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1910 Census Cravens Township Index
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This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research. Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.
1910 Census - Latimer County
Cravens Township
Last Name First Name AGE Birthplace Sheet#
Adams Nora 42 MO 1A farmer
Adams Charlie 38 MO !A
Adams Opal 18 MO 1A
Adams Richard 16 OK 1A
Adney Esther 13 OK 1A
Adney Ramie 10 Ok 1A
Adney Viola 8 OK 1A
Adney Maria 5 OK 1A
Adney Andrew 2 OK 1A
Adney V... 0 OK 1A
Adney Mary 19 AL 1A
Adney William 20 OK 1A
Adney Vera 28 AL 1A
Allen Lois 27 OK 1A
Allen Dewitt 10 OK 1A
Allen Gordon 5 OK 1A
Allen Erwin 55 MS 1A
Allen Maud 47 AR 1A
Allen Alvie 16 AR 1A
Allen Mary 8 OK 1A
Badet Bulah 37 AR 1A
Badet Henry 35 AL 1A
Badet Stuart 16 OK 1A
Baker Read 14 OK 1A
Bannon Ollie 11 OK 1A
Bannon Bryant 8 OK 1A
Bannon Sarah 6 OK 1A
Bannon Obie 4 OK 1A
Barnes P.. 2 OK 1A
Barnes James 0 OK 1A
Barnes Aaron 20 AR 1A
Barnes Maggie 20 AR 1A
Barnes James 2/12 AR 1A
Barnes Bessie 54 AR 1A
Barnes T... 54 GA 1A
Batman Oscar 29 AR 1A
Batman Ella 27 AR 1A
Batman Thomas 22 AR 1A
Batman Maud 19 AR 1A wd daughter of Andrew Cogburn
Batman Frankie 1 OK 1A son of Sarah Brown
Blagg Jackson 49 AR 1A
Blagg Harrison 42 AR 1A
Bonden Harve 20 OK 1A
Bonden Joe 18 Ok 1A
Bonden May' 16 Ok 1A
Bonden William 13 Ok 1A
Bonden Lola 11 Ok 1A
Bonden Henry 8 Ok 1A
Bonden Katie 3 Ok 1A
Bonden Josie 35 MO 1A
Bonder Nannie 34 IL 1B
Bonder Ellis 6 OK 1B
Bonder Frank 2 OK 1B
Boyd Lynn 50 TX 1B
Boyd Lissie 33 MO 1B
Boyd James 16 OK 1B
Boyd Birdie 14 OK 1B
Boyd George 9 OK 1B
Boyd Mildred 7 OK 1B
Boyd Rachel 43 AR 1B
Branam Ed 39 AR 1B
Branam Rena 33 AR 1B
Branam Ellis 17 AR 1B wd daughter of Sid Reynaldo
Branam Minnie 37 AR 1B son-in-law of Sid Reynaldo
Brown Maud 19 AR 1B
Brown Ruben 1 AR 1B
Brown Sarah 40 MS 1B
Brown Harriet 39 MS 1B
Brown T..... 20 MS 1B
Burks Rosie 18 MS 1B
Burks Bob 14 OK 1B
Caldwall Dona 8 OK 1B
Caldwall Nathan 3 OK 1B
Calvery Ed 55 MS 1B
Calvery Ed 41 AR 1B
Calvery Cleave 44 IL 1B
Calvery Nancy 8 OK 1B
Cambron Lillie 2 OK 1B
Cambron Rena 27 OH 1B
Cambron Ella 18 OH 1B
Cambron? Wes 26 OK 1B
Chapman Emma 25 AR 1B
Chapman William 4 OK 1B
Chapman Ella 2 OK 1B
Chapman Lizzie 61 AR 1B
Chapman William 58 AR 1B
Chapman Jessie 54 VA 1B
Chapman Bertie 18 VA 1B
Childers Mollie 32 AR 1B
Childers James 30 AR 1B
Claborn Ben 8 AR 1B
Claborn Esther 4 AR 1B
Claborn Emma 1 AR 1B
Clark Hattie 37 OK 1B
Clark David 31 OK 1B
Clayborn T... 46 TX 1B
Coffee Fannie 39 MS 1B
Coffee Tollie 14 AR 1B
Coffee Clyde 10 AR 1B
Coffee Cazzie 8 AR 1B
Coffee Annie 6 AR 2A
Coffee T... 3 AR 2A
Coffee Birt 1 AR 2A
Coffee Mattie 23 TX 2A
Coffee Artis 24 AR 2A
Coffee Maggie 24 OK 2A
Coffee Ethel 4 OK 2A
Coffee Stella 3 OK 2A
Coffee Nola 1 OK 2A
Coffee Tolbert 20 OK 2A
Coffee Houston 19 AR 2A
Coffee Joseph 1 OK 2A
Coffee Anderson 36 MO 2A
Cogburn Roxie 34 AR 2A
Cogburn Andrew 9 AR 2A
Cogburn Andrew 8 AR 2A
Cogburn Lucrilia 5 AR 2A
Cogburn Jason 3 AR 2A
Cogburn James 20 AR 2A Cook's hired girl
Cogburn Manda 20 AR 2A
Cogburn William 19 AR 2A
Cook Arthur 2 AR 2A
Cook S.... 11mos AR 2A
Cook Iva 53 AR 2A
Cook Ed 44 AR 2A
Cook Dora 22 TX 2A
Cook Wlater 16 TX 2A
Cook Effie 24 TX 2A
Cook Jefferson 21 AR 2A
Cook Dovie 2 OK 2A
Cook Mollie 5/12 OK 2A
Cook Burl 46 TX 2A
Cook Earl 45 GA 2A
Cook Andrew 34 MO 2A
Cook Sibbie 52 AR 2A
Cook D.. 13 AR 2A
Cook Harriet 20 AR 2A
Cook Louis 21 AR 2A
Cook Mary 8/12 OK 2A
Cowen John 52 AR 2A


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