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1910 Census Cravens Township Index
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This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research. Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

1910 Census - Latimer County
Cravens Township
Last Name First Name AGE Birthplace Sheet#
King Nora 19 AR 4A
King Clarence 3 OK 4A
King Birtha 1 OK 4A
King Ora 16 OK 4A
King Annie 12 OK 4A
King Denton 59 AR 4A
Knight Sarah 58 AR 4A
Knight Berry 38 AR 4A
Knight Allie 33 KS 4A
Knight Arizona 31 IL 4A
Knight William 11 IL 4A
Knight Zella 6 IL 4A
Knight Mary 4 IL 4A
Knutson Eliza 3 IL 4A
Knutson John 20 AR 4A
Lambert Rena 22 MS 4A
Lambert Jewel 22 AL 4A
Lambert Rilla 40 MO 4A
Lambert Albert 22 OK 4A
Lanthrop Mandie 16 OK 4A
Lanthrop Mike 14 OK 4A
Lanthrop Blanch 12 OK 4A
Loveless Thelma 7 OK 4A
Loveless Nora 5 OK 4A
Loveless Delphia 7/12 OK 4A
Loveless Ed 42 KS 4A
Mangrum Emma 32 IL 4A
Mangrum William 18 OK 4A
Mangrum Loyd 16 OK 4A
Mangrum Chester 14 OK 4A
Mangrum Recie 10 OK 4A
Marks Freddie 3 OK 4A
Marks Ralph 1 OK 4A
Marks Alice 2/12 OK 4A
Marks Joseph 34 MO 4A
Marks Grace 28 AL 4A
Marks Bud 21 AR 4A
Marks Nellie 2 NM 4A
Marks Fay 34 AR 4B
Marks Birt 26 AL 4B
Marks Lee 9 OK 4B
Marks Lizzie 8 OK 4B
Marks Rena 2 OK 4B
Marks Sarah 68 MO 4B
Marks Inez 40 TX 4B
Marks Garrisen 19 OK 4B
Marks Ezekiel 17 OK 4B
Marks Lizzie 14 OK 4B
Marks Louie 11 OK 4B
Marks Sherman 8 OK 4B
Maxey John 6 OK 4B
McAdams George 2 OK 4B
McCullough Victory 29 AR 4B
McCullough Susie 26 MS 4B
McCullough John 6 OK 4B
McIntosh Viney 4 OK 4B
McIntosh Ruby 2 OK 4B
Mecom Robert 5/12 OK 4B
Meeks Abe 44 MO 4B
Meeks Alfred 40 MO 4B
Meeks Rilla 16 OK 4B
Miller William 12 OK 4B
Miller Seth 4 OK 4B
Miller Boyd 2 OK 4B
Miller Dorrie 61 TN 4B
Miller Nettie 61 AR 4B
Miller Corra 16 OK 4B
Miller Otto 15 OK 4B
Miller Jennifer 42 AL 4B
Miller Ruth 41 AL 4B
Miller Arthur 17 AL 4B
Mingo George 15 AL 4B
Mingo Elver 13 AL 4B
Mingo Elmer 10 AL 4B
Mingo Emeline 6 OK 4B
Mingo Harvey 4 OK 4B
Mingo Perlie 1 OK 4B
Mingo Wilmer 30 SC 4B
Mingo Denver 25 TX 4B
Mingo Mabel 8 OK 4B
Mingo Zada 6 OK 4B
Morgan Robert 5 OK 4B
Morgan Ira 2 OK 4B
Morgan Houston 5/12 OK 4B
Morgan Walter 28 AL 4B
Morgan Mollie 28 AR 4B
Morgan Mary 3 OK 4B
Morrison John 10mos OK 4B
Mostiller Claud 50 GA 5A
Mostiller Edith 41 GA 5A
Mostiller George 16 OK 5A
Mostiller May' 14 OK 5A
Mostiller Susie 11 OK 5A
Mostiller Alula? 6 OK 5A
Mostiller Lenard 3 OK 5A
Nand Birt 22 AR 5A
Nand Dovie 19 OK 5A
Nand Dewey 54 IL 5A
Nand Vivian 54 MO 5A
Nand Alfred 22 OK 5A
Nand Nora 28 OK 5A
Nand Charlie 19 AR 5A
Neavoll Blonson 49 AL 5A
Neavoll William 44 NC 5A
Neavoll Tabitha 18 OK 5A
Neavoll Kipley 8 OK 5A
Neavoll Joseph 6 OK 5A
Neavoll? Jess 4 OK 5A
Nolen Lillie 3 OK 5A
Nolen Drucie 52 AR 5A
Nolen Anna 47 AL 5A
Nolen David 14 OK 5A
Oliver Verna 7 OK 5A
Oliver J... 24 OK 5A
Oliver William 19 OK 5A
Oliver Thomas 60 GA 5A
Ollar Vadie 49 AL 5A
Ollar Andrew 19 OK 5A
Ollar Jewel 50 MO 5A
Ollar Jess 47 MO 5A
Ollar Andy 23 OK 5A
Ollar Myrtle 17 OK 5A
Ollar Mart 14 OK 5A
Ollar Joseph 10 OK 5A
Ollar Sallie 8 OK 5A boarder w/Isaac Hawkins
Parks Finis? 6 OK 5A boarder w/Isaac Hawkins
Parks Osten 28 AL 5A
Parks William 23 AL 5A
Parks Ultie 7 AL 5A
Parks Neva 5 AL 5A
Parks Retha 3 AL 5A
Parks James 2 AL 5A
Parks Ida 2/12 AL 5A
Parks Rease 62 SC 5A
Pate Ollie 52 GA 5A
Pate Minnie 15 AL 5A
Pate Louis ? AL 5A
Pate Lebina 27 GA 5A
Pate Roy 3 AL 5B
Pate Major? 1 AL 5B
Pierce William 69 AR 5B
Pierce Lulie 49 MS 5B
Pierce Grant 15 OK 5B
Pierce Alpha 38 IN 5B
Pierce Nora 23 NE 5B
Pierce Charlie 3 AR 5B
Pierce Charlie 22 OK 5B
Pierce Rena 19 OK 5B
Pratt John 11mos OK 5B


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