 1898 Wife
Gordon Council abt 1926 Son
Dooid Council abt 1928 Son
Emma Blaisdell abt 1883 Housekeeper
William L Euper abt 1852 Head
Huston Brittin abt 1901 Head
Eunice Brittin abt 1909 Wife
Anna Belle Brittin abt 1923 Daughter
Alice Haggard abt 1872 Head
Fanny Templeton abt 1874 Sister
Pearl Fulcher abt 1883 Head
Delma Fulcher abt 1912 Daughter
Velma Fulcher abt 1915 Daughter
Melicent Fulcher abt 1917 Daughter
Irving Fulcher abt 1920 Son
Lena Zachary abt 1891 Head
Everett Zachary abt 1916 Son
Woodrow Zachary abt 1917 Son
Le Roy Zachary abt 1921 Son
J N Zachary abt 1922 Son
Modeen Zachary abt 1925 Daughter
William E Richerson abt 1884 Head
Roxie Richerson abt 1885 Wife
Jack Braun abt 1926 Nephew
Mary Richerson abt 1856 Mother
Dora Adams abt 1884 Head
Melvine Box abt 1902 Daughter
Floyd Box abt 1908 Son
Pauline Box abt 1915 Daughter
Bobby Ruth Adams abt 1924 Daughter
Herbert M Moore abt 1873 Head
Lena Moore abt 1882 Wife
Herbert Moore abt 1911 Son
Betty Patricie Moore abt 1924 Daughter
Oscar M Ellis abt 1891 Head
Marie Ellis abt 1898 Wife
Gus J Carter abt 1892 Head
Maggie Carter abt 1905 Wife
Thelma Carter abt 1921 Daughter
Delmar Carter abt 1924 Daughter
Ellen M Carter abt 1926 Daughter
Evelene Carter abt 1927 Daughter
Kathylene Carter abt 1921 Daughter
Edgar Stone abt 1904 Head
Amye Stone abt 1907 Wife
Joe Stone abt 1927 Son
Marvin Cocke abt 1862 Head
Ollie Mae Cocke abt 1883 Wife
Solere Wehunt abt 1898 Head
Letha Wehunt abt 1902 Wife
Lucille Wehunt abt 1922 Daughter
Authur Lee Wehunt abt 1925 Son
Eveline Wehunt abt 1928 Daughter
Garfield Wehunt abt 1906 Head
Mina Wehunt abt 1908 Wife
Ella Marie Wehunt abt 1927 Daughter
James A Pebworth abt 1889 Head
Bertha Pebworth abt 1890 Wife
Kathryn Pebworth abt 1915 Daughter
Geraldine Pebworth abt 1917 Daughter
Louise Pebworth abt 1919 Daughter
Preston M Rabon abt 1900 Head
Coline Rabon abt 1909 Wife
Jaunita Rabon abt 1929 Daughter
Samuel L London abt 1880 Head
Obbie London abt 1883 Wife
Clumbus N London abt 1910 Son
Edythe London abt 1915 Daughter
Mark London abt 1917 Son
Elmo London abt 1922 Son
Earl Webber abt 1880 Head
Linda Webber abt 1885 Wife
Vergil Webber abt 1904 Son
Cecil Webber abt 1918 Son
Camille Webber abt 1923 Daughter
Pearl Rackley abt 1908 Daughter
James E Rackley abt 1928 Grandson
William Cox abt 1898 Head
Corene Cox abt 1899 Wife
Mitchell Cox abt 1919 Son
Inez Cox abt 1922 Daughter
Billie Joe Cox abt 1925 Son
Parthena Cox abt 1870 Mother
Lurlie Mckinley abt 1857 Head
Emma Mckinley abt 1859 Wife
John H Logan abt 1900 Head
Alice Logan abt 1902 Wife
Harold Logan abt 1922 Son
Betty Logan abt 1925 Daughter
Dorothy Logan abt 1928 Daughter
Mable Upton abt 1898 Head
Effie Upton abt 1923 Daughter
Jessie Upton abt 1927 Daughter
Loney Ward abt 1892 Head
Lovia S Ward abt 1895 Wife
Margie Ward abt 1918 Daughter
Lorene Ward abt 1920 Daughter
Marice Ward abt 1922 Daughter
Helen Ward abt 1924 Daughter
Ernest Ward abt 1926 Son
Grace Ward abt 1929 Daughter

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