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    Thanks to Vida Sue Robinson Neill for sharing these pictures and supplying the name of those in the pictures. If you can identify any of  the others, please email Sue.

Class of 1921 or 22

Front Row L - R: Unknown, Unknown, Billie BAILEY, Lester Harold ROBINSON, Unknown

Middle Row L - R: Unknown man may have been the bus driver, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Mary BOYD, Unknown teacher

Back Row L - R: Unknown, Dovie MOLES, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Olie BOYD COX


Class of 1946

Front Row L - R: Wanda MOLES, Billy WILCOX, Juanita CARNES, Jessie POWELL

Back Row L - R: Sam HOUSTON, Lester Harold ROBINSON, Joel Henry FREEMAN, Elsie BAILEY, Louise SINDLER


Jr. Class of 1947

Seated L - R: Betty CRAWFORD, Glenda ROWLAND

Back L - R: Lester Harold ROBINSON, Bobby "Peas" ROBERTS, Sam HOUSTON


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