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 Hughes County

Civil War Burials


    Thanks to Mahlon ERICKSON, among others, for sending this information.

Name Birth/Death Rank Co Unit Unit/St Type Cemetery Wife Info
ANDERSON, Jacob 10-12-1836 - 03-04-1923 Pvt D 30th Ky. Vol. Non Born Wayne Co., Kentucky.
Died  Stuart, Hughes County.
 He was also older brother to
Stephen Anderson listed below.
ANDERSON, Steven 1844-1916       Union Army Non Mary  
ATKINSON, James Pvt MO Home Guard Fairview
BARNETT,  Daniel  1822/1825 - ?  2nd Lt. D 2nd Mounted
Creek Calvary
Barnett Sally Barnett (Possibly buried East of Eufaula, Ok)
BARNETT, Timothy 1826 -1873 Maj./Col.  2nd Mounted
Creek Calvary 
Barnett Mary Benson & Hoketa
BARNETT, Washington  1838-1863 Lt 2nd Mounted
 Creek Calvary 
Barnett Cherokee Davis ROBINSON
BIDDY, William M.     D 018 TX Inf. CSA Holdenville    
BIRGET, Theodric     A 113 USC Inf. Buchner    
BRIDGES, John C. 1840-1910 Pvt B 023 MO Inf Holdenville    
BROWN, Martin T.     F 031 MO Inf Holdenville    
BUCKMASTER, Charles Wilson  1848-1919 Pvt C 014 IA Inf Holdenville Mahala HOPKINS  
BURCH, William Henry 1843-1921 Crossroads (1)Unknown, (2) Victoria PROPS Guard at Camp Ford, Tyler, TX
CARDER, R. L.  1846-1906 Pvt K 13th Ala Inf Atwood
CLEMMENS, Jessie J. 1831-1920         Union Army Wetumka Elizabeth  
COLLINS, Thomas B.     H 015 MO Cav.  CSA Lamar    
CONLEY, Taylor 1847-1926   C 008 TN Mtd. Inf. Holdenville Widowed  
CROSS, John Franklin   Sgt   002 TN Inf Holdenville    
CULVER, Elijah J. 1843-1908   I 044 WI Mtd. Inf. Holdenville Mary E.  
DAVIS, Charles M.         -1920   G 082 OH Inf. Dustin    
DAVIS, Edward 1847-1929         Conf. Army Bohannan Eliza  
DICKERSON, Calvin J. 1840-         Union Army Wetumka Cathrine SOUTH  
DUNFORD, Phillip P. 1842-1913   I 001   Mtd. Rifles CSA Lamar Irene Born in MS
EDWARDS, James W. 1844-1936   I 011 AR Inf. McMahan Mary  
GORHAM, Daniel H. 1829-1912         Union Army Wetumka Sarahan MARQUIS  
GREGG, Nathan 1840-1919 Pvt D Cass MO Hg Lamar Eliza?/Louisa  
HOWARD, J. N. 1935-1924         Conf. Army Yeager Martha J.  
HOWELL, Benjamin Franklin 1839-1902     001 AR H-Art Glory Sarah E. BEARDEN  
JARRETT, William S. 1845-1914         Conf. Army Wetumka (mother)  
JONES, Benjamin Franklin Pvt Cannon Co, TN Calvin Maggie
JULIN, William N. 1847?-1913 Pvt K 050 MO Inf Atwood America P. Conf. Army ??
KAY, James E TM Cav Butner
KEY, Elisha C. 1838-1915 F AR 27th Inf Atwood Margaret M.
Deserted Jan 1863 joined the Union Army,
Co. D, 2nd Ark Cav in Feb 1864
LEDBETTER, Alexander P. 1844-1935   H 019 AR Inf CSA Wetumka Mary A.  
LONG, William A. 1846-1919 Union Army Atwood Julia Ann Union Army
MADRON, John 1844-1916         Union Army Glory Amanda  
MCCOLLUM, Newton F. 1836-1909   F 001   TURNEY's Reg. Citra Nancy  
MORRIS, James Gregory 11-14-1842 - 06-24-1926 Pvt E 38 Inf Union Army Crossroads Lucretia Jane BRUCE
MOUSER, John B. 1847-1927 Atwood Sarah E. CSA
MULLINS, Pinkney M. 1841?-1912 Pvt C 004 AR Cav Fairview    
MULLINS, Pinkney M. 1841?-1912   A 015 AR Militia CSA Fairview    
MULLINS, Pinkney M. 1841?-1912   H 035 AR Inf. CSA Fairview    
OWEN, Thomas Franklin TX 18th Cav Darnell Reg Dustin
POOLE, John H. 1843-1917         Conf. Army Wetumka Alty M.  
PURCELL, Thomas 1844-1924   E 008 IL Cav. Calvin Mollie E.  
RAGAN, John Wesley 1832-1907 Sg K MS 2nd MS Cav CSA Holdenville
ROBERTS, Elvis Campbell 01-1843 - 10-29-1918 IL Co. L, 9th IL US Cav. Holdenville Twin brother, Atlas Kendrick Roberts,
killed at Gettysburg.
ROBERTS, Pinkney C. 1843-1933         Union Army Holdenville Frances Abby  
ROBISON, William 1833-1899 Col         Old Wetumka Cherokee  
RUSSELL, James Johnson 1837-1903   G 001 AR Inf Buffalo    
SIMMONS, Lewis H.     K 136 IL Inf. Holdenville    
SIMMONS, Marcus A. 1845-1916 Pvt C Elliot   SHELBY's Div Yeager Carrie B.  
SMITH, Joseph Speed II 1839-1917 5Sgt E 032 KY Inf. Holdenville Eveline Tweet David  
WHITE, Stephen Warren 1845-1906 Pvt D 45 AR Cav Old Dustin Elmira Mendoza Kelly Taken prisoner by Northern Sub-Dist.Paroled
 at Jacksonport, AR.




Linda Simpson
County Coordinator