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 Bethel School

     This is a list of known teachers and board members at Bethel school north of Holdenville. If you can add more, please email me.

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JENKINS, Mrs. G. D. 1930's  
JENKINS, Mr. G. D. 1930's  
HARDY, Mrs. Thelma (LOWERMORE)  1933  
HARDY, Lawrence  1933  
FORESTER, Clyde    
DAWSON, H.    
JONES, Earl    
TUCKER, Mrs. Florence (MAYFIELD)    
WILKERSON, Lowell    
ROBINSON, Lester H. 1948-52 Vida Sue Robinson Neill
REVIS, Ruby    

Board Members

NEILL, James Asa Vickie Neill Taylor


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Vickie Neill Taylor

County Coordinator


Sept. 22, 2000 - 2007