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  Unknown Photo
Either a School or Sunday School

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possibly Blackwell school photo

I believe this is a class photo of Blackwell, OK. My mother, Virginia Lee Long, b. Sept. 9, 1914, in Neoshoda, KS. Her mother was Ruby Archer, who later married James Allen Ebright. My mother, Virginia, grew up in Blackwell, OK. My sister remembers our mother telling her that she (Virginia) is in the photo. We would like to identify her. We would appreciate any info on the photo.

My second cousin, Roberta Margerum True said that she was one of the little girls in the photo, but wasn't sure of which one. I have been studying old family photos and I do believe she is the little girl sitting next to the woman that has her head covered. Looking at the photo, on our right.

Roberta thinks that this may be a Sunday school class in Blackwell, Ok.

Please feel free to use or copy the photo. I thank you for contacting me. It would be nice to find out more information on this picture.

Again, thank you. Lynn Campbell If you recognize this photo or any of the people in it please contact  Lynn or the Kay County Coordinator.

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