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   The Non school building has been remodeled....."including inside bathrooms" which were not available in the early education of some of the Non students I'm told. The building is now used as a community building. It contains many of the Non ball team picture from way back when, including some from the the 1930's when they were the Champs!.

    Click here to see a Non School picture from about 1910. If you can identify others in this picture, I'd sure like to hear from you!

    If you know of other teachers that taught at Non or other Hughes County schools, please let me know. 

    If you are researching any of these names and would like to have your name and address added to this page, please email me.


DEEL, Julia (Prin.) 1940's  
ENGLAND, Marceline TOLLETT    
FARRIS, Leon (Prin.) 1940's-50's  
HUDDLESTON, Sidney 1910  
JACKSON, Kate    
LEWIS, Mr. Cozma 1930's  
PRIEST, Mabel (SHIRLEY) 1930's  
PRIEST, Mignon    
SHIRLEY, Myrtle 1930's  
STOUT, Agnes (BANKSTON) 1930's  
STROZIER, Kathleen (SANFORD)    
TIPTON, Minnie (BAIN) 1940's-50's  
UNDERWOOD, Mr. (Prin.) 1940's  


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