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ALLEN, Mike (Custodian) 1938  
ALLEN, Mrs. Mike (Custodian) 1938  
AUSTIN, Mr. 1934  
BAKER, Ron    
BAYLESS, Harland (Principal) 1940's  
BRAINS, Hazel    
BROADHEAD, Fred 1941-42  
BROCK, Minnie    
BROWN, Miss 1934  
BUTLER, Carl (Principal) 1953-59  
CAL, Miss  1934  
CONLEY, Ethel    
COOLEY, Bob    
COTTON, Mrs.    
DOUGLAS, Lewilta    
ELLIOTT, Mrs 1931  
GARRETT, Pete    
GERMAN, Mrs. 1928-29  
GRAHAM, W. W. (Supt.)    
HARDWICK, Athelene 1952  
HARLESON, Mr. 1934  
HESSER, Benny 1941-42  
HILLEBRAND, Louise 1938  
HOLFAST, Agnes    
HOLLY, Mr.    
KEMP, Mrs. 1937  
LANDRUM, Mrs. Ethel    
MORSE, Iva Mae    
OSBORN, Dorothy 1938  
PECK, Dwight 1946-61  
PECK, Freda 1947-65, 67-77  
POGUE, James    
POTTS, Edward F.
REWFROW, Carl Lee            (Custodian, Bus driver, Plumber, Electrician) 1947-60  
ROBERTS, John    
ROBERTSON, Lyndall (MEDFORD) 1945-65  
RUSSELL, Lettie Marie (LEWIS)    
SMITH, Annabelle (MURRY) 1962-80's  
TAYLOR, Mrs.    
TILLY, Joe    
TONEY, J. T. (Supt.) 1960-70  
WARD, Lella    
WILEY, Wilburn 1956-68  
WILLIAMS, Hazel    
WOODS, Ida Faye    


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