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Moss School is still open. It is one of the few small Hughes county schools that is still operating. Year after year, Moss has supported some very good baseball teams.

If you can add other Moss teachers or teachers at other Hughes County schools, please email me.

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Check here for more information about the Hornetown and the Moss community.

ALLEN, Mrs. Frank                   1942-43  
APPLEGATE, Leon       
ANDERSON, Mrs. T. A.           1941-42  
AVERY, Pauline 1949-50  
BADLEY, Amy    
BELL, Minnie   1938    
BLEDSOE, Tom    
BOSTER, Mr. Otto                    1930  
BRUMLEY, Mr. Bob D.            1950  
BUSY, Ms.    
COUCH, James    
CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. W. W.       1949-50  
DAVIS, Geneva Jo                   1946-48  
DOVER, Ms.    
DOUGHTY, Noble                   1946-47  
DOWDY, Mr.    
DUFF, Howard       
DURHAM, Virgil H.    
EVANS, Joe    
FAHRNEY, Cleo    
FARRIS, Leon    
FRIEND, Herbert    
GAROUTTE, Miss 1930  
GENTRY, Joy    
GORE, Mrs. Grace                  1938-39  
GRAY, David    
HASSELL, Verna    
HAWTHORNE, Clara    
HEAD, Floyd R.                      1944-45  
HENSON, Mr.    (Vo-Ag) 1968-69  
HOUSTON, Sam    
HULL, Kenneth    
HUSER, Stanley    
JULIAN, Ethel    
KELLY, Paul    
KITE, Charles    
LEACH, Mae    
LAVALLEY, Clinton    
LINDLEY, Leola    
LINDLEY, M. C. "Pete"    
LOGAN, Mr. 1927  
MARTIN, Ms.    
MCCLELLAN, Mr.  (Vo-Ag) 1967-68  
MOORE, Jewell                        1939-40  
MORGAN, Lilly    
MORGAN, Mr.    (Coach)    
MORGAN, Ralph    
MURRAY, Mrs. Harold    
NEAL, Mrs. 1942  
OLIPHANT, Mr.     (Science) 1967-68  
OLIVER, Mrs. 1950's  
PERKINS, Nova    
PRINCE, Mrs Hershal     
ROBERTS, Gerald    
SAYRE, Don    
SELF, Charles    
SELF, Lanelle    
SHIRLEY, David 1949  
SHIRLEY, Miss Myrtle 1949-50  
SMITH, Mrs. Selma 1950  
TALLEY, Stanley    
TAYLOR, Mrs. Virginia    
TILLEY, Mrs.    
VANDIVERE, Velma    
WALKUP, Shirley    
WATSON, Travis                        1949  
WEBBER, Guy A.                     1946-47  
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Clyde    
WISE, B. O.                                1928  


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