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Calvin Cemetery

Hughes County, Ok.

   This cemetery was canvassed by Misty Jones Taylor, Dana Williams Taylor and Vickie Neill Taylor. It was completed March 13, 2002 but a few names have been added since that date. Please let me know if I can be of help.

    From the intersection of Highway 48 and Highway 1, go east 5 miles to Calvin. Turn south or right on Canadian Street at the post office. The cemetery will be about 1/2 mile south of the post office.

    There were 190 unknown graves marked only by cement or sandstones in this cemetery.

    Just inside the main gate into the cemetery, you'll see a large stone erected in honor of the World War II soldiers. The stone reads as shown below.

In Memory            World War II

Our Boys Who Gave Their Lives That Others Might Live

  Melvin AVERY            Casper MARTIN

Jim EDWARDS            Robert SMITH

Albert MCCLAIN            Deronda SELF

J. T. STANTON            Harold WRIGHT


  Greater Love Than This No Man Hath

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Vickie Neill Taylor

County Coordinator


Sept. 22, 2000 - 2007