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1910 Census - Latimer County
Cravens Township
Last Name First Name AGE Birthplace Sheet#
Davis Tom? 27 AR 2A
Davis Mary 22 AR 2A
Davis Roy 4/12 OK 2A
Davis Carrie 51 MO 2A
Dehart Arlie 5 OK 2A
Dehart Levina 55 MO 2A
Dehart John 28 MO 2A
Dehart Ella 28 MS 2A
Dehart Opal 5 OK 2A
Dodd Willie 26 TX 2A
Dodd Gertie 23 TX 2B
Dodd Be 5 OK 2B
Dodd Lora 5/12 OK 2B
Dodd Harry 61 GA 2B
Dodd James 54 MO 2B
Draper Hugh 43 MO 2B
Draper Virgie 14 OK 2B
Draper Charlie 11 OK 2B
Draper Millard 9 OK 2B
Draper Fred 8 OK 2B
Draper Gertrude 4 OK 2B
Draper Roy 1 OK 2B
Draper Allie 50 AL 2B
Draper Vernon 46 AL 2B
Draper Lillie 26 AL 2B
Draper Stella 23 AR 2B
Draper Lulie 18 AR 2B
Draper Alfred 16 OK 2B
Dukes Steave 15 OK 2B
Dukes James 12 OK 2B
Dukes Georgia 8 OK 2B
Dukes Henry 2 OK 2B
Dukes Clarence 36 MS 2B
Dukes Lillie 50 VT 2B
Dukes Lena 39 KS 2B
Dunlap Ida 19 MO 2B
Dunlap Bonnie 14 MO 2B
Dunlap Lumb 12 IA 2B
Dunlap Ida 10 IA 2B
Dunlap Kittie 5 IA 2B
Dunlap Vernie 23 TX 2B
Dunlap Zadie 16 OK 2B
Dunlap Fred 1/12 OK 2B
Dunlap Daisy 30 AR 2B
Dunlap Perlie 17 AR 2B
Dye May' 3/12 OK 2B
Dye Edna 47 IA 2B
Dye Otis 40 AL 2B
Dye Horace 16 OK 2B
Dye Pearl 13 OK 2B
Dye Mollie 11 OK 2B
Dye Henry 7 OK 2B
Easley Guy 50? OH 2B
Easley Andrew 31 TX 2B
Easley George 4 OK 2B
Easley Allen 48 AL 2B
Easley Lulie 17 OK 2B
Easley Robert 13 OK 2B
Elmore? Laura 8 OK 2B
Elmore? B.... 60 MO 2B
Elmore? Russel 41 AR 3A
Ennis Tim 15 AR 3A
Ennis Everett 11 OK 3A
Evans James 9 OK 3A
Evans Virgie 51 KY 3A
Evans Birdie 53 KY 3A
Farrice Rosie 42 KY 3A
Farrice Clint 17 KY 3A
Fields Wash. 12 KY 3A
Flener Lucus 9 KY 3A
Flener Mary 7 KY 3A
Flener Claud 4 KY 3A
Flener Louis 2 KY 3A
Foster Jake 25 KY 3A
Foster Martha 21 KY 3A
Foster Flora 66 MO 3A
Foster Lena 58 AR 3A
Foster James 21 TX 3A


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