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Dustin School


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ARNHART, Kelly (SELVIDGE) early 80's  
BEGLEY, Leo Supt.  1980's  
BROOKS, Mrs. Karen    
BROOKS, Mr.    
BROWN, Joe E.    
BROWN, Mrs. Joe E    
BROWN, Supr.  Richard    
COOKSIE, Mrs.    
COX, Mr.    
COX, Mrs.    
DABNEY, Dr.    
DICKEY, Mrs. 1960's  
DUCOTEY, Frank Jr. Princ   1980's  
ELLIS, Mrs. Roy    
GREEN, Mrs. mid  1970's  
HORNE, Mildred 1970's - 1980's  ret  
KING, George Washington    
KRAUSSE, Paul 1950  
LANHAM, Thomas Walter    
LEIST, Glenn    
LYNCH, Clarence    
LYNCH, Mrs. Calrence    
MACKPETE, Lonnie    
MASSEY, Claude    
MASSEY, Mrs. Claude    
MCCALLIE, Lucy late 1960's - early 70's  
MCCORMICK, Mrs. Ruth    
MCCORMICK, Richard 1960's  
MCKINNEY, Naiomi Eldridge    
MONROE, Blanch    
OWENS, Stan 1956-57  
OWENS, Mrs. Stan 1956-57  
PACE, Bob    
POPEJOY, Mrs.    
PROVINCE, Mr. 1960's  
PURDOM, Mrs.    
SANDERS, Miss    
SANDERS, Miss    
SANDERS, Miss    
SMITH, Mrs. 1962  
STAFFORD, Mrs. J. D. late 1950's  
STANDREGE, Hazel    
TAYLOR, Marie    
TOON, Mr. late 1950's  
TOON, Mrs. late 1950's  
WADE, Mr.    
WADE, Mr.    
WOOD, Miss Irma    
WORKMAN, Bob late 70's early 80's  


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